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Lesson Plan

Teacher: Strinate Angelica

Date: March 15th
Grade: 2nd
Age/Level: Primary
No. of students: 21
Time: 45’
School: Secondary School Indepedenta
Lesson: The Weather

C1: discourse competence (capacity to build and organize an oral discourse);
C2: learning to learn;

Lesson aims:
A1: to introduce weather vocabulary; (C1)
A2: to use weather-related songs and stories to practice vocabulary;( C2)
A3: to practice talking about the weather and seasons; (C2)

Ss have already learnt simple grammatical structures and lexical structures.
Ss are familiar with oral commands and classroom language.
Anticipated problems:
The Ss may find difficulty in speaking freely in English. The Ss may be afraid of making mistakes
when they speak in English.
Materials: books, notebooks; blackboard; hands out;
Skills involved: reading, speaking;
Class management: whole class activity; in groups;

ACTIVITY 1 Warm up
Aim: To raise Ss’s interest in the topic; Interaction Timing
1. Informal conversation, greetings T → Ss 5 min
2. Check if the students are all attending the class; Ss → T
3. The T asks the Ss about their favorite season.

ACTIVITY 2 Lead –in Interaction Timing

Aim: to introduce weather vocabulary;
Procedure: Ss open their books at page 26. The Ss listen and T → Ss 5 min
repeat. Ss → Ss
Teacher’s role: organizer, controller Ss → T

ACTIVITY 3 Interaction Timing

Aim: to practice talking about the weather and seasons; (C2)
Procedure: The T uses the flashcards to introduce the new vocabulary.
Then they watch the video called
‘How’s the weather’3min 51. Ss answer the T’s questions The T T → Ss 20 min
gives the Ss one of the worksheets no 1.The SS work on the Ss → Ss
worksheet and check their answers. A second worksheet has to be Ss → T
dealt with. And again the Ss check their answers. It is time for the
Ss to copy the sentences in their notebooks.

Teacher’s role: organizer, controller, assessor, facilitator.

ACTIVITY 4 Interaction Timing

Aim: to use weather-related songs and stories to practice
vocabulary;( C2) T → Ss
Procedure: T asks Ss to a video and Ss answer the T ‘s questions. Ss → Ss 19 min
Teacher’s role: participant. Ss → T

Final activity (song I can sing a rainbow→ 1 min.):