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SECTION 2 System Specification for Cathelco Anodic

2.1 System size calculation

Sea Water to be Treated 2 x Sea chests flow rate = 170m /hr (max)

Anode Location 1 x MG/TC to be fitted in each of 2 sea chests

Pipe work material Steel

Anode Life/Renewal every 1 year

When re-ordering please quote drawing No. 109913M/94704

And the anode part number from table 2.3

2.2 Current Settings

The current settings which appear below should be used in most circumstances. If, however, there continue
to be signs of fouling, refer to Section 8.2 for guidance on current settings.

In Operation Not In Operation

Sea chest Anode Ref Current Settings Current Settings
± 0.02 ± 0.02
Sea Chest 1 - 170m /hr (max)
MG 1 0.28 amps 0.20 amps
TC 1 0.28 amps 0.20 amps
Sea Chest 2 - 170m /hr (max)
MG 2 0.28 amps 0.20 amps
TC 2 0.28 amps 0.20 amps

The actual life of the anode depends on the actual operation of the system; the above stated values
assume continuous current setting and should be used as a guide.

The higher the current setting the shorter the anode life. The lower the current setting the
greater the anode life.

Installation Kit
Each new system is supplied with an Installation Kit which are specific to the equipment that has been
On Board Spares - Consumables
2 off fuses for control panel modules and 2 off fuses for control panel power unit, spare fuses fixed to inside
rear of control panel casing.

Issue 14.2