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Recommendation for Taylor Albergaria:

It is a privilege to write a letter of recommendation for a student like Taylor Albergaria. She is a
dedicated student who has learned to effectively manage her academics, athletics and employment. Over the
past few years, I have witnessed her mature into a respectful, hard-working young woman. Taylor’s goal is to
attend a school where she can major in Criminal Justice and hopefully attain a career in law enforcement. She is
a well-rounded young lady; ready to embark on the next phase of her academic career and work toward her goal
of becoming a female law enforcement officer.
As a first-generation college bound student, Taylor pushed herself through a demanding academic
schedule while at New London High School. She has demonstrated that she can meet the academic demands of
maintaining good grades while being a member of the Indoor Track Team and STEPS Club at New London
High School. Taylor enjoys that process of learning and will be successful beyond high school, into college,
and into her career. She has made the schools Honor Roll just about every semester since her high school career
began. She has an outgoing personality and strong work ethic to achieve her goals as well as the intelligence
and love learning to accomplish great things.
Taylor demonstrates the same level of commitment to her extracurricular activities as she does to her
academics. She has worked as an employer of the JC Penny corporation for the past year and half. She works
on average twenty hours a week and is always and ready to work hard during every shift. On top of her
academcis, her work, her team support, she also makes time to give back to her community. With the help and
support from her French teacher, Taylor has been involved with a Pen pal project that fosters cultural
connections with other students that she would not normally ever have the chance to meet. Taylor loves learning
about other cultures outside the ones she comes into direct contact with. She feels cultural connectiveness is a
great tool that will assist her in becoming an excellent law enforcement officer.

Taylor Albergaria is an ambitious, intelligent, and a well-rounded student who pushes herself while also
giving back to her community. It gives me great pleasure to recommend Taylor for your College/University.
She will represent your school well and take full advantage of the opportunity.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require additional information.

Rachel Powell
School Counselor