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134 Welcome Home, My Child DB. David Beatty & 4 pis phy eb a ae ye have trav-eled oh, so long with no place to call my home, LI 2. When at last I end this life’ with the trou- ble and its strife, —s_ Bb Bo Bis BbY Bb OES (eng And I won-dered if I'd ev- er find the way, find the ‘And my friends are gath- ered ‘round to Ab oh eb AE pha ph eb ab at eb But I'm long-ing for the when I hear my Fa- ther say, Now don't weep and cry for soon my je - sus I will sce, B Bis as Bob AE eb “Wel- come home, my child, from all your toil and care, toil and care.” And I'll hear Him say, “My child, you're wel- come home, wel- come home.” ‘© Copyright 1964 (renewed) Silverline Music, Inc. Administered by Wamer Temerlane ieee ahaa a ee “Wel- come home, my — child, “Wel’ 7 come home, my child,” —_____________ Wel-come home, my child,” my Lord will say, “Wel - come home, my child,” fae 1 one e- ter- nal day; _ 7 110 praise His one e- ter- nal day; I'l praise His name. He ab bo name through e- ter - ni - ty, area bo 5B cr 7 Bh a eB fee rate “My child, wel-come home.” will say to me, “Wel- come home.” 135