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EDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATION AND MANAGEMENT: A METHODOLOGICAL HANDBOOK FOR PRIMARY SCHOOL HEADS IN ZIMBABWE BRS CHIVORE UNESCO Sub-Regional Office for Southern Africa P.O. Box HG 435 Highlands Harare Zimbabwe SFIS Ebou The choice and the presentation of the facts contained in this Handbook, and the opinions expressed therein, are the responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of UNESCO. Copyright UNESCO 195° No part(s) of this Handbook should be quoted or used without the prior written permission of UNESCO. ISBN 92-9124-008-8 Printed by: Mazongororo Paper Converters (Pvt) Ltd, Harare Typeset by: Miss Rudo Ngara and Mrs G Sagomba Faculty of Education University of Zimbabwe ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS It is impossible to thank all the people who contributed towards the successful publication of this Handbook. Those whose names have not been mentioned are thanked as much as those whose names have been mentioned. The names mentioned are just a few examples of the sort of help we got. The research assistants, namely: Wonderful Dzimiri, Juet Brown, Rennie Gombera and Norman Gombera (not related) did a commendable job. It is my hope that they learnt as much as they contributed. Heads, deputy Heads, senior teachers, teachers-in-charge whose schools were visited when data was collected, and those who attended workshops gave valuable information. Without them, this Handbook would not have been completed in its present form. The Ministry of Education and Culture is a partner in such endeavours. The former Secretary for Education and Culture Mr I Sibanda and his successor Mr J Mkurazhizha, Under Secretary for Finance and Administration Mr Gumiro, Chief Education Officer Melania Rukanda, Deputy Secretary Finance and Administration Mr Madamombe, Principal Executive Officer Mr Kwanai, Chief Education Officer Staffing Mr Rangai Masango, among several others co- operated and gave us information at very short notice throughout the period research for this Handbook was carried out. Miss Rudo Ngara and Mrs G Sagomba were responsible for typesetting the manuscript. I thank them for a job well done. Without the financial contributions of UNESCO and the positive role played by Dr A.M. Mbamba Programme Specialist in Education, who refereed and edited the manuscript, this Handbook would not have been produced. I would like to thank most sincerely the UNESCO Sub-Regional Office Staff for their co-operation. Finally, whatever defects are contained in this book, the responsibility and blame lie with the author. Dr BR S Chivore University of Zimbabwe Harare Zimbabwe March 1995