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The present work deals with the elaboration of my life story and it deals with
everything that I have lived during my 17 years that God has given me on the face
of the earth.
Because it is important to remember everything that I was and everything we have
dreamed about but for that it is important to have experienced all that good thing and
above all the experiences lived to date.
Here I write to them as I have been growing over the years but above all I elaborate
through different research I did about my personal life and do it so that I can learn
more about my life.
In my life story it contains different themes that one does not know or the things that
one lived through over the years.
I could also understand that in life one has to fight to achieve everything proposed
since one's own depends on the success that you want to achieve because despite
the different processes that one goes through one must never surrender, but must
fight tirelessly since many times in life we have an abundance, but sometimes we do
not have, but we must continue and not stop struggling and confident that if God is
with us we can achieve everything.

It was a night on September 30, 2001 when a beautiful woman gave me life Marta
Irenal cabnal, my mother an honest woman who has known how to lead the way for
her children and who works hard every day to get ahead.

My father José Pop, a man just a day laborer who can barely read and write because
he did not have that happiness to go to any institution, well that does not stop him
from being a hardworking man, and very honest, he works hard for us, so that we
are a great professionals.

I thank God for giving me wonderful parents and giving me life.

According to my mother told me at that age I was a little big and I understood what
she told me since according to her at the age of one year I started walking and my
mom was very happy because according to her a mother tells me What she most
desires is to see her children grow and above all that we already understand what
she tells us.
At that age I could say a few words and especially my mom was happy when in an
afternoon she left me in the hammock and she was ready to do some chores of the
house and I woke up crying and my mother was very busy and it took her a while to
pick me up and when I arrived and according to her I saw her I felt very happy and I
told her laughing "Ma" and she picked me up very happy.

At that age, according to my mom, I was very naughty and she cried a lot because
according to her I could not see anything that they sold because I said to my mom
crying that I wanted them to buy me and she did it while I had, since according to
She told me there were times when I asked her but she did not have how to acquire
them and she explained to me and thank God I understood and stopped crying.

At the age of four I was already playing and my mother bought me a little ball
because it fascinated me and if they did not let me play I cried a lot and according to
her I was taken care of by my older brothers since I am the smallest of my brothers
and sisters. He was the most spoiled.

When I turned five years old I could walk well, jump, run and my mom was not afraid
of me going to play with my friends in the neighborhood since I already had
resistance to play and my mom took care of me a lot.

According to what my mom told me at that age, it was my first time that they
celebrated my birthday and they gave me a party that according to my mom made
her with a lot of love for me, they made me three cakes and a piñata so that I could
share them with my friends and family and I had a very happy time and according to
my mom I did not want my party to end because I wanted to continue having fun.

At that age I asked my mother to put me to study and she did not want to because
as she had no one to stay at home because at that time my brothers were studying
and I looked at them and I wanted to go with they, and there was even a time when
I left crying behind my brothers because I wanted to go with them, but my mom came
and I hit me and since then I never did those pranks and I agree when my mom told
me that next year if I would study, at that same age I was going to play with my
friends and my nephews in the street and played the bat game which was very fun
and gave us the afternoon to play and I remember a little where my mom called me
to go to bathe since it was too late and I did not obey and I kept playing when
suddenly my mom grabbed me by surprise and wore what she called ¨pregnancy¨
and I remember when she told me "you did not hear her calling you or you are deaf"
and I felt the chicotazos on my back and I ran out and went to the house.

At this age as I remember perfectly I started to study and enter the grade of primary
school and I remember that as usual in primary school my mother accompanied me
in school and left me in the corresponding section and I was all excited to go to
school I went adapting easily in school since I was a big child and I understood, I
remember that my teacher had a great appreciation and taught me to read and
especially to write I was an innocent child and I had trouble adapting to the change
of friends but then it seemed normal and I got used to it and thank God I won the
first grade and so I could take a new grade next year, I helped my mother to do some
jobs, like picking up garbage, or other tasks that I helped.

At the age of nine, I entered the second grade of primary school. It was a year where
I learned new experiences in life, since I remember perfectly who my teacher was,
Francisco Ical, and he taught me how to add, subtract and multiply, and thank God
again earn the degree to pursue next year third. In my house I helped my dad to
crack wood because I liked to help my dad since he was selling firewood and I
contributed a little with my family while I could, having that age I remember that me
I used to play soccer and one day playing I went behind the ball when I suddenly fell
with a stone and hit my head and they took me to the health center and I was very
scared because I thought I was going to die. I asked my mother's forgiveness and
he repeated that I did not want to die and that I would not play again because my
mom spent too much on my medication and she had no money and had to pay for it
because of me and all for not obeying.

Being ten years old my mom celebrated my birthday with a religious service in which
it was very important since several people came to my birthday. I remember that
when I was ten years old I liked going to the Sunday school services because I liked
to sing in the church, I remember that I liked to participate in saying biblical texts and
there was no Sunday in which I will be missing In that year I went to the third grade
level and I passed again the grade which was my teacher was Agusto Quinich.
When I was eleven years old at school, I liked playing ticos with my friends, even
though sometimes we fought because we did not win, but later on in football we
played "little team" with those who knew how to play.

At the age of twelve, I entered the fifth grade. It was very exciting for me to enter a
new grade and especially because I was short of entering the basic level, and my
teacher was Hector Santos, a great teacher who taught us subjects. basic and above
all advised us to never give up and be able to achieve everything we plan.

When I was thirteen, I entered the grade of sixth grade and I was very happy and
sad at the same time that I was not going to see my friend, since it was the last year
in which we were going to live together and I did not know if I would see them again

At the age of fourteen I entered a new stage of my life in which I entered the basic
cycle, since I was very happy to continue learning new things of which one has to
pay interest. In that year my mother sent me to study at the NUFED Institute which
is located in a town in the municipality of Livingston Izabal, that year I went to study
there because my older sister needed a companion and I left. Then I finished my
studies and that same year I returned as my presence was important here in my
home and my mother called me because she was too needed and thank God I could
earn my studies and be able to enter next year to a new grade and be able to prepare
myself to be a professional person.

Being fifteen years old I was able to continue studying, but unfortunately I was
complicated with my paperwork because they did not give me where I had studied
before, and I felt too sad because I had been told that I could not continue studying,
but they did everything possible and so I could continue my studies at the INEB JV,
it was a somewhat complicated process since I did not know anyone but then I
adapted, I was in that year soccer at the inter-institute level since the teachers
selected me because I could play.

At that age I was already super happy since I was going to finish with the basic level
and I decided to get good grades so I could be in the promotion and so my parents
would be proud of me and I did so and I could go out in a clean and so I closed and
I was already thinking about where to study the diversified.

In this year God has allowed me to have the happiness of having a family that
supports me since this year I was given the opportunity to continue preparing myself
to be a professional and this year I am studying a Bachelor's degree in Sciences and
Arts with INED Computerization and Guidance, hoping in God that I can finish
successfully and thus be able to continue preparing myself in life and contribute as
in my family, as in my country.

Lester Amílcar Bernabé Pop Cabnal


4th Baccalaureate in Computing




Hector Eduardo Santos




The story of my life


In conclusion, this helps me to know or learn about some concepts and stories
that I have lived.

This life story was a very nice experience because it showed me many things in
my life.

It gives me a teaching of what I have ç, of what I had and above all what I will
have, and of what I was and what I am.

In conclusion I thank Mr. Héctor Santos for having reminded us of the

unforgettable moments that one lived and especially that they are beautiful.