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tt1Block #: 1 Group #: 3

Members: David Lobato, Guillermo Jacobo, Anthony Hernandez, Gianni Madera

Team Meeting: B1G3 & B1G4

1) Who is your target? How will you appeal to your target? What leverage can you use to convince your

Our ultimate target is the legislative branch at a local level. So far, we have Gil Cedillo and Cristina Miller as
potential targets. We are writing a letter that is directed towards our target, and plan on using logos and
pathos. As well as emotional words and repetition in order to construct an appealing piece.

2) Review the ​coalition and base contact lists​. How will you engage our base? How will you engage our

Our contact is Sean Wright, he is part of the Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority, he is our
resource for information about the homeless that live in the shelters of LA.

3) How will you collaborate with other teams of seniors? List the teams you are collaborating with, the
names of the members and how you are collaborating.

There are only two groups that chose homelessness for our CAP, therefore we must collaborate to the fullest.
B1G4: Dabin Chun, Joseph Song, Aiden Duran, Ronald Perez. We plan on appealing to people in government
that have power and will support our demand, their group is creating a social media platform that will appeal to
the “Everyday” person, as well as promoting our topic.

4) When do you want to complete your action? What is the deliverable? How will you know that you are
done? How will you measure your success (number of signatures, shares, likes, calls, letters sent, etc.)

We want to complete our action by May 6 - 10. The deliverable is our Letter. We will know that are done when
we complete our call to action, contacting and gathering information from Gil cedillo office and by contacting
POV/Homeless Shelters. We will measure our success by first give a certain number that we should reach for
signatures, letters sent and calls.

5) What steps do you need to take to complete your action? When will each step be completed? Who is
responsible for each step?

Task Deadline Person Responsible Results

Begin Letters May 5 2019 Gianni M & Guillermo J Done 4/25/19

Finish PSA May 17 2019 David/Gianni/Guillermo/ Done 5/17/19

We need to contact Gil Wednesday May 1 2019 Anthony NEVER CALLED
Cedillo office OFFICE!

Gather Visuals Friday May 17, 2019 Anthony & David Done 5/16/19

PSA Wednesday May 15, Gianni/Anthony/David/Gu Done 5/15/19

Presentation/Feedback 2019 illermo

Send Letter (Cedillo) Saturday May 18, 2019 Gianni Madera Done 5/17/19
Email Response 5/17/19,

Send Letter (Miller) Saturday May 18, 2019 Guillermo Jacobo Done 5/17/19
Email Response​ ​5/21/19

Send Letter (Garcetti) Saturday May 18, 2019 David Lobato Done 5/17/19
No Response

Task Deadline Person Responsible Results

Finish writing Letter May 17 2019 Gianni M & Guillermo J Done 5/17/19

Task Deadline Person Responsible Results

Emailed Sean wright March 20 2019 Anthony Hernandez Done 03/22/19

Email Response 3/22/19

Q1: ​What government content did you learn in this Civic Action Project?

A: We learned that sending mail to government officials can be tricky, so we decided to send a digital letter
through email. We also learned that the legislative branch is the best option when trying to create a new
policy. Government officials that are elected by citizens have the intentions of listening to their constituents,
which is great for influencing and creating change.

Q2: What skills did you gain?

A: The skills we developed include, writing a well formatted letter to a government official, gathering own
content for a video, Creating a PSA, and understanding an audience due to the power analysis assignment.
We also developed the skill to spread awareness throughout PSA & Presentation about the international issue
of Homelessness. Creating talking points that persuade our audience and understanding different rhetorical
devices helped us create an organized and nuanced writing. The skill to persuade our audience either through
PSA, Presenting, Talking Points, or Letter.