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SmartX Living Space Sensor Blank Cover



Product Description Specifications

SmartX sensors are a family of living space sensors for use Operating Environment

with SmartX IP controllers that use the EcoStruxure Building Operating temperature 0 to 50 °C (32 to 122 °F)
Operation software user interface. These sensors use an RJ-45
Operating humidity
Sensor Bus that provides communication and power from the range
0 to 95% RH, non-condensing
SmartX IP controller.
Housing material High impact ABS plastic
SmartX living space sensors are modular and are ordered
Not suitable for wet locations.
in two parts: the sensor base and the cover. Four SmartX Mounting location
For indoor use only.
communicating sensor base models are available that can Regulatory Information
be paired with any one of six covers. Carbon Dioxide (CO2),
UL 916
Relative Humidity, and Temperature sensor base options European conformance CE:
provide an efficient, cost-effective solution for living space air EN50491-5-2
quality and comfort needs. EN60730-2-9
Features Agency approvals EN61000 Series - industrial immunity
• Contemporary, sleek housing FCC Part 15 Class B, flammability rating
UL 94 V-0, REACH, Green Premium,

RCM (Australia), ICE5-003 (Canada),

EAC (Russia)

Applicable Documentation
Document No. Title Description
Z207549-0A SmartX Living Space Sensor Base Installation instructions for all base variants.
Installation instructions for 3-button covers with and without occu-
Z207551-0A SmartX Living Space Sensor Button and Occupancy Covers
pancy sensors and blank cover with occupancy sensor
Installation instructions for touchscreen models with and without
Z207552-0A SmartX Living Space Sensor Touchscreen Cover
occupancy sensors
Z207553-0A SmartX Living Space LCD Temperature Sensor LCD temperature sensor base and cover installation instructions
Z207554-0A SmartX Living Space Resistive Temperature Sensor Non-communicating temperature sensor installation instructions

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Europe: +46 10 478 2000
Asia: +65 6484 7877

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Installation Instructions | 2

Available Products
SmartX Sensor Bases
SmartX System Bus
Model Number Description Temp RH CO2 Cover (Communicating)
SXWSBTXXXSXX Sensor Base, Temp X Not Included X
SXWSBTHXXSXX Sensor Base, Temp, Humidity X X Not Included X
SXWSBTXCXSXX Sensor Base, Temp, CO2 X X Not Included X
SXWSBTHCXSXX Sensor Base, Temp, Humidity, CO2 X X X Not Included X

SmartX Covers for Use with Sensor Bases

61 mm (2.4”) Occupancy Sensor
Model Number Description Color Touchscreen Override Setpoint (PIR)
SXWSCDXSELXX Cover Plate, User Interface, Basic X X X
SXWSC3XSELXX Cover Plate, Pushbutton Ovrrd, Setpoint Slider X X
SXWSCBXSELXX* Cover Plate, Blank Cover
SXWSCDPSELXX Cover Plate, User Interface, Basic, Occ X X X X
SXWSC3PSELXX Cover Plate, Pushbutton Ovrrd, Setpoint, Occ X X X
SXWSCBPSELXX Cover Plate, Blank Cover, Occ X

*Covered by these installation instructions.
Dimensions mm (in.) Precautions
SmartX Base Cover - Installed on Base
• Follow safe electrical work practices. See NFPA 70E in the
USA, CSA Z462 in Canada, or applicable local codes.
• Read and understand the instructions before installing the
product. Follow the instructions during installation.
• Installation, wiring, testing or service must be performed only by
qualified persons in accordance with all applicable codes and

• Do not use the product for life or safety applications.
• Do not install the product in hazardous or classified locations.

• Do not exceed the product’s ratings or maximum limits.

• The product may use multiple voltage/power sources.

• Turn off ALL power supplying equipment before working on or

inside the equipment.
• Use a properly rated voltage sensing device to confirm that all
power is off.
• Do not depend on the product for voltage indication.

85 24 • Products rated only for basic insulation must be installed on
(3.3) (0.9) insulated conductors.
• Current transformer secondaries (current mode) must be
SmartX Base Installation shorted or connected to a burden at all times.
• Remove all wire scraps and tools, replace all doors, covers and
protective devices before powering the equipment.
1. With sensor base fully installed, align top of cover to
Failure to follow these instructions will result in death or
mounting tabes on top of sensor base. Swing cover down- serious injury.
ward until it latches at the bottom.
A qualified person is one who has skills and knowledge related to the
2. Install locking screw to secure cover in closed position. construction and operation of this electrical equipment and
installations, and has received safety training to recognize and avoid
the hazards involved. NEC Article 100
If this product is used in a manner not specified by the
manufacturer, the protection provided by the product may be
impaired. No responsibility is assumed by Schneider Electric for
any consequences arising out of the use of this material.

USA: +1 888-444-1311
Europe: +46 10 478 2000
Asia: +65 6484 7877

© 2017 Schneider Electric. All rights reserved. All trademarks are owned by Schneider Electric Industries SAS or its affiliated companies. November 2017
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