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Our Mission: To love Jesus Christ and to share His Love

Our Vision: To be a Christian community where Christ is transforming lives
East Stroudsburg United Methodist Church Volume V Issue 23 June 9th, 2019

Both Scott and I are very excited to welcome into church membership fourteen young individuals who
have worked hard to complete their confirmation requirements for this coming Sunday! June 9th will be
both Pentecost Sunday and Confirmation Sunday. For the very special event, please remember that we’ll
have just ONE SERVICE at 10:00 AM so we can worship and welcome them together as one
congregation! You will hear several of these confirmand’s faith testimonies in the service. Here are some
excerpts from their final papers on what they believe and why they believe in Christ:
• “I believe that the Christian faith is the foundation to a successful life, and without it, we would be lost.”
Joeslynn Chanoine
• “…For Jesus to lead the way for as long as I live in my life accepting that he has full control. Letting go and believing in God
fully, loving him as he loves us back and trying our best to follow his way the best we could.” Nathaniel McIntyre
• “When I profess my faith on Confirmation Sunday, I will officially hand my life over to God and let him take control.” Abby Zall
• “To profess my faith at church on Confirmation Sunday means for me I will work on my faith with open eyes and be kind and
welcoming to people in and out of church.” Mia Price
• “In God, I find peace, love, and joy. I may not always agree with what God has set up for me, but I know that He has my best
interest at heart and has something great planned for me.” Telisha Ransome
• “After the confirmation process ends, I will put what I have learned into action. For example, being kind to those who I may not
particularly like or understand.” Molly Durney
• “I have learned how important it is to accept all people. Just as the Bible says, ‘Love your enemies and pray for those who
persecute you (Matt. 5:44).’ I believe that as Christians, we should even accept our enemies.” Rachel Traub
• “My faith has grown strongly throughout Confirmation Class and my relationship with the Lord is still strengthening.” Ashton
• “I believe that we have to follow the commandments that God set in place for us, to truly be a Christian and not a fan.” Lizzy
• “It means to profess my faith on Confirmation Sunday is like telling the Lord that you are ready to be saved…it also means
that I accept that I am giving myself to him.” Angelica Short
• “I learned that I’m not alone and that I now have a mentor in my life and that God is always looking out for me.” Hunntz
• “Professing my faith on confirmation is very important to how I hope to grow spiritually and physically. This day to me is a very
vital part of growing up.” Julianna Ziegenfus
• “Confirmation has brought me closer to him…learning everyone has insecurities and to embrace them. Also, that there is no
ideal set thing a Christian has to be.” Julia Deihl
• “I believe that being a Christian is an extremely important part of life and that it means to be a full disciple and reflection of
Christ no matter where I am or what I am doing.” Sophia Iaconetti

Erica Dorsch, our Children and Family Ministries coordinator is also director of our Summer Bible Camp (now SBC, formerly
VBS). SBC begins on Sunday, June 23 and ends on Thursday, June 27. Says Erica: “We are in great need of at least 13-14
slots which still need to be filled (and that is the minimum). They include helpers (youth or adults):
• 1-2 helpers in the Music/Sing & Play
• 2 adults + youth in the games
• 1 helper in the Bible Story
• 2 adults + youth in the Imagination Station (crafts)
• 1 adult + youth helper for grades 1 & 2
• 1 adult for registration 1
Multiple people/teams to provide meals to the volunteers on Tuesday & Wednesday (approx. 50 volunteers to be fed). Please
contact Erica Dorsch immediately if you’re able to help. Call or email at: (828) 455-7332 or

Blessings in Christ, Pastor Jim



Joeslynn Chanoine Julia Deihl Sophia Iaconetti Hunntz Schomberg Angelica Short Ashton Bergamino Mia Price
Baptized Baptized Baptized Baptized Baptized Baptized Confirmed
& Confirmed & Confirmed & Confirmed & Confirmed & Confirmed & Confirmed Spiritual Gifts:
Spiritual Gifts: Spiritual Gifts: Spiritual Gifts: Spiritual Gifts: Spiritual Gifts: Spiritual Gifts: Mercy, Giving,
Mercy, Leadership, Helps, Mercy, Discernment, Discernment, Mercy, Creative Faith, Mercy, Giving Administration
Encouragement Hospitality Hospitality, Mercy, Evangelism, Faith Communication,
Leadership Craftsmanship,

Molly Durney Julianna Ziegenfus Rachel Traub Abigail Zall Telisha Ransome Nathaniel McIntyre Elizabeth Mayers
Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed
2 Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed
Spiritual Gifts: Spiritual Gifts: Spiritual Gifts: Spiritual Gifts: Spiritual Gifts: Spiritual Gifts: Spiritual Gifts:
Discernment, Mercy, Apostleship, Mercy, Wisdom, Encouragement, Hospitality, Leadership, Mercy, Faith,
Administration, Encouragement Encouragement & Wisdom, Mercy Knowledge, Creative Hospitality, Wisdom Intercession
Leadership Hospitality Communication,

All meetings are
held downstairs in
the Community Room of
the Education Building
*excluding GriefShare*

Keep It Simple
Thursdays &

Serenity House

Just For Today
Community Meals Event- Ana Old Van

New Beginnings
Make a difference at ESUMC! Volunteer to serve on our Audio Visual Team! (Women’s Group)
Visit our website for the full volunteer service position description. Wednesdays
Go to: 6:00-7:30pm

ESUMC’s Staff and administration has a

new data management program. If you
haven’t updated your information 8:00pm-9:00pm

recently, please call the Church Office

during business hours to do so. Thanks!
GRIEF Official Church email Communications questions, requests and suggestions
3 6:30-8:00pm Prayer requests (for our phone, text, or email prayer chains)
Oberholtzer Hall Servant keeper questions or help eNews requests; TC articles DEADLINE: Wednesdays, 12pm

This past Thursday, thanks to the servant leadership of

Attention Church:
our youth, ESUMC”s Outreach & Evangelism Team, and ESUMC would like to formally recognize our 2019 High
many other volunteers, we kicked off our first Block School and College graduates!
Party of the season! With live worship music, FREE hot
If you, or someone you know from ESUMC is graduating
food, a FREE bounce house for kids, BINGO with FREE
(walking or not), please let us know! We are collecting
prizes and a heart felt devotional - we truly hope that we
the following information for all of our graduates, so
welcomed and blessed our East Stroudsburg community
please be sure to include:
like we do our own Church family! And, folks, that’s just
one reason why our Thursday night Block Parties are so • A photo of the Graduate
important!! • The Graduate’s Full Name
There are a lot of lonesome, wandering, struggling and • Degree Awarded
hurting people out there! Maybe you’re one of them. • School Name
Maybe know you one of them. Saved or unsaved, these
Please send this important information to the Trumpet
people could be struggling to see or believe that Jesus
Call email address,, by
Christ loves them! And by hosting these weekly Block
Tuesday, June 17th. Thank you!
Parties, we’re trying to reach them! In fact, we’re being
intentional and choosing to reach them—as a Church.
Are you ready to open the doors and step out to meet
whomever the Lord brings your way? Maybe there’s a
family that’s new to the area, a man that questioning his
faith, a couple that struggling with their marriage, or
someone that just needs a friendly face! A hot meal and
some fellowship can be a relief for many woes. And,
who knows, maybe that kindness will draw them back to
ESUMC next Thursday for more!

Friends, it is a missed opportunity to not come to these

events and invite God to work through you (in whatever
way that he will). Won’t you join us, this Thursday to
On Wednesday, June 12th, The Older Kids will visit the
help serve and greet others in the name of Jesus
Columns Museum in Milford and have lunch at Apple
Christ? Please consider supporting this incredible
Valley Restaurant. Departure will be at 9:30am (from
outreach with your prayers, your presence, and your
the Church parking lot) with an estimated return time of
spiritual gifts! And if giving donations or financial gifts is
3:00 pm. Museum Admission is just $5, lunch is not
something you’re also able to do, we always have need
included. Reservations are required for groups, so
of weekly supplies like: Hamburger Buns, Hot Dog Buns
please RSVP to Karen Dudley by Thursday, June 6th by
Cases of Water, Chips, Cookies, Pretzels and Plastic
calling (570) 424-9896. We hope to hear from you soon!
Forks! Please keep this outreach in your prayers!
Nursery Staff Position The Case of the Missing Chairs
ESUMC’s Infant and Preschool Nursery is looking for Attention Church Family: We are attempting to track
special, caring individuals to meet the needs of a down a bunch of folding chairs that belong to the
growing ministry in our church. Paid nursery staff Church. If you have borrowed any folding metal chairs
provide child care and teach lesson on Sundays from for graduation parties, birthday parties, family
8:15-12:15 and work special events, church services, gatherings, or other special occasions and not returned
and retreats throughout the year. You must be 18 years them, please be sure to bring them back to ESUMC as
or older, receive all of your clearances, plus mentoring soon as possible!
and training are provided. For more information contact
With the Carnival, our Thursday night Block Parties and
Michelle Traub or Erica Dorsch at
other outreach or ministry event on the horizon, we’ll be
in a tight squeeze this summer without them! Please
make sure to return them quickly, - or be prepared to
share a seat with a friend this summer! :)
Thank you so much!

ESUMC’s Faith Promise Mission Partner

One of our Faith Promise Missions is the Pregnancy

Resource Center of the Poconos, and this is the time of
the year for our Baby Bottle Boomerang! This Mother’s
Day Sunday, we invited you to pick up a baby bottle
Van Driver needed!!!
from the table in Fellowship Hall and begin filling it with
loose change around your house. Please return the Our 2019 Russia Missions Team is looking for someone
bottle on either Father’s Day, June 16th or the following
to drive the Missions Team, in the Church van, over to
Sunday, June 23rd, at the same table in Fellowship
JFK on Thursday, August 8th (mid morning trip), and/or
home from the airport on Sunday, August 18th (time
Please also be sure to sign your name on the list when TBD). Volunteers are suggested to (1) be comfortable
taking a bottle and thank you so much for your support driving the Church van and (2) having some experience
of this life encouraging ministry! driving in the city/NYC. Please call Harriette Fulmer on
For more information, please contact, Jill Malefyt, her cell at (570) 369-0842 or at home at (570) 424-5095
Lynn Pappalardo orJenni Poole. if you are willing to help serve in this capacity!
Tape Here

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