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Final challenge:

In this final point you are going to apply learned ideas in a concrete action:

This final point requires that you research on the internet about one Colombian
company that you choose, identify and show its sustainable program. Create the
following chart in a different word, complete the required information:

Presentation of the company

Company’s name: Emcali
Nature of the company (purpose):
Social actions Economical actions Environmental actions
Strong actions Weak actions Strong actions Weak actions Strong actions Weak actions
They analyze For an activity Our main Emcali try to They create In Emcali they
the effects on they do, they purpose is to talk with the hydraulic perform
health and strengthen the provide an town for energy with a monitoring of
safety of the different excellent having a water balance in control by
categories of dimensions of
quality service relation with the chain external entities
products or being, knowing
to our clients the and know according to the such as the
services. and doing.
through the
and satisfy they demand General
development their needs necessities behavior of Comptroller's
of skills for its related to the for having a each sector and Office Municipal,
employees. provision of good optimum levels Superintendence
home public commercial of the tanks, of Industry and
services. interaction. which is very Commerce and
good because it the Water
is a very good Regulation
way for the Commission
environment to Drinking and
create energy. Basic Sanitation.

Strong actions: present the actions that through your research, you consider that the company has
strong and therefore, they guarantee the achievement of its real purpose.
Weak actions: consider the actions that as a result of your research do you think that company is not
considering or implementing (take into account nature of the company).

-Create a new page on your website, called final activity.

-Upload your document in this page using the option Scribd document.