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A s p e r s I o n​ ​S   
Once​ upon a time, a group of 28 people went for a class
trip to a luxuries island by a ship, and the group had one teacher
and in the teacher’s care are 27 students. Suddenly, a ship filled
with 28 people had got stuck and wrecked on an island. 27
people survived the shipwrecked, and the people are frightened
from the darkness of the island, but to survive they must hunt for
food, and shelter before predators will hunt them down. Sugus
was understood by other 26 people as who made the ship broke
down in the middle of the sea by accidentally bomb up the ship’s engine and within this accident, one
person had died from the explosion. “Sugus! You wrecked the ship on purpose, aren’t you!?” Riew
said. Sugus denied and speaks for himself, “I didn’t do it on purpose, the explosion was an accident,
also why would I want to bomb the ship and in exchange Sherry, my girlfriend would die from it. You
know how much I love her!”, Sugus fell into tears.

They argued together for minutes, until Mr. David Wang, the oldest among the people, came
in to stop them. “This is not a time to fight, you should now be doing anything to survive, not to die in
the middle of nowhere!” Mr. Wang said, turning his back on them walking front to the forest for food
and shelter. 25 people follow Mr. Wang, leaving Sugus
and Riew behind, both look into each other's eyes, then
run for the 26 people, which they are ahead of them.

It took an hour for the group to find a cave, the

cave walls have paintings and they are horrific, some of
the pictures were drawn to explain the death of women’s
who had a long time ago lived on the island, beside the
picture is scratch of counting days they had been stuck on
the island, and below are messages written in English “Hurry,
leave the island, otherwise you will face ​ . The
scribble had faded and the sentence after the message wasn’t
readable, but the message is enough the give fear to the women.
The screams of terror can be heard by the animals around the
cave, the birds flap their wings, leaving the place ​alone.

The men calm the girls, whispering to their mind, “We

have no choice, the sky had already blackened, and if we go out
now, we might become a prey for the night hunters.” By half an
hour, the girls gather their mental together and clumped up with
the men, around the campfire. They kept themselves under the warmth of the fire, discussing that
everyone will get into pairs, to look out for the mouth of the cave, each partner time is given and they
will know about the time by using their phones which had been saved from the ocean water. They lay
their bags and search for weapons and objects usable. All they can gather are three knives, a lighter,
two solar rechargeable flashlights, a compass, hiking ropes, seven pairs of hiking gloves, phone
chargers and power banks, three cups, simple tools, thermometers, watches, a notebook, and lastly a

Everyone concurrently titled their head to the oldest person in the group, Mr. Wang the owner
of the calculator. “Mr. Wang! I know you love Maths but it is your free-time aren’t you supposed to
be having fun with the trip!” Ja asked, but Mr. Wang was careless, he gave a shrugged and walked
away into the quietness of the night. Oom claps her hands, calling the attention of the group, and
speaks “Okay. Let’s do our work. We have about eight hours before the sunrise. The first partner
steady at your position and the rest go to sleep.” Within fifteen to twenty minutes, all of the people get
into their night dreams, waiting for the sun to rise, so they could get out of this terrifying cave.

In the morning, everyone packed their belongings into their bags, a scatter around the island
in pairs for food and to find help, but one person will be going on his or her own because of the odd
number of people. People fight to get into pairs, leaving Somchai out alone. “Somchai, I believe that
you might have to go on your own” Eve said. Other people who got their pairs quickly walk away
from the spot into the deep forest of the island. Somchai digs his nails into the flesh of his hands, the
strong smell of blood, the scent could be sensed by the owner of the bleeding hands.

Somchai walks into the cluster tree, following no one's path without knowing that his choice
will be the cause of his death.

“ DEAD ”
Both, Popui and Tee were frightened by the view in front of them. The sun is above their head
but that wouldn’t help them to heat themselves up, even worse the surroundings shake their bodies,
the cold from fear enter their heart and drop the speed of flowing blood within the bodies, and their
minds were emptied. Unexpectedly, the high pitch of a woman’s voice widen from the spot, Tee went
to calm Popui down. Popui couldn’t stop mumbling to herself, her eyes widen and her mouth expands
the scream of terror. Ahead of her is the corpse of Somchai, his body is covered in blood that starts to
harden, but the scent of blood scattered around, beside his body was a knife.

Tee heard beside Popui’s scream is the hard footsteps of a crowd of people. “What
happened!” the first person who arrived ask. Popui points her finger to the dead body in front of her.
“Somchai… h-he is d-dead.” Her voice shivers as like her body.

Out of nowhere, Teak take out a thermometer out of his bag and goes towards the corpse.
“What are you doing?!” Tee yells at him. “I am keeping the records, I might not be an expert in this
but at least this might help the police- I mean if we could get out from this island to investigate for the
murderer and time of death.” Teak answer, he paused for a deep breath and continues “I had a friend,
he’s a cop’s son. He had told me once that the body temperature at the time corpse was found could
determine the time of the death of the victim.” he stops and forwardly check the temperature. Mr.
Wang steps behind Teak and tells “The time is exactly 1 P.M.”

“Thank you” replied by Teak. In his hand, the thermometer shows the 96.1 degrees
Fahrenheit. “Does anyone know the temperature of the air here? It will be great if you have the record
starting from the time we arrived at the island.” Teak asks the crowd. “I had a record on my phone,”
Angie calls out. “Can I take a look at it, please?”. “Sure.” handling her phone in care to Teak.

On Angie’s phone appears a chart of the temperature of the island from the beginning of time
they arrive the island until now, each record has an hour gap in between but the numbers are very
precise, each of this had an average constant temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit. “In an hour, I will
come back to check his body temperature”.

“Teak, how can we find the murderer from the body temperature and the air temperature of
the island?” Riew question with a careworn and pale appearance. “As I had said, I am not an expert,
but from what I remembered from my friend, he said if I got in to find a corpse, note down the time
the body was found and the temperature of the atmosphere, and it would help the police’s
investigation, but for how they find the time of death I have no knowledge on this.” Teak longly
speaks. He folds the paper with the scribbles into his shirt’s pocket.

“Why do we even have to investigate the crime when obviously we could see that Sugus was
the murderer!” Riew speaks out.

“Riew!! Don’t say any nonsense if you don’t have any evidence!” Tee calls fairness for

“First, he had killed Sherry by the explosion, which that’s not all! The ship also sinks because
of him! He is trying to kill us all, wasn’t he!? And isn’t that enough to say that he also murder
Somchai!” Riew clarifies.

Tee could not say anything. It is true that Sugus had become the major suspect for this crime
but still he believes that his friend would not kill Somchai for no reason, even better Somchai is Sugus
best friend for over ten years. It is impossible that he will cruelly kill Somchai and Sherry. Everyone,
except Mr. Wang and Teak gave a disgust look on Tee and Sugus, they didn’t hide any feelings.

“Stop.” Mr. Wang staunch the argument with a

reasonable speech “Even though Sugus is the suspect and it
is because of the situation he get stuck into, which make him
get to be the suspect. It might not be him and we have no
right to say that he or she is the murder. We are not a police
or an investigator, we shouldn’t be saying that someone or
anyone was the murder, also we have only a few hours
before the sunset, we are supposed to be gathering for food
and finding shelter.”. No one is able to deny Mr. Wang’s
reasons. “But if you are afraid of Sugus killing the next
victim, then I promise to take him with me.” Mr. Wang
assures everyone.

Tee pressed his lips together, signing that he’s not sure of what he is going to be saying, his
lips were compressed hard that it forms a straight line. He finally opens his mouth, “I had read a lot of
murder mysteries. In one of them, it says that ‘dead body cools off like a hot cup of coffee.’ I don’t
know if this helps or not …”.

“Don’t worry. Every word will be accepted.” Mr, Wang said.

“A dead body cools off like a hot cup of coffee…” Teak repeated Tee’s line. “What Tee had
said could be possible. Some murder novels or story was based on true story or incidents. But, how
does a coffee cool down?” Teak remarks.

“How about we make an experiment?” Kan asked, continuing with “While I and my partner
was surveying the island we found a clean freshwater source, 5 kilometers east of the cave he hides in
last night. Aside, I found a cave just a bit from the water source. We can use it as a shelter tonight.”.

“Bring us there.” Mr. Wang request. Within the new cave, three mini campfires are
constructed. One of the campfires is boiling a cup of water, by Teak who wants to experiment on
Tee’s hint that might help him and Mr. Wang to figure out the murder.

‘I must hurry and find the murder before anyone would get kill furthermore. Even though I
might have to suffer from sleepless nights!’ Teak proposes his thoughts with his soul. Teak
extinguishes the fire with the fire extinguisher he borrowed from Mr. Wang as the water in the cup
starts to boil. He takes out his notebook and writing materials and uses the thermometer to check the
temperature of the water at 0 minutes (the time the first measurement starts) after the heating which it
is now 7 P.M. and 45 minutes, and kept the record of the water cooling each minute for ten minutes,
after that he kept a record at every two minutes for fifty-four minutes. In total, he had created a chart
and graph of temperature like the picture shown below.

He observed from the table and graph which y-axis is set as the temperature in Fahrenheit and
x-axis is set as the time of the cooling for water. The cooling of water at the first 10 minutes drop at a
constant speed of about 3-4 Fahrenheit per minute, then after the first ten minutes, the cooling of the
water starts to slow down. Teak draws horizontally over y = 80 and writes ‘asymptote’ above the
line. Asymptote is a word used to call a line that approaches a curve line but does not meet, intersect,
or touches the line.

The graph’s asymptote is drawn at y = 80 because it is impossible for the water to cool down
below 80 degrees Fahrenheit which is the temperature of the air on the island. The man scratches his
head, the information is not enough for him to find the murderer, also something is in his head but he
couldn’t think what is it. Teak force himself to again and again for the idea in his head. Until Mr.
Wang comes behind him and whispers him “Teak… Do you remember how to calculate for the
function for this kind of graph?”. “I’m sorry, but I might have to say ​NO.”​ Teak listens to Mr. Wang’s
sigh with an apologize flying in his head.

“First, find the asymptote.” Mr. Wang instructs, “The asymptote of this graph is y = 80 .” he
continues. “And the formula for the function graph is y = a(bx ) + asymptote . Next, substitute the
asymptote into the formula.” On the paper, he wrote...

y = a(bx ) + 80

“After that pick one of the point from the graph that will make ​b​ equals to 1, so that you can
find for ​a.​” Mr. Wang continues to instruct Teak. Teak picks (0, 170.6) and substitutes this point into
the formula and calculates.

y = a(bx ) + 80

170.6 = a(b0 ) + 80

Noting that from the exponential rules, when a variable has a power of zero then the value of
it is equal to 1. When bx was 0 to substitute in the exponent, the value of bx is equivalent to 1.

170.6 = a(1) + 80
170.6 = a + 80
170.6 − 80 = a + 80 − 80
90.6 = a

“After you get the value of ​a,​ you can pick any point from the graph to substitute and
​ ut I suggest you to choose the point that has x = 1 . For example, this
calculate for the value of ​b. B
point” Mr. Wang points at the table to the fourth column that states that time is 7:46, the minute is 1,
and the temperature of the water is 163.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Teak follows the suggestion of Mr.
Wang and substitute (1, 163.4) to the formula. In addition, he substitutes the value of ​a,​ he calculated

163.4 = 90.6(b1 ) + 80
163.4 − 80 = 90.6(b1 ) + 80 − 80
83.4 = 90.6(b1 )
83.4 1
90.6 = b
0.92 = b1
b = 0.92

Teak gave a very big smile after able to find the graph’s function, lastly, he writes…

y = 147.6(0.95x ) + 80

From what he had done, he had concluded from

the clues that Tee had said that ‘The body cools down
slowly, and the temperature of the body will drop until it
reaches the location’s temperature which is the coolest that
the body temperature could reach.’ By this, he picks up his
note on Somchai’s body temperature he measures at 1
P.M. and 2 P.M, along with the note that he asked
everyone before they went to sleep, it is a note that tells to
precise time they went near to the spot Somchai’s body is
found. Both notes he had taken out had a shape like a
picture shown at the right.

Teak reminds himself that normal human’s body

temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. He sets 1 P.M. as
time 0 together, as it was the time the corpse is found and
2 P.M. as time 60 as it is 60 minutes after the body is

First, he wrote down (0, 96.1) and (60, 91.7) down on the notebook so he won’t forget about
it. As he had known from Mr. Wang who had left for a sleep, he must make the function for
Somchai’s body temperature which he is sure that the cooling of the body is going to be a curve graph
like the graph of the cooling of water, supporting by Tee’s hint he said earlier today ‘a body cools off

like a cup of hot coffee’ which had determined that the graph of the cooling of water and Somchai’s
body will be similar by the curve shape of the graph.

He must make a function using two pieces of information he has in his hands. He starts to
calculate for the function by writing the graph’s formula and substitutes into the formula with
(0,96.1). By the way, he almost forgets to note on the asymptote which in this graph it would be 80
from the 80 degrees Fahrenheit of the island which will be the minimum temperature that the body
can cool down.

y = a(bx ) + asymptote
96.1 = a(bx ) + 80
96.1 = a(b0 ) + 80
96.1 − 80 = a(b0 ) + 80 − 80
16.1 = a(1)
a = 16.1

Next, he substitutes the formula with (60, 91.7) to find the value of ​b.

y = 16.1(bx ) + 80
91.7 = 16.1(b60 ) + 80
91.7 − 80 = 16.1(b60 ) + 80 − 80
11.7 = 16.1(b60 )
11.7 60
16.1 = b
0.73 = b60
b = √0.73
b = 0.995

Then he writes down the final formula for the graph of Somchai’s body temperature cooling.

y = 16.1(0.995x ) + 80

Finally, he calculates by setting the

value of ​x​ as the time in minutes before the 1
P.M., for example, at 12:55, Benz
(Thannalin) and Aom was nearby Somchai’s
body, so the value of ​x​ is -5. After, he
calculates everything he draws a new column
to the table, and the tables becomes like the
picture shown on the left.

Teak cross out the names of people

who was around Somchai’s spot during
11:00 to 12:15 A.M, and between 12:45
A.M. to 1:00 P.M. Due to the conditions that
either Somchai’s body wouldn’t be able to
cool down in time to the temperature they
found at 1 P.M or the body would have
harden and cooled down more than it is.

At last, only four names are leaven behind, which that does not have the name of Sugus in one
of those. The name of the suspects includes Benz (Pimmada), Ja, Cream, and Riew.


‘Sugus! ​You wrecked the ship on purpose,​ aren’t you!?’

‘Teak, how can we find the murderer from the body temperature and the air temperature of
the island?’ Riew question with a c​ areworn and pale​ appearance.

​ ugus was
‘Why do we even have to investigate the crime when obviously we could see that S
the murderer!​’

‘First, he had killed Sherry by the explosion, which that’s not all! The ship also sinks because
​ e is trying to kill us all,​ wasn’t he!? And isn’t that enough to say that ​he also murder
of him! H

Teak blinds his view, bringing down his eyelids covering his eye balls, and leans his back on
the cave walls. The pictures of Riew’s movement is Teak’s nightmares, he could see the words that
Riew had said repeating in the darkness of his view and he have not notice the hidden message until
now. As he had observed Riew had tried many times to make everyone believes that Sugus is the

Is he really trying to stir mud on Sugus?

Teak opens his eyes, looking to the cold stone of the cave’s floor, he is curious if the
explosion of the ship is made on purpose by Riew and it throws it on Sugus and Sugus accepted it or
is it really an accident by Sugus, but in another hand it could be that Riew sets the stage for Sugus to
understand that he made the ship sink which caused Sugus to misunderstood.

Teak kept his thoughts in mind, and hide the notebook under his shirt. The awake man cross
his arms together and close his eyes, drowning himself into sweet dreams.


Chirp.. Chirp.. Chirp…

In the bright morning Teak woke up before anyone. Today, everyone will be playing together
to forget about the Somchai’s death yesterday. He had already assigned everyone a new group.
Everyone are clustered into four new groups.

The first group includes Jean, Benz (Thannalin), Fen, Jee, Kan, Toey, Snow, and Eve, they
had planned last night to swim together from 8:00 to 9:30 A.M. The second group are Angie, Bank,
A, Sugus, Cream, and Nat they planned to collect clams together. The third group have Oom, Benz
(Pimmada), Ja, and Series gathering coconuts together from 9 A.M. Last group, Yoyo, Riew, Aom,
Popui, Tee, and Ant will be hiking starting from 9:30 A.M.

Teak is with group two, while Mr. Wang is going with the fourth group. You might ask if
Teak had ask the four suspects to confess whether who is the real murderer. Teak would have to say
that it will be the last thing he would do to find the murderer. Try to think along with me, who on
earth would make themselves end up in prison by confessing that he or she kill someone.

So, Teak must put his suspect together near him and a trustable person who will be able to
handle the situation which he is Mr. Wang, he had know from Teak about the four suspects and Teak
wants him to take a good look on Riew. Also, he told him why he want Mr. Wang to look at Riew for
the most.

But it had become Teak’s biggest worst choice that he ever had made...

“W-why?” Teak ask with a shivering voice, after the scream of Series that brought everyone
to ran to him. Mr. Wang was the next victim, lying dead on the sand of the beach, the strong smell of
blood got mixed with the fishery smell of sea. It is 9:46 A.M.

Teak bites his lips, that it bleeds. He struck his nails into his hands, his knuckle turns red from
the force he had pushed into the flesh of his hands, both arms shiver and eyes were fill with tears but
he still have to… ​have to…​ find the murderer.

Teak took out his notebook and the thermometer, measures the body temperature, 93.1
degrees Fahrenheit, and note down on his notebook. He take out his calculator and didn’t care about
anyone’s doubts about him. He only thinks of finding the murderer that had killed his teacher!!

He starts to calculate by substituting variable x with 0 and variable y with 93.1 degrees
Fahrenheit. From what he had learned from Mr. Wang last night he first he finds the asymptote which
it is 80 degrees Fahrenheit where it is the temperature of the island.

y = a(bx ) + asymptote
y = a(bx ) + 80
93.1 = a(bx ) + 80
93.1 = a(b0 ) + 80
93.1 − 80 = a(b0 ) + 80 − 80
13.1 = a(1)
a = 13.1

But how am I supposed to continue when I only have one point?

Alright, my waiting will last only thirty minutes, I will check Mr. Wang’s body again in thirty
minutes and at that time everything will be solved, the murder will be caught and we all will find a
way to go back home and jailed the murder.

“May everyone sit around me?” Teak ask.


“Why?” Ant question Teak who firmly replied. “Because within thirty minute I will tell you
who is the murderer.”

Around him, the people eyes widen, amazed and surprised they are. “How? How did you
manage to find the murder? Since, you once had told us that you don’t know how to find the
murderer?” Tee inquire.

“With the help of Mr. Wang, last night I had figured out a way to investigate for the
murderer.” Teak respond and explain the investigating process. “To find the murderer we must find
the information and the cooling of the body between two times. For example, the first measurement is
at the time corpse is found and after thirty minutes we measure again, and that is also the reason why I
told you earlier in thirty minutes I will tell you who is the real murder.” Teak paused for a sip of

“After, you get the information use the formula y = a(bx ) + asymptote ,​ asymptote​ is define to
be a line that approach a curve but does not intersect or touches the curve. Asymptote for finding the
crime would be the temperature of the island’s air temperature which is 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Next, substitute​ x​ with the minute you found the corpse and for now it would be 0 and for the
y​ substitute it with the corpse's temperature measured at the same time with value of ​x.​ So, for now x
is equivalent to 0 and y is equivalent to 93.1.” Teak opens his notebook and scribbles down on the
paper y = a(bx ) + asymptote with a size that would be readable for every person and continues to

y = a(bx ) + 80
93.1 = a(b0 ) + 80

He stops and explains something to the people. “According to the exponential rule when the
variable’s power is 0, the value of the exponent will become 1.” Teak continues to write down.

93, 1 = a(1) + 80
93.1 − 80 = a(1) + 80 − 80
13.1 = a(1)
a = 13.1

He tilt his notebook to everyone to see the calculations. “I can’t continue right now, within 15
minutes I will explain the rest.” Some person wants to ask Teak something but taken their thoughts
back because they remind themselves that Teak will explain furthermore fifteen minutes later.

After the waiting, Teak rise himself to Mr. Wang’s body, he took out the thermometer, and
with it he measure and sees the mercury inside the thermometer rise to 87.2 degrees Fahrenheit and
the precise time is 10:16 A.M.

“Continuing the explanation I did, to find value of b we need another pair of x and y. Which I
just got it, ​x​ is 30, counting from the difference of minutes from the first and second temperature
check, and y is the temperature after ​x​ minutes, what now is 30. The value of y is 87.2 so we continue
to substitute it into the formula, but don’t forget to substitute the ​a​ value we found earlier.” He trace
the computation.

87.2 = 13.1(b30 ) + 80
87.2 − 80 = 13.1(b30 ) + 80 − 80

7.2 = 13.1(b30 )
7.2 30
13.1 = b

30 7.2
b= 13.1
b = 0.98

Teak laughs but keeping the sound in his throat, “We are almost done.”

“Now, substitute the value of a and b into the formula, but now we are going to substitute y
with normal human’s temperature whereas it is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. So, it would be
98.6 = 13.1(0.98x ) + 80 , don’t forgot that we still don’t know what x or time of death is. What we
could do now is calculate for x by subtracting 80 and divide 13.1 on both side.
Computing we will get 18.6 13.1 = 0.98 , from this we change it to logarithmic form
log 0.98 ( 18.6
13.1 ) = x , putting this to the calculator we get − 17. 4 and what does that mean? It means that
17.4 minutes before is the time Mr. Wang died.

Counting back 17 minutes before the time we found the corpse is 9:29 A.M. Along with the
calculation I did last night I found that there is only four person who have most chance of murdering
Somchai and the four person includes Benz (Pimmada), Ja, Cream, and Riew. And from the alibis you
all had made it points out that Riew is the murderer!” Everyone notice that Riew is about to sneak out,
but he didn’t run in time. Riew ran as fast a he could into the forest, behind the crew follows.

But within few minutes of running in the forest, Riew got surrounded by the group. Riew’s
last choice was to forcefully break through the barrier of people.


Riew’s last knife was picked out from his pant pocket, he held it tight and point the sharp tip
to the people, he moves forward to the girls which he believes would fear the knife and give him way
to escape, and his idea is correct the gap between the two girls widen and only few steps he will be
able to run freely.


The white cloudy smoke suddenly attack Riew caused him to drop the knife as the crowd
heard the metal of the knife drop to the group, the men attacks him and pressed him onto the ground.
The ropes are tightly secured around Riew’s wrist and legs. Teak drop down the fire extinguisher in
his hand, he was the one who sprayed the fire extinguisher which made the cloudy smoke on him
which from the possibility he calculated in his head, Riew will drop the knife and it is well that his
plans work.

“Riew… What is the reason for you to kill Somchai and Mr. Wang?” Ant ask the murderer.

Riew laughed out loud, it sounds funny but within the voice of his the people could feel the
sorrow in his heart. “The one I meant to kill was only Somchai, and the death of Mr. Wang is a
mistake. Let me tell you a story. Two years ago, my 17 years old sister died from a car accident and
the one who controls the car escaped and no police was able to catch up with the car, which means
that the murderer is not arrested.

I admit that I hate my sister, but I also love her. Then, later of that year I found out that I was
Somchai who had killed my sister and it was not an accident! He did it on purpose because she was
pregnant and the child’s father is him!! I was very mad, angry, insane, eager to kill but I have no
evidence to tell the police to arrest Somchai. Until now, I had used months of time in planning of the
murdering plan as a revenge for my sister! I admit that the ship was sunk by me. Sugus, I am so sorry
for putting you to understand yourself as the one who wrecked the ship, but I did it because I have to.

As you see, I had killed Somchai and planned to keep it to myself that I was the murderer,
forever.​ But then, while I was roaming around the island waiting for the hiking time I end up to face
Mr. Wang at the beach where I killed him, fakely, I smile at him and talks to him normally. However,
he sees through the mask of mine and directly ask am I the murderer. I was so afraid, that the only
thing I could think at that moment was only is to ​KILL. I​ f I could turn back time, my only wish is to
tell myself to admit it before I kill Mr. Wang.”

Everyone quietly allows Riew to admit and express every bit of secrets in his heart, with tears
that runs off their eyes while listening to his story.

“I had already planned a way for everyone to escaped. 10 kilometers to the west from where
we are now, I had adjusted a radio that we could use to connect with the police. Use it.” Riew
continues, he close his eyes and lean his back to the wet soil of the forest, trying to throw away the
pictures of his sister from his head.


It took three hours for the police to arrive at the island. Everyone was very happy to see the
ship of the police, they screamed and jump joyfully, waving to the people on the ship. Some of them
even cried. The police collected Somchai’s and Mr. Wang’s body into the plastic package which is
used by the police to kept corpses. Riew walk onto the ship with a handcuffed circling around his
wrist, his face is filled with an unlimited regret and sorrow. Everyone who survived pity him but
couldn’t help. At last, everyone was able to arrive home safely.