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Tyler Gilbert

Mrs. Wold

Period 3

21 May 2019

Solar Energy Vs Fossil Fuel

What is the answer to the constraint debate between fossil fuels and solar energy? This

issue starts with the deciding whether to continue using fossil fuels which can eventually run out

or solar energy which has a higher cost. While supporters of solar energy suggest solar energy is

a clean energy source that should be implemented the opponents of solar energy are there are too

many drawbacks to implementing solar energy such as cost weather space and maintenance.

Solar panels are capable of producing more energy than fossil fuels. The author Josh

Gabbatiss the writer of “Global Solar Investment Outshines Coal, Gas and Nuclear Combined in

2017” who wrote in the Independent Newspaper helps define many great features about solar

energy. Such as figure out which produces more energy you have to check the gigawatts and,

“We had a record 157 gigawatts commissioned last year, far out stripping the fossil fuel

generation capacity which we estimated as seventy gigawatts” (Gabbatiss) The evidence suggest

that solar energy can overall produce more energy that fossil fuels can in a years time. The

Author Dan Gearino the writer of “Solar Is Saving Low-Income Households Money in

Colorado” who wrote in the lost lights project inc. also helps us discover more great facts about

solar energy. Such as there are many places that need solar energy to have their whole state

thrive like this place in Colorado uses “Xcel energy provides fifty three percent of the states
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electricity” (Gearino) As stated above solar energy is a big part of everyday life in Colorado and

can definitely make a big impact on the world.

On the other hand, fossil fuels are less expensive than solar energy. For example the cost

of solar energy is debatable depending on how many watts it can make or “How much direct

sunlight the structure receives in a typical year.” (Leaf). As the evidence shows solar energy can

be very expensive depending on the living area and the amount of sunlight provided on the

rooftop. Also, the sales are not doing as well as expected from the start of the solar energy

business because, “The sales measured by megawatts made fell by thirty eight % in 2017.”

(Russel) As the evidence above proves that the solar energy is not doing as well as it needs to

and because of that it is not producing the same amount of energy it was before.

While that may be true, there are still many things that make solar energy outweigh fossil

fuels. Such as they are making more jobs for working people and saving the environment at the

same time. That means there will be less people who have to work for little money when they

have potential for something good like in the “Solar Industry is creating jobs six times faster than

the overall job market.” (Wilderness) The evidence above states that, there are more job

opportunities in the whole solar industry than anywhere else so getting rid of solar energy is like

getting rid of all those peoples jobs. To add on, just from the beginning of solar energy there has

been so much improvement in the environment. Just from the little replacement of traditional

fuels, “With renewables led to one point eight gigatonnes of carbon dioxide emissions be

avoided.” (Gabbatiss) This show just how big of an effect solar energy has on just the overall

carbon dioxide in the world. With solar energy if it is used on a widespread it shows how it can

improve the air quality around the world.

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Although the facts above may be true, the cost is being affected by the little amount of

people buying. This is shown in many ways like how the lost revenue, “From power generation

could amount to as much as twenty million dollar.” As it shows above there is many ways to lose

money from solar energy because less people are buying it. Also to add on from 2010 to 2017

“The cost of a typical rooftop solar system has fell by sixty one percent.” This shows how

throughout the year their slowly losing money and will not be able to make more solar panels.

As the evidence above shows, there are many ways that solar energy is more beneficial

than fossil fuels but at the same time there are also many drawbacks to solar energy. So the

debate lives on between the fossil fuel and the solar energy.