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Brain Teasers

Before I came, confusion abounded.

I'm late, I'm late was frequently sounded.

I'm not average, but was based on a mean.

My size, in theory, is constant: fifteen.

1. I'm two dozen steps, again in theory.

But walk my length and you'd get weary.

I take half and quarter steps at times.

In reality, I don't follow the lines.

I shrink to nothing in two cold extremes.

Over a thousand miles wide in the betweens.

What am I?
In the general area, but failing to
acquire the roll of tobacco.

Fred and his wife, Nikita, were having a conversation

about words while on a road trip.

3. Fred said, "I am thinking of a devilishly tricky word that

has five consonants in a row."

Nikita countered with, "That's a good one, but people are

lining up to find a word with five vowels in a row."

What words were Fred and Nikita thinking of?

X is my father's
sister's only brother's

4. wife's daughter's only

aunt's father's son.
How is X related to
5. In medieval England, a king's jester
was imprisoned (the king didn't like the
jester's jokes). The jester was locked in
a room at the top of a high tower. The
room had only one tiny window. The
jester found a piece of rope. It wasn't
long enough to reach the ground. So,
he divided it in half and tied the two
halves together. This made the rope
long enough and he escaped.
We fit inside every book or two,
No telling what we do.

We may change lives forever,

6. We are clever,

Or maybe just weak wit,

We even make up the ingredients to a
banana split!

What are we?

7. What is a scar that everyone has?

A man got into a ship and could

see more than four continents
at the same time. How is this
What costs nothing
but is worth everything,
9. weighs nothing, but can last a
that one person can't own,
but two or more can share?
I may be high
I'm not real low
Sometimes fast
Sometimes slow
You can't reach me
But you can see me
What am I?
1. Time zones
2. Close but no Cigar
3. Fred was thinking of witchcraft and Nikita was thinking
of queueing.
4. X is my Father.
5. He divided the rope vertically, not horizontally.
6. Words
7. A bellybutton
8. He is in a spaceship
9. Friendship
10. Clouds

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