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Republic of the Philippines

Province of ____________
Municipality/City of ______________
BARANGAY _____________________


Series of 2018



WHEREAS, Article 182 of the Rules and Regulations

Implementing Republic Act 7160 mandates the creation of the
Barangay Development Council;

WHEREAS, the recent elections created a vacuum due to the

change in the representation of the Sangguniang Barangay and
because the term of office of the selected representatives of the
NGOs/POs/PS to the local special bodies is co-terminous with that of
the local chief executive concerned;

WHEREAS, to attain all developmental concerns in pursuit of

national goals and objectives is to reorganize the Barangay
Development Council;

NOW THEREFORE, I _______________________, Punong

Barangay, by virtue of powers vested in me by law, do hereby order:

Section 1. Reorganization and Composition of the

Barangay Development Council. Pursuant to Article 182 of the
Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act 7160, there is
hereby reorganized a “Barangay Development Council” to be
composed of the following:

_____________________ - Chairman
Punong Barangay
_____________________, Kagawad - Member
_____________________, Kagawad - Member
_____________________, Kagawad - Member
_____________________, Kagawad - Member
_____________________, Kagawad - Member
_____________________, Kagawad - Member
_____________________, Kagawad - Member
_____________________, SK Chairman - Member
______________________, Congressman Rep. -
______________________, NGO/PO/PS/CSO - Member
______________________, NGO/PO/PS/CSO - Member
______________________, NGO/PO/PS /CSO - Member
Section 2. Duties and Functions of the Barangay
Development Council, the BDC shall have the following duties and

1. To formulate long-term, medium-term and annual socio-

economic development plans and policies;

2. To formulate medium-term and annual public investment


3. To evaluate and prioritize socio-economic development

programs and projects;

4. To formulate local investment incentives to promote the

inflow and direction of private investment capital;

5. To coordinate, monitor and evaluate the implementation of

development programs, projects; and

6. To perform such other functions as may be provided by law

or competent authority.

Section 3. Meetings. The BDC shall meet at least once

every six (6)
months or as often as may be necessary.

Section 4. Effectivity. This order shall take effect


DONE, in Barangay _______________________ this ______ day of

__________ , 2018.

Punong Barangay