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The Legion of St.

The collective soul of our folk has experienced greater depths of decay and depravity in this
modern age than perhaps any other in history. We are those called to action and duty in the
name of Christ, our Lord. We are those called to resist the dying of the light and the
degeneration of our culture, people, traditions, and civilization. We are called to offer support
and charity to the disenfranchised and dejected; honoring the traditions of our Fathers, and
seeking to deliver our brothers and sisters into the Church. We are called to instill a true sense
of traditional Christian fellowship, unity, and sense of purpose, marching ever onward to bear
witness to the reinvigoration of our ethos through Christ, the Eternal Logos.

Though we are all the worst of sinners, standards must be in place for the conduct of our men.
Spiritual discipline is of the highest priority to the Legionary. We will not turn this blood-
dimmed tide of modernity with mere weapons of the flesh or political machinations. We must
call on Almighty God, heed his Word, and keep to his Traditions. The Legionary must seek to
constantly refine the state of his eternal soul and bring it in consonance with God, the Father.

As our Lord stewards the Heavens, we must steward the earth and His creations upon it. We
cannot clean up our society or our own spiritual condition if we ignore the need for direct
action in the realm of cleaning up the sacred, natural places which industry and capital have
disregarded, and slated for destruction. The forests, rivers, oceans, pastures, trails, and urban
sprawls cry out for the merciful hand of God and his servants to see their restoration and
renewal. Bringing balance to all things is truly the Lord's work and we cannot depend on anyone
but ourselves through Him to see it done.

We refuse to accept the materialist narrative of either capitalism or communism, as both

models serve to enslave and destroy our folk through a false dialectical framework from the
start. The Legionary understands that we must take only the positive elements from what is
understood as "right" and "left" in order to create a true synthesis, which will see all peoples
liberated and accounted for. We cannot let industry and capital make cogs and units of our
people, just as we cannot let foolish notions of total equality and class warfare corrupt our souls
and turn brother against brother within the natural hierarchies of our society.

We as Traditional Christians seek a fundamental reunification of: mind, body, and spirit in
unison with Eternal Logos and the Church.

In Hoc Signo Vinces. Hail Christ.


The Legion of St. Ambrose was established in 2019 to rebuild our nation around the Word of God and
Sacred Tradition, passed down to the Church by Jesus Christ and the Apostles. We seek a strong nation,
centered on: Christian patriotism, communalism, and environmental stewardship.

Traditional Values

We reject: homosexuality, pedophilia, transgenderism, and any other unnatural sexual

orientations/acts; we seek to see such practices banned within the nation.

We demand a return to a patriarchal society, where the home and nation is upheld by
traditional sex roles.

We seek an end to no-fault divorces; broken homes will be avoided at all costs. The nation
should provide: free marriage counseling, comprehensive spiritual and community support, and
communal accountability.

We seek an end to pornography, strip clubs, swinger groups, sex shops, prostitution, etc.

We believe that one of the primary reasons for marriage is the procreation of children. Any
attempt to artificially limit the number of children born is a sin against God’s Law.

We seek to uplift our kindred from the shackles of modernism to where mankind is no longer
defined by: materialism, wealth, indifference, and radical individualism, but is reborn through
the Christian spirit of: chivalry, charity, sacrifice, and community.

We demand free and quality public Christian-based education for all citizens of the nation.

We demand absolute parents’ choice in whether their kids are educated: publicly, privately, or
at home.

The citizens of the nation should be allowed a choice of either a: scholastic or vocational

We demand all education institutions teach and adhere to the Traditional Christian values and
the culture of the society that they are funded by and serve.


Our people should not rely on international banking cartels to bankroll our nation.

We will promote the formation of localized: workers unions, trade guilds, and other national
and/or local worker/trade syndicates.

Outsourcing should be severely limited, so that the citizens of the nation can be responsible for
providing their own people with goods.

Infrastructure, such as: electricity, water, internet, telephone service, etc. should be

We will encourage policies that promote and support small, family-owned business models.

We demand our nation leave NAFTA, WTO, and other international trade organizations.

Foreign Policy
We seek the end of economic support for nations that have anti-Christian policies, except when
peoples are suffering from natural disaster.

We demand all ties with Israel be cut, and we support the creation of a sovereign Palestinian
State, with Christian peoples and sites being protected in the Holy Land.
We demand that our nation leave NATO, because the world is no longer divided along Cold War

We seek an isolationist policy, where the welfare and safety of our nation and people are always
placed before foreign interests.

We demand that our nation ensure that Saudi Arabia and any other Wahhabi-ran governments
cease their support of: terrorism, Islamic Jihad, and the persecution of Christians.

We recognize that our nation was: forged, founded, and preserved by European Christians. We
embrace the European roots of our nation and people and seek to preserve and enforce the:
culture, principles, traditions, morals, and ethos of our ancestors and Faith.

Anti-Christian rhetoric should be outlawed in the: media, education systems, and any other
mass media systems, as it negatively affects our communities and attacks the prevailing culture
and traditional framework of our nation.

Christian Holy Days should be recognized on a national level, with time off from school and work
allowed so families can attend Church.

We should invest in and promote ease of attainability of high-quality housing for all healthy,
young married couples.

Large families should be encouraged through: food assistance, tax breaks, housing rebates,
vehicle rebates, etc.

For-profit adoption services should be banned; our nation will provide affordable adoption
services for capable parents, so that none of our nation’s children are raised without a family.

All media, music, movies, television, books, art, etc. that promote ideals that are contrary to
national: interests, Faith, culture, morality, and/or principles should be banned.

All Traditional Christian Churches will be granted tax-exempt status and will receive State
support, which is not revocable if the Priests speak on political matters.
We believe in the principles of Symphonia and/or Integralism, where the Church and State
functions together for the overarching betterment of the people.

We demand the abolishment of the use of poisonous pesticides and GMO's in agricultural

All natural resources should be nationalized, with the: cleanest, safest, and most sustainable
methods used to acquire said resources.

We seek major decreases in factory farming, with a shift of focus to: healthy, humane, free-
range, and sustainable farming.

Kosher, halal, and all other inhumane forms of slaughter should be banned.

Personal and communal gardens should be strongly encouraged through government grants
and tax breaks to increase healthy food production.


Affordable and quality healthcare should be a basic right for all citizens.

Research into natural medicines and practices should be explored on a national level.

Abortion will be outlawed. All abortion providers will be stripped of their wealth, and
abortionists will be sentenced to a life of repentance through hard labor.

We demand increased health and safety regulations for all: agricultural, medicine, and food

Law and Order

We demand the abolishment of privatized prison systems.

We demand a shift of our criminal judicial focus from punishment to rehabilitation.

We demand that chronic re-offenders, who are unwilling to be rehabilitated, be put into work
details that contribute to the betterment of society until they can be rehabilitated.

We seek the demilitarization of our police force, with police held accountable to the
governance/regulation of the people, not solely over-sighted and disciplined by their follow


We believe that the first step in improving our nation starts with improving
ourselves and our local communities.

We seek improvement through communal/group accountability by aiding our fellow members,

first in foremost, in our Spiritual growth, through:

1. Daily prayer and meditation, through reading the Scriptures, praying our rosaries and/or
prayer ropes, praying for each other, praying for our fallen, and daily Veneration of our Saints.
2. Regular attendance and involvement in our local parishes.
3. Yearly retreats to monasteries.
4. Bible studies.
5. Evangelism.
6. Celebrating Christian Holy Days.

We seek to improve our community through spreading Christian patriotism and charity,

1. Participating in local politics, such as: volunteering for Christian candidates, seeking political
positions, and/or starting or participating in Christian public interest groups. 2.
Participating in activism that either promotes a Christian worldview or opposes those that stand
against the Faith.
3. Organizing and/or participating in local charitable events.
4. Participating in local and national Rosary prayers.
5. Establishing and/or aiding local communal gardens.

We seek to help our members realize an economic system that aligns with the Christian
principles of corporatism and agrarianism, through:

1. Establishing independent Christian-based: guilds, syndicates, and/or unions.

2. Aiding our members in establishing homesteads that suit their needs and abilities.
3. Aiding our members in learning trades and/or establishing local businesses.
4. Starting and/or participating in local co-ops.

We seek to break our members from the modernist ideals of radical individualism, and return
ourselves to the ideals of Christian communalism through:

1. Having regular family get-togethers.

2. Hosting and/or participating in community and cultural festivals.
3. Celebrating our members' Baptismal or Name Days.
4. Establishing support networks for members who fall on hard times, either Spiritually or
5. Maintaining regular contact with fellow members.

The Legion of St. Ambrose does not support or condone any violence or illegal activity. We are
spiritual revolutionaries seeking cultural change through legal means, starting in each of our
individual lives. Carry the cross and reaffirm yourself daily anew.

In Hoc Signo Vinces.

Hail the Legion. Hail Christ.