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HUMBOLDT SCIENTIFIC, INC. 551D Pylon Drive, Raleigh, NC 27606 (919) 852.6509 + FAX (818) 643-4283 ‘TLX 57-5019 + HUMBOLDT RAL HUMBOLDT MFG. Co. 7300 W. Agatite Avenue; Norridge, I 60656 (708) 456-6300 + FAX (708) 456-0137 COMPACTION CONTROL GAG) [STRUCTION “MANUAL i Richard L. Berry ‘200167 COPYRIGHT NOTICE. Copytght (©) HUMBOLDT SCIENTIFIC, INC. 1085, 1988 All Righis Heservod “This manuel, or parts thoieol, may net be reproduced in any form without express wien Permiesion of HUMBOLOT SCIENTIFIC INC. UNPUBLISHED LICENSED PROPRIETARY WORK Copyright(C) HUMBOLDT SCIENTIFIC, ING. 1988, 1865 ‘The programmable read only meimory integrated ciruit package con- {Wined in this equipment and covered with a copyright nalice level con [kins proprietary and eorfideatalsotare hy HUMBOLDT SCIENTIFIC, INC, It's leensed ‘chaser ofthis e yeh fs the sole property of tor-uso by the erginl pur auipment Tor @ period of 99 years. Tanster of tho Hounae obtained by’ roques, in wring, irom HUMBOLDT SCIENTIFIC, INC wath tho excoption of HUMBOLDT Authorized Service Facies you ‘May rol copy alter dacampile, or covers assemble the sollware in any fashion except ao instructed in this manual. The matorals ave protecled by US copyright las, teadomack lav, end trade secre, ‘Any person(s) andlor organ ‘above violation or knowing ‘equipmont or technology, prosecution. zations who. attempt or accomplish the ly aid or abot te violation by supplying vil be sujet tcl damagee an eriminal IMPORTANT NoTICE ‘The informetion contained erwin is suppl without representator-ot aranty of any kind. Humbotdt Scientite inc thertore assum no ‘esponsibiy and shell have no liabity,consequerilat or alhorarse, of ‘ny kind arising from the uso of tho deserbad equipment or reals ‘civ materials ancir information contained in this manu Uso ofthe supplied hammer aed dri rod requires diving the red into ‘compacted soil or oer hard mates and may causo damage tothe ‘user due t lying particles from the Iam, il rod or the Materials Under tos, Safety glasses must be ullizad for this procedure, "Se Sesion 1. Page 76 Equipment Waray section He) TABLE OF CONTENTS rite GENERAL AND SPECIFICATIONS Gene: Definitions Specifications 31 Measurement Specit ications 32 Calibration Metnoa 38 Field Data Conversion 34 Radsolagien! Specifications 35 Electrical Specifications 38 Machanical Specifications 37 Acessories EQUIPMENT DESCRIPTION Equipment Supplied Agcestory Case 21 Scraper Plate/fod Guise 22 brit! Rog 23 Four Pound Hanmer 24 Extraction Toot Transit Case 31 "Reference Standard 32 Dual Sealer Gage 33 Processor Gage 34 Ingexing Mechanism FIELO OPERATION Transportation of the Equipment Stangardization of the Gage Entry of Pre Test oata 31” "optimum or Maximum Density 320K Factor 33 Specific Gravity Site Selection Site Preperation Positioning the Gage Taking the Measurement Count Processing the Results Compaction Contra! 82 Vord Natio 83 Percent Air voias Repacking tne Equipment SPECIAL TESTS Backfitl Compaction in Trenches Control strip fer Treated Bases Thin Litt Measurements