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Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), Monday 3 November 1873, page 14

COUNTRY NEWS. bo pretty well guessed, when she found it was a deuf-uddor
threo feet in length. Sho called for assistance, and hor
son-in-law, Mr. James Brown, dispatched tho reptile
A niirnctilcrifl escape has oceum-d at Smith's Flit, in the
Grafton district, to Mr. Goorgo Lollbaoh. It onpeur« that
on Wednesday, tho 8th October, ho left Grafton for

Copmanhurst in a buggy, and all went woll until reaching

Stoney Pinch, whefo Mr. Killoan has a contract for nlenr
ing, and meeting some of tho mon, ho inquired if ho could
pues, us ho VVIIB informed there was a Inrgo gum tree three
feet through, which had
been sawn through, and loft for
two days, with tho hopo that tho wind vvjuld bring it
down, «nd being assured that it was perfectly safo Mr.
Lollbach kept too track, aid just as ho was nearly ubroast
of tbo tree, ho observed it was about to como down, and
struck «ho horse to ¡ncroaso his speed, but it was too Into;
tho treo fell right across' tho front of tho buggy between
tbo horse and tho driver, smashing all that
portion of tho
vehicle, and knocking tho horse down; but how
Lollbach, who ia an old man sixty-two years of ago, escaped
miraculous, as ho was left «iiting on tho Boat, but if wo
except a few slight ou his face and leg, ho
no material injury, boyond tho great «hock to his
nervous system, from tho effects, of which ho has now quite
recovered. Tho boree too managed to clear himself and
IIÍB leg«
w OB «oon on and olf homo to his owner's paddock.
Fortunately for tho c intruder Mr. Lollbach escaped, or hn
might havo found «hat tho result of auch accident, hud it

terminated fatally, would havo placed him in a rathor awk

woid predicament; and weare glftd to beonnbled to con
gnitulato eo old «ud rospootod a ro«id«)nt of tho Flat un his
escapo from what iiiijut have had a sadder and moro
nicltincholy termination. -

An inquest baa been held by tho coroner (Mr. Vyner) nt

Adelong on tho body of Janies Huskin«. Bovcml witnesses
deposed to deceased having been drunk and having quur
relied with n miner named Stephens prior to his death, and
Dr. Verschuer haying detailed tho result of a pott mortem
examination of deceased's body, the coroner carefully slim-
med np «ho evidence. After u short consultation tho
returned a verdict af manslaughter against Stophens, who
was subsequently arrested, and on Tuesday brought up
at tho Court-house before (ho presiding magistrates (Mr.
Vvncr, P.M., and Mcesr». B. Horshrouirh and Wilson,
J.P.'B), and was committed for at tho noxt
Mr. Vyner told tho prisonor ho folt some
sympathy for him, «B tho evidence taken at tho inquest
showed that ho had been Rtruck twice
Dy tho doeeased
before the scufllo that ended fatally occurred Bail was
allow ed on prisoner entering into his own rocognii'.anoo.s in
£80 and finding two surctioB of £40 each.
On Wednesday night a now ropo was found by Mr.
Robins, stroteheel across (ho roadway of tho bridge nt Car-
coar, at such a height a« must havo tripped upolthor horsn
'men or pedestrian« with great fosee. Not long sinco, n lady
going over tho bridge at night wa« thrown down by n
strong green Indo lopo stretched across tho roadway ;
tho other evening, a fovv minutes alter Mr. Robins reniaved
that found by bim, a lady and gentleman on horsobvok
passed over the britlgo at considerable speed, to got home
out of the thunderstorm.
The Greon Valley correspondent of an Hill End journal
writes :-" About 12.30 a.m. on Thursdnj' (to-day) a
thunderstorm passed over the Green Vulloy, accompanied
with very littlo rain. The lightning was very vivid, and
«truck the iron roof of tho cottage belonging to tho Peep
Day company. Mrs. Watson, the person in nhargo, was
in bed at the time, when she felt a slight shock of eloctri
pass over her body with a tingling sensation, causing a
shock to her nerves. I am happy to say no damage was
dono further than tearing u portion of tho spouting
from tho back of tho cottage. '

Caterpillars aro making great havoo

among tho oom crops
at Tumut Plains. Boverul of tho agriculturists havo «iitftirod
very severely from these pests, mia wo understand flint Mr.
Sncdden has hud 10 acres of corn completely destroyed by
On Friday ovening, Mrs. J. Samuels, sen., of Troy
Gully, near Dubbo, had a narrow eBCapo from being bitten
by a deaf-udder. Sho had been walking about dusk,
from the kitchen towards tho dwelling, and trod on some-
thing soft. Sho looked down, and her astonishment
bo pretty well guessed, when she found it was a deuf-uddor

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