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PEA 2016 Meeting Details

Meeting: PEA Artificial Lift and Digital Oilfield & Data Management Forums
Date: 17th to 19th May 2016
Key Timings:
Meeting Agenda Date Times Details
PEA Artificial 17th & 18th Tue (08:30 – 16:30) Great Burgh, Epsom, UK
Lift Forum (1.5 May
Wed (08:30 – 12:15)
PEA Dinner (all 18th May Wed (19:00 – 22:00) Kingswood Golf Course
attendees are (The Lodge)
PEA Digital 18th May Wed (13:15 – 17:00) Great Burgh, Epsom, UK
Oilfield & Data & 19th
Thu (08:30 – 17:20)
Management May
Forum (1.5 day)

Venue: OTM Consulting Ltd, Great Burgh, Yew Tree Bottom Road, Epsom, Surrey, KT18

Local host: Ronald Indra, PEA Network Manager, OTM Consulting Ltd, UK. Tel: +44 1372
631950, Email:

Secretariat: Hanka Al Saidova, OTM Consulting Ltd, Great Burgh, Epsom, UK. Tel: +44 1372
631950, Email:

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Meeting Agenda
Meeting: PEA Artificial Lift and Digital Oilfield & Data Management
Date: 17th to 19th May 2016
Host: OTM
Venue: Great Burgh, Epsom, United Kingdom

Tuesday 17th May 2016

Arrival & Coffee 08:30

Mike Baker
1-1 Welcome and safety brief from host 09:00
OTM Consulting
Ronald Indra Introduction to the PEA Artificial Lift and Digital Oilfield &
1-2 09:10
OTM Consulting Data Management Forums
PEA Artificial Lift Forum (Day 1) 09:30
Michael Scott
1-3 Data Integration and Analytics for Artificial Lift Optimization 09:30
Dana Pettigrew Variable Frequency Generator (VFG) in Oil Field Use - Oil
1-4 10:05
Canadian Advanced ESP Inc. field application of the VFG with ESPs for oil production
TUT ESP Motor System – Case history in use and
Dana Pettigrew
1-5 application of TUT’s in Oil wells to achieve over 50% 10:40
Canadian Advanced ESP Inc.
Incremental Oil Production
Coffee break 11:15
Vitaly Elichev (RA)
1-6 Artificial lift & modern training systems 11:35
John Oyewole The first High-Temperature ESP installation for Shell in
1-7 12:10
Shell Europe – Experiences from Schoonebeek Field Netherlands
Lunch 12:45
Grant Harris Design and Operation of Subsea and Deep Water ESP
1-8 13:45
Schlumberger Systems
Colin G. Rae
1-9 Weatherford North Sea Gaslift Technology and Applications 14:20
Tea break 14:55
Joao Fernando Chidamoio
1-10 Modelling of Cavitation and Instabilities in Gas-lifted Wells 15:15
Aberdeen University
Danut Ion Tudora Weatherford Sand Tolerant Pumps Technology and
1-11 15:50
Weatherford Applications
End of Day 1 16:30

Wednesday 18th May – some sessions are for PEA Operator Members only

Arrival & Coffee -

PEA Artificial Lift Forum (Day 2)
Ronald Indra
2-1 First day review 09:00
OTM Consulting
Gradual implementation of a centralized artificial lift
Stefan Hemetsberger
2-2 performance surveillance in OMV - step one: ESP 09:15
Barry Irvine Baker Hughes – technology innovations on Artificial Lift
2-3 09:50
Baker Hughes Systems (ALS)
Coffee break (sessions after this until lunch are only for PEA operators members) 10:25
2-4 PEA Operator Members Discussion on the scope of PEA Artificial Lift Forum 10:40
Roundtable discussion – round-up of operator activities
2-5 PEA Operator Members 11:20
within Artificial Lift
Ronald Indra
2-6 AOB and next meeting 12:10
OTM Consulting
Lunch 12:15
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PEA Digital Oilfield and Data Management Forum (Day 1) (sessions after this until coffee break are for
PEA operators members only)
Ronald Indra Introduction to the PEA Digital Oilfield & Data Management
2-7 13:15
OTM Consulting Forum
Discussion on the scope of PEA Digital Oilfield & Data
2-8 PEA Operator Members 13:25
Management Forum
Roundtable discussion – round-up of operator activities
2-9 PEA Operator Members 14:00
within Digital Oilfield & Data Management
Coffee break (sessions after this are open to all companies) 15:00
Murray Callander
2-10 What is digitisation and how does it apply to oil and gas 15:15
Eigen Ltd.
Sonia Embid Droz Cognitive Oilfields: Next Frontier to Optimize Development
2-11 15:50
Repsol Plans
Dr Julian Pickering Adding Digital Oilfield business value through cloud
2-12 16:25
Geologix Systems Integration Ltd. computing
End of Day 2 17:00
Dinner (all attendees are invited) 19:00

Thursday 19th May 2016

Arrival & Coffee 08:30

PEA Digital Oilfield and Data Management Forum (Day 2) 09:00
Ronald Indra
3-1 First and second day review 09:00
OTM Consulting
Michael Scott Managing The Production Lifecycle: A Framework For
3-2 09:10
Halliburton Scalable Digital Oilfield Implementations
Murray Callander
3-3 Digital Tools for Low Manning 09:45
Eigen Ltd.
Joao Fernando Chidamoio/ Lateef
Oilfield Production Management and Intervention in Remote
3-4 Akanji 10:20
and Challenging Locations
Aberdeen University
Coffee break 10:55
Dr. Andrew Bowen How analytics can be implemented quickly to respond to real
3-5 11:15
Tessella world needs
Terry Price
3-6 Digital oilfield from an enterprise perspective 11:50
Mark Hall
3-7 The Intelligent Oilfield Journey 12:25
Maersk Oil
Lunch 13:00
Birlie Bourgeois (RA) SPE173436: A Framework for Sustainable Digital Oilfield
3-8 14:00
Chevron USA Solutions.
Andy Coward
3-9 Securing Industrial Control Systems in the Digital Oilfield 14:35
Tea break 15:10
Mario Toro Weatherford Digital Oil Field – Application for Middle Eastern
3-10 15:30
Weatherford Operator
Grant Harris The Control and Monitoring of Deep Water Subsea ESP
3-11 16:05
Schlumberger Systems
The case for using data standards (PRODML) for central
Barry Irvine
3-12 accumulation of production data – demonstrated through 16:40
Baker Hughes
case history for distributed temperature sensing (DTS) data
Ronald Indra
3-13 AOB and next meeting 17:15
OTM Consulting
End of Day 3 17:20

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Confirmed Attendees
Meeting: PEA Artificial Lift and Digital Oilfield & Data Management Forums
Date: 17th to 19th May 2016
Host: OTM
Venue: Great Burgh, Epsom, UK

Company Name

Baker Hughes Barry Irvine

Canadian Advanced ESP Inc. Alan Jermyn
Canadian Advanced ESP Inc. Dana Pettigrew
Canadian Advanced ESP Inc. John Sherwen
Canadian Advanced ESP Inc. Rodger Hartill
Chevron UK Douglas Hall
Chevron USA Birlie Bourgeois (RA)
Dong Energy Andrés Lázaro-Soler (RA)
Dong Energy Lee Pei Yen (RA)
Dong Energy Mohd Zahirin Bin Ruslan (RA)
Dong Energy Nicola Sabeddu (RA)
Eigen Murray Callander
Geologix Systems Integration Ltd. Dr Julian Pickering
Halliburton/ Landmark Antonio Gaudelli
Halliburton/ Landmark John Allen
Halliburton/ Landmark Michael Scott
IBM Pavel Sementsov
IBM Terry Price
Maersk Oil Amirbek Bekmukhanov (RA)
Maersk Oil Mark Hall
Maersk Oil Rodolfo Enrique Larez (RA)
OMV Stefan Hemetsberger
OTM Hanka Al Saidova
OTM Mike Baker
OTM Ronald Indra
PAS Andy Coward
Repsol Ashutosh Shah (RA)
Repsol Christian Criado (RA)
Repsol Dennis Mangalsingh (RA)
Repsol John Sitindjak (RA)
Repsol Ricardo Gomez (RA)
Repsol Santiago Fernando Lozada Cantos (RA)
Repsol Sonia Embid Droz
Schlumberger Grant Harris
Schlumberger Rod MacKay
Shell Netherlands John-Tomi Oyewole
Tessella Dr. Andrew Bowen
University of Aberdeen Joa Fernando Chidamoio
ag3035-170516f.doc, 19 May 2016 4
University of Aberdeen Lateef Akanji
Weatherford Colin G. Rae
Weatherford Danut Ion Tudora
Weatherford Mario Toro
Wintershall Vitaly Elichev (RA)

* RA – Remote Attendee

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