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No pm of this document may be reproduced in any form, in an &ctmnic retriwal system or
otbcnvise, witbout the prior written pemission of the publisher.

I&ray of Congress Cat&g Cxd Number: 56.3934

Primed in the United States of America

Adopted by rhe Council of the America Society of Mechanical Engineers, 1914.

Revised ,940, 1941, 1943, 1946. 1949, 1952, 1953, ,956, 1959, 1962, 1965, 196% 1971, 1974, 1977, 1980, 1983, 1986,
1989, 1992, 1995, 1998, 2001

The American Scxicty of Mechanicat Engineers

Thm Park Avenue, New York NY 10016-5990

CopyrigtIt 0 2cull by
!.ll R&+x,$Reserved
I Rules for Construction of Power Boilers
II Materials
Paa A - Ferrous Material Specifications
Part B - Nonferrous Material Specitications
Par?C - Speciticatiousfor Welding Rods, Electrodes,and Filler Metals
Pat D - Properties
III SubsectionNCA - General Requirements for Division I and Division 2
III Division 1
SubsectionNB - Class 1 Components
SubsectionNC - Class 2 Components
SubsectionND - Class 3 Components
SubsectionNE - Class MC Components
SubsectionNF - Supports
SubsectionNG - Core Support Structures
SubsectionNH - Class 1 Components in Elevated Temperature Service
III Division 2 - Code for Coucrete Reactor Vesselsand Coutainments
III Division 3 -Containment Systemsfor Storageand Transport Packagingsof Spent Nuclear Fuel
and High Level Radioactive Material and Waste
IV Rules for Construction of Heating Boilers
V Nondestructive Examination
VI RecommendedRules for the Care and Operation of Heating Boilers
VII Recommended Guidelines for the Care of Power Boilers
VIII Rules for Construction of PressureVessels
Division 1
Division 2 - Alternative Rules
Division 3 - Alternative Rules for Construction of High PressureVessels
IX Welding and Brazing Qualifications
X Fibcr-Reinforced Plastic PressureVessels
XI Rules for Inservice Inspection of Nuclear Power Plant Components

Colored-sheet Addenda, which include additions and revisions to individual Sectionsof the Code, axe
published aunually and will be sent automatically to purchasersof the applicable Sectionsup to the
publication of the 2004 Code, The 2001 Code is available only in the loose-leaf format; accordingly,
the Addenda will be issued in the loos&leaf, replacement-pageformat.

ASME issueswritten replies to inquiries concerning interpretation of technical aspectsof the Code.
The Interpretations for each individual Section will be published separately and will be included as
pat of the update service to that Section, They will be issued semiannually(July and December) up
to the publication of the 2004 Code. Interpretations of Section III, Divisions 1 and 2, will be included
with the update serviceto SubsectionNCA.

‘llx Boiler and PressureVesselCommittee meets regularly to considerproposed additionsand revisions
to the Code and to formulate Casesto claify the intent of existing requirements or provide, when the
need is urgeut, rules for materials or constructions not covered by existing Code rules, Those Cases
which have been adopted will appearin the appropriate 2OQlCode Casesbook ( 1) Boilersand Pressure
Vesselsand (7.) Nuclear Components. Supplementswill be sent automatically to the purchasersof the
Code Caseshooks up to the publication of the 2004 Code,


Article I
QW-100 1
QW-110 2
QW-I20 2
QW-130 3
QW-140 3
QW-150 4
QW-160 5
QW-170 6
QW-180 6
QW-190 8
Appendix 1 12

Article II
QW-200 13
QW-210 I6
QW-250 18

Article III Welding I’erformance Qualifications

QW-300 General ......................................................... 47
QW-310 Qualification Test Coupons. ....................................... 50
QW-320 Retests and Renewal of Qualification. .............................. 51
QW-350 Welding Variables for Welders. ................................... 52
QW-360 Welding Variables for Welding Operators .......................... 53

Article IV Welding Data

QW-400 Variables, ....................................................... 56
QW-410 Technique. ...................................................... 65
QW-420 Material Groupings............................................... 68
QW-430 F-Numbers ...................................................... 132
QW-440 Weld Metal Chemical Composition ................................ 138
QW-450 Specimens,, ..................................................... 139
QW-460 Graphics ........................................................ 146
QW-470 Etching - Pmcews and Reagents................................ 186
QW-490 Definitions, ...................................................... 187

Article V Standard Welding Procedure Specifications (SWPSs)

QW-500 General .......................................................... 195
QW-510 Adoption of SWPSs,.............................................. 195
QW-520 Use of SWPSsWithout Discrete Demonstration ...................... 195
QW-530 Forms ........................................................... 196
QW-540 Production Use of SWPSs......................................... 196


Article XI Brazing General Requirements

QB-100 General, ............................................................... 197
QB-110 Braze Orientation,, ..................................................... 198
QB-120 Test Positions for Lap, Butt, Scarf, or Rabbet Joints., ..................... 198
QB-140 Types and Purposes of Tess and Examinations. ........................... 198
QB-I50 Tension Tests .......................................................... 199
QB-I60 Guided-Bend Tests, ..................................................... ZOO
QB-I70 Peel Tests ............................................................. 201
QB-180 Sectioning Tests and Workmanship Coupons .............................. 201

Article XII Brazing Procedure Qualifications

QB-200 General, ............................................................... 202
QB-210 Preparation of Test Coupon,, ............................................ 204
QB-250 Brazing Vtiables. ...................................................... 204

Article XIII Brazing Performance Qualifications

QB-300 ciencral 211
QB-310 Qualification Test Coupons 213

QB-320 Retests and Renewal of Qualification ..................................... 213
QB-350 Brazing Vxiables for Brazers and Brazing Operators....................... 213

Articlc XIV


Appendix A Mandatoq - Submittal of Technical Inquiries to the Boiler and Pressure

Vessel Committee .................................................... 239

Appendix B Nonmandatmy - Welding and Brazing Fomx ............................ 241

Appendix D Nonmandatory - P-Number Listing., .................................... 252
Appendix E Mandatq - Permitted SWPSs,......................................... 269
SILlnits ............................................................................. 271
Index ............................................................................... 214


The American Society of Mechanical Engineers set programs for design or analysis are cautioned that they
II* a committee in 1911 for the pmpose of formulating are responsible for all technical assumptions inherent
standard roles for the construction of steam boilers and in the programs they we and they are responsible for
other pressure vessels. This committee is now called the application of these programs to their design.
the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Committee. The Code does not folly address tolerances. When
The Committee’s function is to establish rules of dimensions, sizes, or other parameters are not specified
safety governing the design, fabrication, and inspection with tolerances, the values of these parameters are
during construction of boilers and pressore vessels, and considered nominal and allowable tolerances or local
to interpret these roles when questions arise regarding variances may be considered acceptable when based
their intent. In formulating the rules, the Committee on engineering judgment and standxd practices as
considers the needs of users, manufacturers, and inspec- determined by the designer.
tors of pressure vessels. The objective of the roles is The Boiler and Pressure Vessel Committee deals
to afford reasonably certain protection of life and with the care and inspection of boilers and pressure
property and to provide a margin for deterioration in vessels in service only to the extent of providing
service so as to give a reasonably long, safe period
suggested rules of good practice as an aid to owners
of usefulness. Advancements in design and material
and their inspectors.
and the evidence of experience have been recognized.
The rules established by the Committee are not to
This Code contains mandatory requirements, specific
be interpreted as approving, recommending, or endors-
prohibitions, sod nonmandatov guidance for constroc-
ing any proprietary or specific design or as .limiting
tion’ activities, The Code does not address all aspects
in any way the manufactorer’s freedom to choose any
of these activities and those aspects which ze not
specifically addressed should not be considered prohib- method of design or any form of constroction that
ited, The Code is not a handbook and cannot replace conforms to the Code rules.
education, experience, and the use of engineering judg- The Boiler and Pressure Vessel Committee meets
merit. The phrase engineering judgment refers to techni- regularly to consider revisions of the rules, new rules
cal judgments made by knowledgeable designers experi- as dictated by technological development, Code Cases,
enced in the application of the Code. Engineering and requests for interpretations. Only the Boiler and
judgments most be consistent with Code philosophy Pressure Vessel Committee has the authority to provide
and such judgments most never be used to overrule official interpretations of this Code. Requests for revi-
mandatov requirements or specific prohibitions of sions, new rules, Code Cases, or interpretations shall
the Code. be addressed to the Secretary in writing and shall give
The Committee recognises that tools and techniques full particulars in order to receive consideration and
used for design and analysis change as technology action (see Mandatory Appendix covering preparation
progresses and expects engineers to ose good judgment of technical inquiries). Proposed revisions to the Code
in the application of these tools, The designer is respon- resulting from inquiries will be presented to the Main
sible for complying with Code roles and demonstrating Committee for appropriate action. The action of the
compliance with Code equations when such equations Main Committee becomes effective only after confirma-
are mandatory. The Code neither requires nor prohibits tion by letter ballot of the Committee and approval by
the use of computers for the design or analysis of ASME.
components constructed to the reqoirement$ of the Proposed revisions to the Code approved by the
Code, However, designers and engineers using computer Committee are submitted to the American National
Standards Institute and published in Mechanical Engi-
mering to invite comments from all interested persons.
After the allotted time for public review and final

approvalby ASME, revisionsare publishedannually involvesexceptions, omissions,or changesin provisions,
in Addendato the Code. the intent of the Codemight not be attained.
Code Casesmay be used in the constructionof Wherea stateor otherregulatorybody,in theprinting
components to bestampedwith theASME Codesymbol of any Sectionof theBoiler andPressureVesselCode,
beginningwith the dateof their approvalby ASME. makesadditionsor omissions,it is recommended that
After Coderevisionsare approvedby ASME, they suchchangesbe clearly indicated,
maybe usedbeginningwith the dateof issuanceshown The National Board of Boiler and PressureVessel
on the Addenda.Revisions,except for revisionsto Inspectorsis composedof chief inspectorsof states
materialspecificationsin SectionII, PartsA and B, andmunicipalitiesin theUnitedStatesandof provinces
becomemandatory6 monthsaftersuchdateof issuance, in Canadathat have adoptedthe Boiler and Pressure
exceptfor boilers or pressurevesselscontractedfor VesselCode.This Board,sinceits organisationin 1919,
prior to the end of the 6 month period.Revisionsto hasfunctionedto uniformly administerandenforcethe
materialspecificationsareoriginatedby the American rules of the Boiler and PressureVessel Code. The
Societyfor Test&g and Materials(ASTM), and other cooperationof that organisationwith the Boiler and
recognisednationalor internationalorganisationsand PressureVesselCommitteehasbeenextremelyhelpful.
ax usuallyadoptedby ASME. However,thoserevisions The Code Committeedoesnot rule on whethera
may or may not have any effect on the suitability of componentshall or shall not be constructedto the
material,prodncedto earliereditionsof specifications, provisionsof the Code,The Scopeof eachSection
for usein ASME construction.ASME materialspecifi- has beenestablishedto identify the componentsand
cationsapprovedfor usein eachconstructionCodeare parameters consideredby theCommitteein formulating
listed in the Appendicesof SectionII, PartsA andB. theCoderules,Lawsor regulationsissuedby municipal-
TheseAppendiceslist, for eachspecification,the latest ity3 state,provincial,federal,or otherenforcementor
editionadoptedby ASME, andearlierandlatereditions regulatorybodieshavingjurisdictionat the locationof
consideredby ASME to be identicalfor ASME con- an installationestablishthe mandatoryapplicabilityof
struction. the Code rules, in whole or in part, within their
Manufacturers andusersof components arecautioned jurisdiction.Thoselaws or regulationsmay requirethe
againstmakinguseof revisionsandCasesthat areless riseof this Codefor vesselsor components not consid-
eredto be within its Scopeor may establishadditionsor
restrictivethan former requirementswithout having
deletionsin thatScope,Accordingly,inqubiesregarding
assurance that they havebeenacceptedby the proper
such laws or regulationsare to be directedto the
authoritiesin the jurisdictionwherethe componentis
issuingenforcementor regulatorybody.
to be installed.
Questionsor issuesregardingcomplianceof a specific
Eachstateandmunicipalityin the UnitedStatesand
componentwith the Coderules are to be directedto
eachprovincein Canadathat adoptsor acceptsoneor
the ASME CertificateHolder(Manufacturer). Inquiries
moreSectionsof the Boiler and PressureVesselCode concerningthe interpretationof the Code are to be
is invited to appointa representative to act on the directedto the ASME Boiler and PressureVessel
Conference Committeeto theBoiler andPressure Vessel Committee.ASME is to he notified shouldquestions
Committee.Sincethe membersof theConference Com- arise concerningimproper rise of an ASME Code
mitteeruein activecontactwith the administrationand symbol.
enforcement of therules,therequirements
for inspection The specificationsfor materialsgiven in SectionII
in this Codecorrespondwith thosein effect in their areidenticalwith or similarto thoseof theSpecifications
respectivejurisdictions.The requiredqualificationsfor publishedby ASTM, AWS, and otherrecognisedna-
an AuthorizedInspectorunder these rules may be tional or internationalorganisations.
obtainedfrom the administrativeauthorityof any state, made in an ASME material specificationto a non-
municipality,or provincewhichhasadoptedtheserules, ASME specificationfor which a companionASME
‘l%e Boiler and PressureVessel Committeein the specificationexists, the referenceshall he interpreted
formulationof its rnles and in the establishmentof as applyingto the ASME materialspecification,Not
maximum design and operatingpressuresconsiders all materialsincludedin the materialspecificationsin
materials,construction,methodsof fabrication,inspec- SectionII havebeenadoptedfor Codeuse.Usageis
tion, and safetydevices.Permissionmay be granted limited to thosematerialsand gradesadoptedby at
to regulatorybodiesandorganizations publishingsafety leastoneof theotherSectionsof the Code for applica-
standardsto use a completeSectionof the Code by tion underrules of that Section.All materialsallowed
reference.If usageof a Section,such as SectionIX, by thesevtious Sectionsand usedfor construction
within the scope of their rules shall be furnished in Appendix A of Part A or Part B may also be used
accordance with material specifications contained in in accordance with the above, provided the material
Section II or referenced in Appendices A of Section manufacturer or vessel manufacturer certifies with evi-
II, Parts A and B except where otherwise provided in dence acceptable to the Authorised Inspector that the
Code Cases or in the applicable Section of the Code. corresponding requirements of specifications listed in
Materials covered by these specifications are acceptable Appendix A of Part A or Pznt B have been met.
Material produced to an acceptable material specification
for use in items covered by the Code Sections only
is not limited as to country of origin.
to the degree indicated in the applicable Section. Materi-
When required by context in this Section, the singular
als for Code use should preferably be ordered, produced,
shall be interpreted as the plural, and vice-versa; and
and documented on this basis; Appendix A to Section the feminine, masculine, or neuter gender shall be
II, Pxt A and Appendix A to Section II, Part B list treated as such other gender as appropriate.
editions of ASME and yea dates of specifications that Publication of the SI (Metric) Edition of the ASME
meet ASME requirements and which may be wed in Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code was discontinued with
Code construction. Material produced to an acceptable the 1986 Edition. Effective October 1, 1986, the Sl
specification with requirements different from the re- Edition was withdrawn as an ASME Boiler and Pressure
quirements of the corresponding specifications listed in Vessel Code document.

ASME has established procedures to authmize qmdi- “rate,” or “endorse” any item, construction, or activity
fied organisations to perform various activities in ac- and there shall be no statements or implications which
cordance with the requirements of the ASME Boiler might so indicate. An organisation holding a Code
and Pressure Vessel Code, It is the aim of the Society Symbol and/or a Certificate of Authorisation may state
to provide recognition of organisations so authorised. in advertising literature that items, constructions, or
An organisation holding authorisation to perform vari- activities “are built (produced or performed) or activities
ous activities in accordance with the requirements of conducted in accordance with the requirements of the
the Code may state this capability in its advertising ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code,” or “meet
literature. the requirements of the ASME Boiler and Pressure
Organisations that are authorised to use Code Symbols Vessel Code.”
for marking items or constructions which have been con- The ASME Symbol shall be used only for stamping
structed and inspected in compliance with the ASME and nameplates as specifically provided in the Code,
Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code are issued Certificates of However, facsimiles may be used for the pmpose of
Anthorization. It is the aim of the Society to maintain the fostering the use of such construction. Such usage may
standing of the Code Symbols for the benefit of the users, be by an association or a society, or by a holder of a Code
the enforcement jurisdictions, and the holders of the sym- Symbol who may also use the facsimile in advertising to
bols who comply with all requirements, show that clearly specified items will carry the symbol.
Based on these objectives, the following policy has General usage is permitted only when all of a manufactur-
been established on the usage in advertising of facsimiles er’s items are constructed under the rules.
of the symbols, Certificates of Authorisation, and refer- The ASME logo, which is the cloverleaf with the
ence to Code construction, The American Society of letters ASME within, shall not be used by any organiza-
Mechanical Engineers does not “approve,” “certify,” tion other than ASME,

The ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code provides not constructed in accordance with all of the applicable
rules for the construction of boilers, pressure vessels, and requirements of the Code.
nuclear components. This includes requirements for mate- Items shall not be described on ASME Data Repox?
rials, design, fabrication, examination, inspection, and Forms nor on similar forms referring to ASME which
stamping. Items constmcted in accordance with all of the tend to imply that all Code reqnirements have been
applicable rules of the Code are identified with the official met when, in fact, they have not been. Data Report
Code Symbol Stamp described in the governing Section of Forms covering items not fully complying with ASME
the Code. requirements should not refer to ASME or they should
Markings such as “ASME,” “ASME Standard,” or clearly identify all exceptions to the ASME require-
any other marking including “ASME” or the various ments.
Code Symbols shall not be used on any item which is

ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Committee
Subcommittees, Subgroups, and Working Groups
As of January 1, 2001


D, A, Canonico, Chair W. M. Lundy J. Tiratto, Chair J. L. Jones

G, G, Karcher, Vice Chair 1. R. MacKay L. W. Douthwaite G. F. Wright
J, 5, Brzuszkiewicz, Secretary T. G, McCarty
R. W. Barnes U. R. Miller
F. P. Bation G. C. Millman
D. L. Berger R. A. Moen
M. N. Bressler C, C. Neely
P. J. Conlisk T. P. Pastor A. 1. Justin -Ohio 6ecrefaryJ 1, Lemire - California
R, E, Feigel C, 1, Pieper R. I. Aben, Jr. - Michigan C. Lundine -Oregon
1. G. Feldstein R. F, Reedy E. A. Anderson - Chicago, II- S. E. Lyons -Arkansas
R. E. Gimple B. W. Roberts linois M. A. M.&k - Florida
M. Gold F. J. Schaaf, Jr. J, Anderson -South Dakota G. F. Mankel -Alaska
0. F, Hedden A. Selz R, B. Barkdoll -Washington I. W. Mault - Manitoba,
A. I. Justin D, E, Tanner R, Baden - Arizona Canada
D. F, Landers F. P. Barion -Virginia H. T. McEwen - Mississippi
D. E. Burns - Nebraska A. W. Meiring - Indiana
C, Castle - Nova Scotia, R. Mile - Onlario, Canada
Canada M. F. Mooney - Massachu-
L. Chase - Northwest Territo- Y, Nagpaul - Hawaii
G. G. Karchq Chair 0. F. Hedden ries, Canada 1. D. Payton -Pennsylvania
D. A. Canonico, Vice Chair A. 1, Justin R. A. Coomes - Kentucky D. K. Peetz - Missouri
I, S, Bruszkiewicz, Secrefary 1. R. MacKay J. Corcoran - Connecticut M. R, Peterson - Alaska
I. G. Feldstein T. P. Pastor D, A, Douin - Illinois D. C. Price -Yukon Territory,
M. Gold D, Eastman - Newfoundland Canada
and Labrador, Canada R. S. Pucek - Wisconsin
G. L. Ebeyer - New Orleans, C. D. Redmond - Michigan
Louisiana R. D. Reetz - North Dakota
HONORARY MEMBERS (MAIN COMMITTEE) E, Ever& - Georgia D. E. Ross - New Brunswick,
P. C. Hackford - Utah Canada
R. D. Banner R, C, Griffin D. H. Hanrath - North Car- M. Shuff - West Virginia
R. 1. Bosnak E. I. Hemzy olina N. Surtees - Saskatchewan,
H. M. Canwan J. E. Latian I. B. Harlan - Delaware Canada
t. J. Chockie J. LeCoff M. L. Holloway-Oklahoma M, 1. Verhagen - Wisconsin
J. S. Clarke F. N. Moschini K. Hynes - Prince Edward M. Washington - New jersey
W. E. Cooper W. E. Somers Island, Canada R. B. West-Iowa
W, D. Doty L. P. Zick, Jr, D. T. Jagger - Ohio M. 1, Wheel -Vermont
D. 1. Jenkins - Kansas R. K. White - New York
M, Kotb - Quebec, Canada T. F. Wickham - Rhode Island
K, T. Lau -Alberta, Canada C. S. Withers - Colorado

1. R. MacKay, Chair M. Gold

A. 1, Spencer, Vice Chair F, E. Gregor
M. R. Argenziano, Secrekwy
F. P. BarIon T. P. Pastor
M. Il. Bernstein C. 1. Pieper V, Felix P. Williamson
J. G, Feldstein L. S, Hung

I. R. MacKay, Cha;r T. C. McGough M. Gold, Chair R. K. Nansfad

M. D. Bernstein, Vice Chair R. E. McLaughlin R, A, Mow, Vice C&I M, t. Nayyar
I. N. Shih, 5ecrerary P. A. Molvie N. Lobe, Secretary E, G. Nisbeti
D. t. Berger D. K, Parish D. C. Agarwal 1. T. Parsons
E, Everen I. T, Pillow W. R. Apblett, Jr. D. W. Rahoi
F. R, ckrety R. G. Premak M. N. Bressler 6. W. Roberts
1. HainsworIh B. W. Roberts I. Cameron I, T. Parsons
T. E. Hansen R. D. Schueler, Jr. W. D. Doty D, W. Rahoi
I. S. Hunter R. V. Wielgoszinski D. W. Gandy 6. W. Roberts
C, F. Jeerings R. t. Williams M. H. Gilkey R. R, Se&y
w. t. towrv J.1. He&r E. Shapiro
J. F. Henry C. E. Spaeder, Jr.
C. L. Hoffmann R, W, Swindeman
Ci C. HSLI I. M. Tannxh
Subgroup on Design (SC I) F. Mauyama B, E. Thurgood
,, R. Maw R. S. Vecchio
M. D. Bernstein, Chair I. D. Fishbum
R. D. Schwler, jr., Vice Chair C. F. @rings
P. A. Molvie, Secre&y N. Surtees
M. t. Coats R. V. Wielgoszinski Honorary Members (SC II)

A. P. Ahrendt W, D. EdsaIl
K. Dirsched A, W. Zeuthen
Subgroup on Fabrication and Examination (SC I)

D, t. Bergs, Chair S. C. Petitgout

R. E, McLaughlin, Secre&y J. T, Pillow Subgroup on Exlemal Pressure (SC II & SC.DI
I. Hainsworth R. D. Schueler, Jr,
R. W. Mikitka, Chair D. t. Kurle
T. E. Hansen R. V. Wielgoszinski
B. R. Morelock, Secr&ry E. Michalopoulos
T. C. McGough
D, C. Agarwal D. Nadel
D. I. Green D. F, Shaw
D, S. Griffin C. E. Spaeder, Jr.
M. K&her C. H. Sturgeon
Subgroup on General Requiremenls (SC I)

T, C. McGwgh, Chair C. F, leerings

M, D, Bernstein, Vice Chair 1, M. Lyons
Subgroup on Ferrous Specificalicms (SC II)
w, t, towry, secretary R. E, McLaughlin
0 t, krger D. K. Parrish
E. G. Nisbett, Chair W. C. Mack
E. Everen I. T. Pillow
K, t. Aber I. R. Mawr
F. R. Gerety R. t, Williams
A, Appleton A, S. M&Ii
I. Haiwvorth
6, M. Dingman K. E. Orie
T, Graham E. Upitis
W. N. Holliday R, Zawierucha
D, lanikowski A, W. Zeuthen
Subgroup on Materials (SC 1) D, C. Krause R, H. Zong
,, F. tongenecker
6. W. Rob&+ Chair F. Masuyama
J. S. Hunter, Secrefary I. M. Tanzosh
J. F. Henry H. N, Titer, Jr.
I. P. tibbrecht Subgroup on lnlernational Material Specifications (SC II)

R. R. Se&y, Chair H, Masahisa

W. M, Lundy, Secretary F. Osweiller
Subgroup on Piping (SC I) D, C. Agarwal 1. T. Parsons
1, Cameron R. D. Schueler, Jr,
T. E. Hansen, Chair w. t, towy W. D. Doty R. C. Soin
D. t. Berger T. C, McGough D, M. Fryer E. A. Steen
M. D. Bernstein R. G. Presnak J, P. Glaspie E, Upitis
P. D. Edwards E. A. Whinle ht. Gold

Subgroup on Nonferrous Alloys (SC 11) Subgroup on Conlainment Syslems for Spent Fuel
and High.tevel Waste Transport Packagings (SC Ill)
D. W. Rahoi, Chair G. c. HSU
D, C, Agarwal, Secretxy M, Katcher G. M. Foster, Chair T. 1. Neider
W. R. Apbleti, Jr. A, G. Kireta, Jr. G. J. Solomy, Vice Cha& R. E, Nickel1
t. CL coffee R, KisselI D. K, Morton D. T. Rake
A. Cohen E. Shapiro W. H. Barter T. Saegusa
M. H. Gilkey t. E. Shoemaker J, T. Canner N. M. Simpson
6. Heuer R, C. Sutherlin R. R. DogSart R. H. Smith
E. t. Farrow K. B. Sorenson
1. M. Floyd I. D. Stevenson
D. R. Heath C, 1. Temus
Subgroup on Stwgtb, Ferrous Alloys (SC II) W, H. take P. Turula
H. W, tee S. Yukawa
6. W. Roberts, Chair F. Masuyama P. McConnell
1. M. Tanzosh, Secrefary R. A. Moen
W. R. Apblett, Jr. D. W, Rahoi
M, Gold C. E. Spaeder, Jr.
1. 1. Heger R, W, Swindeman Subgroup on Design (SC Ill)
C. t. Hoffmann 6. E. Thurgood
S. Kinomura T, P, Vassallo R. P. Deubler, Chair 6. Jarman
E, B, Branch, Vice Chair R. I, J&w
A, N. Ng”yen, Secretary J. T. Land
T. M. Adams II. F, Landers
Subgroup on Strength of Weldments (SC II & SC IX) Y. Asada W. N. McLean
R. W. Barnes J. C. Minichiello
1. M. Tanzosh, Chair D, W, Rahoi M. N. Bressler D. B. Nickerson
C. Robino, Secretary 8. W. Roberts c. w. Bruny W. Z. Novak
W. D. Doty C. E, Spaeder, Jr. D, t. Caldwell E. C. Rodabaqh
1. F. Henry W. J. Sperko J. R. Cole I. Sit0
G. D. Cooper 1. R. Santangelc
R. E. Cornman, Jr. G, C. Slagis
D. H. Hamath J. D. Stevenson
Subgroup on Toughness (SC II &VIII) K. R. Wichman

W. S. Jacobs, Chair T. T. Phillips

R, J. Basils M. D. Rana
J. Cameron R. R. Se&y
W, D. Doty 1. W, Stokes Working Group on Administration (SC-D) (SC Ill)
Ii. E. Gordon E. Upitis
G. B. Komora R. S. Vecchio E. 6. Branch, Chair D. F. Landers
K. Mokhtarian S. Yukawa R. W. Barnes, Vice Chair W. N. McLean
R. K. Nanstad R. Zawiewcha R, S, Hill Ill, Secrefary D. B. Nickerson
C. C. Neely c. w, Bruny W. 2. Novak
R. P. Deubler 1. R. San&n&lo
1, T. Land


C. 1. Pieper, Chair D, H. Hanrath Working Group on Supports (SC-D) (SC Ill)

R. M. Jesse, Vice Chai! R, S. Hill Ill
R. J. Masterson, Chair A. S. Laurenson
C. A, Sanna, Secrefary C. t. Hoffmann
R. M. Dulin, Jr., Secretary A. E. Meligi
Y. Asada K.-H. HSIJ
U. S. Bandyopadhyay G. C. Mok
R. W. Barnes C. C. Kim
F, I. Birch A. N, Nguyen
W, H. Barter D. F, Landers
1. R. Cole I. Saito
E. B, Branch W. C. LaRochelle
R. P. Deubler J. R, Stinson
M. N. Bressler W. N. McLean
1. C. Firmeran, Jr. C.-l. wu
F. C. Chemy R. A, Moen
J. C. Hennart
G. D. Cooper D, B. Nickerson
R, P. Deubler R. F. Perrin
W, D, Doty R. F, Reedy
F. R. Drahos B. B. Scott Working Group on Core Support Slruclures (SC-D) (SC Ill)
K. Ennis M. W. Smith
B, A, E&r 1. D. Stevenson J, T, Land, Chair K, 6, Larsen
G. M. Foster K. R. Wichman R, H, Hansen I. F, Mullooly

Working Group on Dynamic and Extreme load Cooditions Special Working Group oo Seismic Piping Rules (SC-D) (SC Ill)
(SC-D) (SC Ill)
E. 8. Branch, Chair V. Matzen
U. t. Caldwll, Chair w. s. LaPay T. M. Adams I, C. Minichiello
I’ L. Andwon, Secretary H. lockert G, A, Antaki M. S. Sills
M. K. Au-Yang A. E. Mel& K. Hasegawa Y. Urabe
R. D. Blevins P. R. Olson T. lsogai E. A. Wais
P.-Y. Chen R, F, Perry H. Kobayashi T. Yamazaki
A. Hadjian

Subgroup oo General Requirements (SC Ill & SC 3C)

Working Group on Piping (SC-D) (SC ill)
W, C, LaRochelle, Chair R. Mile
I. R. Cole, Chair I. F. McCabe K. Ennis, Secretary M. R. Minick
P. Hirschberg, Secretary I. C. Minichiello A. Applemn R. F. Perrin
T. M, Adams S, E. Moore I3 H. Berg B. B. Scott
G. A. Anlaki A. N. Nguyen C. tizotte D. M. Vickery
I, T. Canner a. 0 Oyamada R. P. McIntyre Il. V. W&he
A. B. Glickstei” R. D, PateI M. 1. Meyer
R. I. Gurdal E. C. Rodabaugh
R. W. Haupt I. R. Santangelo
J. c. Hennart M. S, Sills Subgroup oo Materials, Fabrication, and ExarninaGon (SC Ill)
R. 5. Hill Ill G. c. slagis
C. t. Hoffmann, Chair R. M. lessee
R. D. Hookway V. K. Verma
G. P. Milley, Secretary C, C. Kim
R, B. Jenkins E. A. Wais
C. W. Allison R. A. Moen
D. F. Landers C.-l. wu
B. H. Berg H Murakar”
K, A. Manoly
W. H. Barter C. I. Pieper
D. Doyle N. M. Simpson
F. R. Drahos R. C. Soi”
Working Group or! Pumps (SC-D) (SC Ill) G. M. Foster W. I. Sperko
G. B, Georgiev K, B. Stuckey
R. F. Ccmrmn, jr., Chair J. E. Livingston
I. E. Harris S. Yukaw
IH t. Brmnle, D. B. Nickers””
R. W. Jackson
A. A. Fraser R. A. Schussler
M. Higuchi D. B. Spencer, Jr,
G. R. Jones H. Tafarrodi
I. W. teaviti Subgroup cm Pressure Relief (SC Ill)
G. K. Vaghasia
S. F. Harrison, Jr., Chair A. t. Szegli”
F. C. Chemy D. C. Thibauh
Working Group on Valves (SC-D) (SC ill, E. M. Petrosky 6. S. York
M. W, Smith
W. N. McLean, CiGr S. N, Shields
R. R. Brodin tl. R. Sonderegger
R. Koester I. C. Tsacoyeanes
Special Working Group oo Ediling and Review (SC Ill)
I. D. Page R. G. Visalli
R. F, Reedy, Chair B. A, E&r
W, H. Barter D. H. Hanrath
Working Group on Vessels (SC-D) (SC 111) M, N, Bressler W. C. LaRochelle
D, t. Caldwell M. W. Smith
C. W. Bruny, Chair 0. Maekawa R, P. DeubIer I. D. Stevenson
G. D. coop K. A, Manoly
D. H. Hamath D. E. Matthews
A. Kalnins E. Peliing
T. M. Khan H. S, Thornton M. F, Hasheimer, Chafr D. C. Jeng
S. I. Rossi, Secretary T. E. Johnson
1. P. Allen Ill N.-H. tee
Special Workiog Group oo Environroen~al Effects (Sr2.D) (SC 11,) I. F. Artuso S. F. Putman
R. M. Attar 6. B. Scott
W. Z. Novak, Chair C. t. Hoffman” A. C. Eberhardt R, E. Shewmaker
Y. Asada R. A. Mae” B. A. Erler I. D. Stevenson
W. I. Heilker S. Yukawa D. J. Haavik A. Y. Wang
R. S Hill III T. C. Inman
SUtlCOMh4lTTEE ON HEATING BOILERS (SC IV) Subgroup on Surface Examinalion Methods (SC V)

F. P. Barton, Chair R. I. Mullican

A. S, Birks, Chair G. W. Hembree
P, A. Molvie, V&e Chair E. A. Nordstrom
S. J. Akrin R. W. Kruzic
M. R. Argenziano, Secretary I. t. Seigle
T, Alexander F. 1. SattIer
T. t. Bedeaux 0. E, Tanner
6. H. Clark, Jr. E. F, Summers, Jr.
W, t. Haag, Jr. S. V. Voorhees
H. C. Graber M. I. Wheel
W. M, Hiddleston R. H. Weigel
I. D. Hoh R, V. Wielgoszinski
D. H. Maw I. I. Woodwotth
K. M. M&w R. 6. Duggan, tionorary
Subgroup on Volumetric M&hods (SC V)
K. R, Moskwa Member
J. E, Batey, Chair E. K. K&man
---w-- on --‘-
r -.. Care and
-..- Operation
- ~~.“..“.. of ..-”
~. Heating
. ~ -Roils (SC IV) S. 1. Akrin F. B. Kovacs
W. T. Clayton R. W. Kruzic
I. I. Woodworth, Chair K. M. McTagw N. Y. Faransso I. F. Manning
M. R. Argenziano, Secretary P. A. Molvie H. C. Graber W. C. McGaughey
T. L. Bedew R, I. Mullican G. W. Hembw 1. R. Mitchell
K. 1. Hoey T. F. Wickham 6. Kellerhall
I. D. Hoh

Subgroup cm Cast Iron Roilws (SC IV)

Working Group on Acoustic Emissions (SC-VM) (SC V)
K. M. McTague, Chair R. H, Weigel
C. P. McQuiggan T. F. Wickham B. H. Clark, Jr. 1. F. Manning
K. R. Moskwa I. I. Woodworth P. M. Horrigan 1. R. Mitchell

Subgroup on Water Healers (SC IV)

W. t. Haag, Jr., Chair K. M. McTagw Working Group on Radiography (SGVM) (SC V)
T. L. Bedean R, I. Mullican
T. D. Gann D, E. Tanner G. W. Hembree, Chak N. Y. Faransso
W, M, Hiddleston M, A, Taylor S. I. Akrin H. C. Graber
F. M, Lucas T. E. Trant T. Alexander F. 6. Kovacs
J. E. Llatey R. W. Kruzic

Subgroup cm Welded Boilers (SC IV)

P. A. Molvie, Chaff 1. t. Seigle
Working Group on Ultrasonics (SC-VM) (SC V)
T. t. Bedeaw R. P. Sullivan
D. H. Mapes D, E. Tanner
W. T. Clayton, Chair W. C. McGaughey
E. A. Nordstrom R. V. Wielgoszinski
0. F. Hedden R, Paillaman
6. Kellerhall F. 1. satder
SURCOMMITTEE ON E. K. Kietzman M, L. Shakinovsky

T, G. McCarty, Chair F. 6. Kovacs

I. E. Batey, Vice Chair R. W. Kruzic
S. I. Akrin W. C. McGaughey
A. S. Birks R, D. McGuire T. P. Pastor, Chair K. T, Lao
W. T. Clayton F. J. SattIer K. Mokhtarian, Vice Chair R, W. Mikitka
N. Y. Faransso E. F. Summers, Jr. A. J. Roby, Secretary U. R. Miller
0. F. Hedden M. I. Wheel V. Bogosian C. C. Neely
G. W. Hembree J. Cameron M, D. Rana
s.c. cyr S. C. Roberts
Subgroup cm General Requiremenlsl R. M. Elliott C. D. Rodery
Personnel Qualifications and Inquiries (SC V) R. E. Feigel K. 1, Schneider
J. G. Feldstein A. Selz
R. D. McGuire, Chair H. C. Graber M. J, Ho& J. R. Sims, Jr.
J. E. Batey G. W. Hembree W, S. Jacobs A. I. Spencer
W. T. Clayton J. R, MacKay G. G. Kxcher E. A. Steen
N. Y. Faransso G. 6, Komora E, L, Thomas, Jr

Subgroup on Design (SC VIII) Special Working Group on High-Pressure Vessels (SC VIII)

I. R. Sims, Jr., Chair I. A. Kapp

U. R. Miller, Chair R. W. Mikitka P. A. Reddinglon, Secretary D. P. Kendall
R. E. Knoblock, Secretary K. Mokhtarian L. P. Antalffy A. K. Khare
R. 1. Basile T. P, Pastor 1. E. Bx&r S. C. Mordre
M. R. Bawnan M. D. Rana R. C. Biel G. I. Mraz
M, R. Breach G. 8, RawIs, Jr. T. 6. Boyd S. N. Pagay
5. M. Caldwell C. D. Rodery D. J. Burns E, H. Perez
I. R. Fan A. Sel2 P. N. Chaku D. T. Peters
I. P. Glaspie S. C. Shah R, E. Feigel L. M. Picqueu
G. G. Karcher I. W. Stokes D. M. Fryer E. D, Roll
G. B. Komora E. t. Thomas, Jr I. L. Heck, Jr. w, L. swwl
A. H. Honza I. F. Sullivan
M. M. James F. W. T&r
P. Jansson

Subgroup on Fabric&ion and lnspecliorr (SC Vlll)


C. D. Rodery, Chair R. A. Johnson I. G. Feldstein, Chair A. H. Miller

E. A. Steen, Vice Chair D. I. K&l W. J. Sperko, V;ce Cha;r 6. R. Newmark
I. t. Arnold F. c. ouyang I. N. Shih, Secretary P. P. Norris
w. I. Bees M. I. Pischke R. B. Barkdoll A. S. Olivares
H E. Gordon M. I. Rice D. A. Bowers M, 1, Pischke
M. 1. Houle W. P. Webb M. t, Carpenter S. D. Reynolds, jr,
W. S. Jacobs L. P. connor M. I. Rice
W. D. IJoty G. W. Spohn Ill
P. IJ. Flenner M. I. Stanko
M. 1. Houle P. L, Van Fosson
R. A. Johnson R. R. Young
Subgroup on General Requirements (SC VIII) W. M. Lundy W. K. Scattergood, Honorary
R, D. M&ire Member
S. C. Roberts, Chair W. E. Lawck, ,r.
V. Bogosian A. S. Mann Subgroup on Brazing (SC IX)
M. t. Coats C. C. Neely
M. 1. Pischke, Chafr C. F. Jeering
R. M. Elliot! A. S. Olivares
M. L. Carpenter A. H. Miller
I. P. Glaspie K. I. Schneider
M. I. Ho& C. Robino
K. T. Lau A. 1, Spencer

Subgroup on General Requirements (SC IX)

B. R. Newmark, Chair D. W. Mann

R. B. Barkdoll A. S. Olivares
Subgroup 0” MaIerials (SC VIII)
P. R. Evans H. B. Porter
P. C. Filean R. A, Weiss
1. Cameron, Chair W. M, Lundy R. M. lessee K. R. Willens
K. L. Aber E. E. Morgenegg
D. C. Agarwal E. G. Nisbett
W. D. Doty 1. T. Parsons Subgroup on Materials (SC IX)
II. A. Franklin D. W. Rahoi M. L. Carpenter, Chair H. A. Sadler
6. Heuer E. Upitis L. P. connor C. E. Saint
M. Katcher P. D. Flermer C. E. Spaeder, Jr.
R. M. lessee W. 1. Sperko
C. C, Kim M. 1. Stanko
A. H. Miller R, R. Young

Special Working Group 0” Heal Transler Equipment (SC VIII)

Subgroup on Performance Qualificalion (SC IX)

G. B. Komora, Chair T. W. Norton D. A. Bowers, Chair M. 1. Ho&

R, P. Zoldak, Secretary F. Osweiller V, A, Bell W. M. Lundy
S. M. Caldwell S. C. Roberts t. P. connor R. D. McGuire
M. 1. Holtz R. J. Stasmy R. A. Coomes P. P. Norris
R. Mahadeen S. Yokel1 P. D. Flenner W. K. Scattergood
LJ R. Miller G, Herrmann G. W. Spohn Ill
Subgroup on Procedure Qualificalion (SC IX) Working Group cm Flaw Evaluation (SC-ES) (SC Xl)

D. A. Bowers, Cha;r S. CL Reynolds, Jr.

R. C. Cipolla, Chair J. G, Merkle
R. K. Brown, Jr, M. I. Rice
G. H. De Boo, %cretary J. S. Panesar
R. A. Johnson W. K. Scattergood
W. H. Barnford, Jr. S. Ran&math
Il. W. Mann W, J. Sperko
M. Basal D. A, Scarth
A. H. Miller P. L. Van Fosson
1. M. Bloom T. S. Schurman
P. P. Norris T. C. Wiesner
E. Friedman w. L. server
A. S. Olivares P, R, Wilt
T. J. Griesbach F. A, Simonen
F. c. ouyang
F. D. Hayes K. R. Wichman
D. N. Hopkins G. M. Wilkowski
SUBCOMMlllEE ON K. lida K, K. Yoon
M. Kupinski A. Zahoor
P. I. Co&k, Chair !J. J. Painter H. S. Mehta V. A. Zilberstein
D. Eisberg, Vice Chair D. 1. Pinell
A. J. Roby, Secretary I. R. Richter
F. L. Brown J. A. Ralston
1. L. Bustillos V. Sanchez Working Group on Operaling Plant CriIeria (SC-ES) (SC Xl)
T. W. Co&y B, F. Shelley
T. I. Fowler 1. H. Skaggs T. 1. Griesbach, Chair H. S. Mehta
L. E. Hunt P. R. Wilt W. H. Barnford, Jr. R. Pace
I. C. Murphy D. 0. Yancey, Jr. H. Behnke J. S. Panew
A. L. Newberry
B. A. Bishop W. E. Pennell
W. F. Brady S, Ranganath
E. Friedman S T, Rosinski
S. R. Gosselin w. L. server
E. M, Hackett E, A. Siegel
R. E. Gimple, Chair D. F. Landers P. J, Hijeck F, A. Simonen
R. L. Dyle, Vke Chair T. F. Lentz M. Kupinski G. L. stevells
0. Manina, Secretary I. T, Lindberg S. D. Leshnoff K. K. Yoon
W. H. Barnlord, Jr. G, C. Millman P. Manbeck S. Yukawa
R. L. Beverly G. C. Park
1. M. Bloom P, C, Riccardella
C. D. Cowier A. T. Rob& Ill
D. D. Davis L. sage Working Group on Pipe Flaw Evaluation (SC-ES) (SC Xl)
T. N. Epps Ill F. ,. Schaaf, ,r.
E. L, Farrow R. J. Scott D. A. Scxth, Chair D, N. Hopkins
F. E. Gregor J. E. Staffiera G. M. Wilkowski, Secretary K. lida
0. F. Hedden R, W. Swayne W. H. Barnford, Jr. K. K. Kashima
W. C. H&ton R. A. Yonekawa R. C. Cipolla H. S. Mehta
K. lida K. K. Yoon N, G. Cofie I. s. Panew
R. IJ. Kerr W. E, Norris, Afkmate S. K, Daftuar K. K. Yoon
G. H. De Boo S. Yukawa
E. Friedman A. Zahoor
Honorary Members (SC Xl)
L. F. Goyene V. A. Zilberstein
S. H. Bush L, R. Katz K. Hasegawa
L. J. Chockie R. R, MacCary
1. P. Houstrup

Subgroup on Liquid-Metal-Cooled Syslems (SC Xl)

Subgroup on Evaluation Standards (SC Xl)
W. H. Barnford, Jr., Chair S. Ran&math C, G. McCargar, Chair R. Hundal
I. M. Bloom P. C. Riccardella W, L, Chase R. W. King
R. C. Cipolla D. A. Scarth S. Hattori W. Kwant
R. M. Gamble w, L, server
T. J. Griesbach C. A, Tomes
K. Hasegawa A. Van Der Sluys
P. 1, Hijeck K, R. Wichman Working Group on liquid.Melal Reactor Coven
D. N. Hopkins G, M, Wilkowski (SG-LMCS) (SC Xl)
K. lida K. K. Yoon
Y. lmamura S. Yukawa W. L. Chase, Cha;r R. Hundal
I. G. Merkle S. Hattori

Subgroup on Nortdestructive Examinalion (SC Xl) Working Group on Responsibilities and Program Requirementi
(%-RR&M) (SC Xl)
C. Il. Cowfer, Chair D, 0. Henry
N. R. Bentley, Secretary M. R. Hum R, A. Yonekawa, Chair R. S, Lewis
D. C. Adamonis GA. Lofthus R, R. Stevenson, Secretary M. S. McDonald
6, l&vim M. C. Modes S. K. Fisher S, M. Swilley
F. T. Carr F. J, Schaaf, Jr, G. M. Foster A, I, Walcutt
C. B. Cheezem M. F. Sherwin R. D. Graham 1. Ghergurovich, Alternate
W. T. Clayton I. c, sparlrler, Jr, C. E, Hartz
F. 1, Dodd C. 1. Wire
T. N. Epps Ill
Working Group on Welding and Special Repair Processes
(%-RR&M) (SC Xl)
Working Group on Personnel Qualificalion and Surface,
D. E. Waskey, Chair R, D. Kerr
Visual, and Eddy Current Examination (SC-NDEJ (SC Xl) R. E. Cantrell, Secretary B. R. Newton
P. D. Fisher P. P, Norris
J. C. Spanner, Jr., Chair I. I. McArdle Ill
A. J. Giannuzzi 1. E. O’Sullivan
C. J. Wirtz, Secref.3~ M. f. Sherwin
R. A. Hermann K. R. Willens
6. L. CuRis D. spake
R. P. lndap
0. 0. Henry D, S. Whitcomb
H. E. Houserman

Subgroup cm Water-Cooled Systems (SC Xl)

Working Group on Pressure Testing (SC.NDE) (SC Xl) 12, C. Park, Chair D. W. Lamond
K, B. Thomas, Secretary T, F, Lent2
D. W. Lamond, Chafr R. I. Cimoch J. M. Agold J. T, Lindberg
T. M. Anselmi G, L. Fechter G. L. B&w M. P, Lintz
I. M. Boughman J. K, McClanahan W. J. Briggs W. E. Norris
IT. R. Bugelholl T. R. Bugelholl C. Pendleton
D. D. Davis E. Throckmorton
R, L. Dyle 5. M. Walker
E, L. Farrow R, A, West
Working Group cm Procedure Qualification
and Volumetric Examination (SC-NDE) (SC Xl) 0. F. Hedden J, Whitman
M. L. Herrera H. Graves, Akrnate
M, C. Modes, Chair S. R. Doctor T, C. Hinkle R. M. KenwIly, Alternate
B. Bevins, Secretary F. 1. Dodd S, D. K&t
D. C. Adamonis T. N. Epps Ill
F. L. Becker Lt. Kellerhall
N. R, Bentley G. A.Lofthus Working Group on Containment (SC-WCS) (SC Xl)
F. T. Car M. Saporilo
C. B. Cheezem S, M. Walker J, E. Staffiera, Chair R. D. Hough
W. T. ClaYton H. M. Stephens, Secretary C. N, Krishnaswamy
H, G. Ashar M, P, Lint2
W. J. Briggs D. Naw
K, K. N. Chao S. C, Petitgout
Subgroup on Repairs, Replacements, and Modifications (SC Xl) M, J. Fedisi G. W. Robin
H, Graves R. T. Zak
W. C. HoIston, Chair R, D. Kerr H, T. Hill W. E. Norris, A/temk
D. E. Waskey, Secretary D. F. Landers
M. N. Bressler R. S. Lewis
R. E, Cantrell M, S. McDonald
Working Group on Implementation of Risk-Based Examination
R. E. Gimpie R. R, Stevenson
(SC&WCS) (SC Xl)
C. E. Hartz R, W. Swayne
R. A. Hermann R. A. Yowkawa S, CL K&t, Chair J. T. Lindbwg
T. E, Hiss J. M. Agold, Secretary I. Mach
S. A. Ali R. K. Mattu
B. A. Bishop A, McNeil1 Ill
Working Group on Design Reconciliation (SG.RR&M) (SC Xl) J. W. Connor P. I, D’Regan
H, Q. Do J. H, Phillips
T. E. Hiss, Chair E, V, lmbro R. Fougerousse F. A. Simonen
J. T. Canner, Secretary D. F, Landers, S. R. Goss& T. V. Vo
S. B. Brown R. W, Swayne M. R. Graybeal R. A. West
W. C. HoIston A. H. Taufique M, L. Herrera

Working Group on hspeclion 01 Systems and Components Subgroup on Fabrication and Inspection (SC Xtl)
m-WCs) (SC xt)
S. V. Voorhees, Chair L. D, Holsinger
C. D. Cowfer, Chair I. Mach M. Burch D. J. Kreft
1. Whitman, Secretary T. K. Mctellan D. A. Canonico G. McRae
G. t. Et&w C. Pad&n M. t. Coats M. R. Minick
H. Q. Do C. M. Ross 6. t, Gehl N. Surtees
R. FouSerousse D. Song M. Hennemand
T. C. Hinkle K. B. Thomas
M. R. Hum E. Throckmaton
S. D. Kulat R. A. West Subgroup on General Requirements (SC Xlt)
I. T. Lindberg
C. H. Hochman, Chair J. C. Keenan
T, Alexander T. 6. Lee
A. N. Antoniou F. A. Licari
Working Group on General Requirements (SC Xl)
I. F. Cannon G. R. Stoeckinger
A. T. Roberts Ill, Chair R. K. Mattu I. t. Freiler C. H. Walters
R. G. Edl, Secretary L. sage M. A. Garrett W. L. White
D. A. Graham R. 1. Scott K. L. Gilmore L. Wolpefi
D. A. Jackson


Special Working Group on Editing and Review (SC Xl) PRESSURE VESSEL ACCREDITATION (SC-LtPVA)

A. 1, Spencer, Chair R. t. Williams

R. W. Swayne, Chair 1. E. Staff&
C. E. Ford, Vice Chair W. I. Bees, Aftemte
R. L. Beverly C. 1. Wirtz
K. I. Baron, Secretary V. A. Bell, Alternate
M. P. Lint2
M. B. Doheriy V. Bog&q Ahmate
D. A. Douin M. A. De Vries, Alternate
P, D. Edwards P. D. Flemw, Alternate
Special Working Group on Plant Life Extension (SC Xl) R. M. Elliott t. 1. Kuchera, Alternate
R. G. Friend W. C. LaRochelle, Alternate
F. E. Gregor, Chair D. L. Harrison K. M, McTaSue, Altermte
R. C. Howard
M. P. Lint& Secretary P.-T. Kuo A. J, Justin G. P. Milley, Alternate
T. M. Anselmi T. A. Meyer 6. 6, MacDonald P. G. Scheckermann, Alternate
W. F. Brady D. W, Pelt& M. L, Sisk N. Surtees, Alternate
D. D. Davis D. A. Piccione B. C. Turczynski
D. A. Graham V. N. Shah


T. ,E. Quaka, Chair A. 1. Spencer
A. Selz, Chair I. W. Rader R. R. Stevenson, Vice Chair R. E. Ciemiewicz, Alternate
P. D. Stumpf, Secretary M. D. Rana F. E. Zusman, Secretary S. Dqupta, Alternate
A. N. Antoniou C, M. Serratella V. Bogosian P. D. Edwards, Altern&
C. Liecht IV 5 Staniszewski M. N. Bressler S. M. Goodwin, A/femate
M. Hennemand G. R. Stoeckinger G. Deily D. H. Hanrath, Alternate
C. H, Hochman N. Surtw F. R. Drahos R. C. Howard, Alternate
G, G. Karcher A. P. Varghese I. E. Harris K, A. Huber, Alternate
P. P. Laluc S. V. Voorhees M. Higuchi A. 1, Justin, Alternate
G. McRae C. H. Walters M. Kotb N. C, Kist, Alternate
M. R. Minick W, L. White W. C. LaRochelle A. A. totfi, Alternate
R. P. McIntyre 0. E. Trapp, Staff Represen-
H. B. Prasse tathe
Subgroup on Design and Materials (SC XII) A. T. Roberts Ill

M. D. Rana, Chair T. P. Pastor

C. Becht IV 1. L. Rademacher SUBCOMMITTEE ON DESIGN (SC.D)
D. A. Canonico T. A. Ro&-rs
W. D. Doty C. M. Swat& D. P. Jones, Chair R. W. Mikitka
G. G. Karcher A. P. Varghese E, H. Maradiaga, Secrelary LJ R. Miller
P. P. Laluc M. R. Ward R. W, Barnes W. J. O’Donnell
M. Manikkam E, A. Whitde C. Becht IV R. D. Schueler, Jr.
S. L. McWilliams G. G. Graven A. Selz
Subgroup on Design Analysis (SC-D) Special Working Group on Bolted Flanged joints (SC-D)
R. W. Mikitka, Chair P. G. Scheckerma””
M. R. Breach A. Kalnins G. Il. Bibel R. W. Schneider
P. J. Conlisk W. I. Koves E. Michalopoulos R. Il. Sch&.zr, Jr,
1. L. Hechmu Q. Maekawa S. N. Pagay A. Selz
C. L. tiollinger E. L, Thomas, 11.
D. P. Jones R. A. Whipple SUBCOMMITTEE ON
M. D. Ben&in, Chair W. F. Hat
Ll LYurso, secrmy H. D. Michael
Subgroup cm Elevated Temperature Design (SC-D) C, A. Neumann
J, F. Ball
S. Cammeresi Il. K. Peelz.
C. Becht IV, Cha;r W. 1. UDonnelI J, A. Cox 1. W. Reynolds
I. M. &rum, Secretary D. A. Osage R. D. Danzy D. I. Scallan
C. R. Brinkman I. S. Porowski D. 6. De Michael A, I. Spencer
R, D. Campbell C, C. Schultz, Jr R. I. Doelling J. C. Standfast
II S. Griffin L. K, Severud R. G. Friend J. A. West
R. I. let&r D. F. Shaw H. I. Gregg T. J. Ferrigan, Akrnafe
c. Lawton A. L. Snow S. F. Harrison, Jr.

Subgroup on Design (SC.SVR)

R. G. Friend, Chair S. R. Irvin, Sr.
Subgroup on Fatigue Strength (SC-D) A. 1. Spencer
R. D, Danzy
IJ B. De Michael T. R. Tarbay
W. I. O’Donnell, Chair c. Lawton R, 1. Doelling I. A. West
P. R. Donavin S. Majumdar H. I, Gregg
1. A. Hayward M. 1. Manjoine
I. L. Hechmer I. Musara
Subgroup cm General Requirements (SC-SVR)
D. P. Jones H, H. &da
G. Kharshafdjian M. D. Bernstein, Chair C. A. Newnann
J, F. Ball Il. K. Peetz
R. E. Cellemme, Jr. I. W. Reynolds
J, P. Glaspie J. W. Richardson
H. D. Michael J. C. Standfast
Subgroup cm Openings (SC-D)

Subgroup on Testing (SGSVR)

R. W. Mikitka, Secretary 1. P. Madden
G. G, Gavell D. R, Palmer S, F. Harrison, Jr., Chair W, F. Hari
V. T. Hwang M, D, Rana S, Cammeresi D. I. Scallan
R. B. Luney E. C. Rodabwgh J. A. Cox 6. S. York


The following is a brief introdttctionto the 1998 variablesdonot applyunlessreferenced by theconstmc-

Edition of SectionIX and cannothe consideredas a tion codes.
substitutefor the actualreview of approptiatesections In Welderor Brazer/BrazingOperatorPerformance
of the docmnent.However,this introductionis intended Qtmlification,the basic criterion is to determinethe
to give thereadera betterunderstanding of thepmpose ability to depositsound weld metal, or to make a
and organizatonof SectionIX. soundbraze.In WeldingOperatorPerformance Qualifi-
SectionIX of the ASME Boiler andPressureVessel cation,thebasiccriterionis to determinethemechanical
Code relatesto the qualificationof welders,welding ability of theweldingoperatorto operatetheequipment,
operators, brazers,andbrazingoperators, andtheproce- In developingthe presentSectionIX, eachwelding
duresemployedin welding or brazingin accordance processand brazing processthat was included was
with the ASME Boiler andPressureVesselCodeand reviewedwith regardto thoseitems (calledvariables)
the ASME B31 Code for PressurePiping. As such, which have an affect upon the welding or brazing
this is an activedocmnentsubjectto constantreview, operationsas applied to procedureor performance
interpretation,andimprovementto recognisenewdevel- criteria.
opmentsandresearchdata.SectionIX is a document The ttser of SectionIX shouldbe awareof how
referencedfor qtmlification by various construction SectionIX is organised.It is divided into two parts:
codes such as Section I, III, IV, VIII, etc. These welding and brazing.Each part is then divided into
partictdarconstructioncodesapplyto specifictypesof four articles.Thesearticlesdeal with the following:
fabricationandmay imposeadditionalweldingrequire- (u) generaJrequirements (Article I WeldingandArti-
mentsor exemptionsto SectionIX qualifications.Qtmli- cle XI Brazing)
ficationin accordance with SectionIX is not a gttarantee (b) procedure qualifications(Article II Weldingand
that proceduresandperformancequalificationswill be Article XII Brazing)
acceptableto a partictthuconstructioncode. (c) performancequalifications(Article III Welding
SectionIX establishesthe basiccriteriafor welding and Article XIII Brazing)
and brazingwhich are observedin the preparationof cd)data (Article IV Welding and Article XIV
weldingandbrazingrequirements that affectprocedure Brazing)
and performance.It is importantthat the ttser of the These articlescontain generalreferencesand guides
1998Editionof SectionIX understand the basiccriteria that applyto procedureand performancequalifications
in reviewingthe requirements which havebeenestab- suchaspositions,typeandpmposeof variousmechani-
lished, cal tests,acceptancecriteria,and the applicabilityof
The pmposeof the WeldingProcedureSpecification SectionIX, which was in the Preambleof the 1980
(WPS)andProcedure QualificationRecord(PQR)is to SectionIX (thePreamblehasbeendeleted).The general
determinethattheweldmentproposed for constructionis requirementarticlesreferencethe dataarticlesfor spe-
capableof havingtherequiredpropertiesfor its intended cifics of the testing equipmentand removal of the
application.It is presupposed thatthe welderor welding mechanicaltest specimens.
operatorperformingthe weldingprocedurequalification
test is a skilled workman.This also appliesto the PROCEDUREQUALFICATIONS
BrazingProcedureSpecifications(BPS) andthe brazer Eachprocessthat hasbeenevaluatedby SectionIX
andbrazingoperatorqualifications.Theprocedure quali- is listed separatelywith the essentialand nonessential
ficationtestis to establishthepropertiesof theweldment variablesas they apply to that particularprocess,In
or brazementand not the skill of the personnelper- general,the Welding ProcedureSpecifications(WPS)
forming the welding or brazing,In addition,special andthe BrazingProcedureSpecifications(BPS)are to
consideration is givenwhennotchtoughness is required list all essentialand nonessentialvariablesfor each
by other Sectionsof the Code.The notch-toughness processthat is includedunderthatparticularprocedure

specification.If a changeis made in any essential referencedfor that processin QW-250,QW-350,QW-
variable,requalificationof the procedureis required. 360, QB-250,or QB-350.
If a changeis made in a nonessentialvariable,the Theseatiiclesalsoincludeassignments of P-Numbers
procedureneedonly be revisedor amendedto address and F-Numbersto particularbasematerialsand filler
thenonessential variablechange.Whennotchtoughness materials.Article IV also includesA-Number tables
is requiredby the constructioncode,the supplementary for referenceby the manufactorer.
essentialvariablesbecomeadditionalessentialvariables Beginningwith the 1994Addenda,the welding P-
anda changerequiresrequalificationof the procedure. Numbers,brazing P-Numbers,and nonmandatoryS-
In additionto coveringvariousprocesses, thereare Numberswere consolidatedinto one table identified
also rules for procedurequalificationof corrosion- as QW/QB-422. Both the QB-422 table (brazingP-
resistantweld metaloverlayandhard-facingweldmetal Numbers)and Appendix C table (S-Numbers)were
overlay. deleted.The new QW/QB-422tablewas dividedinto
ferrousand nonferroussections.Metals were listed in
PERFORMANCEQUALIFICATIONS numericalorder by material specificationnumber to
Theseatiicleslist separately the variousweldingand aid usersin locatingthe appropriategroupingnumber.
brazingprocesses with theessentialvariablesthatapply An abbreviated listing of metalsgroupedby P-Numbers,
to the performancequalificationsof eachprocess.The AppendixD, hasbeenincludedfor usersstill wishing
welder,brazer,andbrazingoperatorqualificationsare to locategroupingsof metalsby welding P-Number.
limited by essentialvariables. The QW-451andQB-451tablesfor procedurequali-
The petfomancequalificationarticleshavenumerons fication thicknessrequirementsand the QW-452 and
paragraphs describinggeneralapplicablevariablesfor all QB-452tablesfor performancethicknessqualifications
processes. QW-3.50andQB-350list additionalessential are given and may only be used as referencedby
variableswhich rue applicablefor specificprocesses. other paragraphs.Generally,the appropriateessential
The QW-350variablesdo not applyto weldingopera- variablesreferencethesetables.
tors.QW-360lists the additionalessentialvariablesfor Revisionsto the 1980Edition of SectionIX intro-
weldingoperators. ducednew definitionsfor position and addeda fillet
Generally,a welder or welding operatormay be weld orientationsketchto complementthe groove-weld
qualifiedby mechanicalbendingtests,radiographyof orientationsketch.Thenewrevisionto positionindicates
a test plate, or radiographyof the initial production that a welderqualifiesin the lG, ZG, 3G,etc.,position
weld.Brazersor brazingoperators may not be qualified andis then qualifiedto weld, in production,in the F,
by radiography. V, H, or 0 positionsas appropriate.QW-461.9is a
revisedtablethat summarisesthesenew qualifications.
WELDING AND BRAZING DATA Thedataarticlesalsogivesketchesof couponorienta-
The welding and brazingdata articlesinclude the tions,removalof testspecimens, andtestjig dimensions.
variablesgroupedinto categoriessuchas joints, base Theseare referencedby Articles I and XI.
materials and filler materials, positions, QW-470describesetchingprocessesand reagents.
preheat/postweld heattreatment,gas,electricalcharac- At the end of Articles IV and XIV is a list of
teristics,andtechnique.They arereferencedfrom other generaldefinitionsapplicableto SectionIX, welding
articlesas they apply to eachprocess, and brazing, respectively.These may differ slightly
Thesetiicles are frequentlymisusedby selecting from other weldingdocuments.
variablesthat do not apply to a particularprocess. NonmandatotyFormsfor weldingandbrazingproce-
Variables(QW-402to QW-410 and QB-402 to QB- dureandperformance qualificationsappearin Appendix
410)only,applyasreferenced for theapplicableprocess B, Theseforms areprovidedfor the aid of thosewho
in Article II or Article III for weldingandArticle XII do not wish to designtheir own forms. Any form(s)
or Article XIII for brazing.The user of SectionIX that addressall applicablerequirements of SectionIX
should not try to apply any variable which is not may be used.
The 2001 Edition of the Code contains both U.S. Customary and Sl units. In all
cases, the U.S. Customary units are the standard and Sl units are provided for the
convenience of the user.


The 2001 Edition of this Code contains revisions in addition to the 1998 Edition with 1999
and 2000 Addenda, The revisions are identified with the designation 01 in the margin and,
as described in the Foreword, become mandatory six months after the publication date of the
2001 Edition. To invoke these revisions before their mandatory date, use the designation
“2001 Edition” in documentation required by this Code. If you choose not to invoke these
revisions before their mandatory date, use the designation “1998 Edition through the 2000
Addenda’ in documentation required by this Code.

Changes given below are identified on the pages by a margin note, 01, placed next to the
affected area.
Location Change
5 QW-I 53.1 (1) Subparagraph cd) revised
(21 Subparagraph (e) added
(3) QW-153.1 .l deleted
16 QW-202.2 (1) Subparagraph (c) revised
(2) Subparagraph (d) deleted
QW-202.4 Subparagraph (b)(l) revised
21 QW-253 QW-410.9 added
29 QW-256 QW-404.50 added
45 QW-283.4 Revised in its entirety
47,48 QW-300.3 Fifth paragraph revised
QW-301.4 Last sentence revised
54 QW-381 Subparagraphs (a) and cc) revised
QW-382 Subparagraphs (a) and (c) revised
58 QW-403.16 Revised
61 QW-404.50 Added
63 QW-408.2 Last paragraph added
QW-408.9 Revised
QW-408.10 Revised
68 QW-420.2 First sentence added
69-l 30 QWIQB-422 Revised
188,190,192 QWIQB-492 Definitions of brazing, torch; oscifkkm;
and weave bead revised
200 QB-153.1 (1) First sentence added
{2) Subparagraph (d) added
(3) QB-153.1 .l deleted
215 QB-402.1 Last paragraph revised
QB-402.2 Revised
QB-406.1 Revised
219 QB-451.3 Note (2) added
236 QB-463.2(c) Revised
246, 247 Form QW-484 Revised in its entirety

Lodim Change
254 Appendix El For P-No.1 Grp. No. 1, SA’EN 1002%
2 added
261 Appendix D For P-No. 8 Grp. No. 4, SA-403 added
262 Appendix D For P-No. 1OC Grp. No. 1, SA-841 de-
265-268 Appendix D (1) For P-No. 44, S&333, SB-335, SB-
366, SB-564, SBO-619, and SB-622
(2) For P-No. 44, Grade or LJNS No.
NlO629 added for SB-626
(3) For P-No. 45, Grade or UNS Nos.
NO8031 and R20033 added for SB-
564, SB-581, SB-619, SB-622, SB-
625, W-626, and SB-649
(4) For P-No. 46, Grade or UNS No.
NO6045 added for SB-166, SE-167,
SB-168, SB-366, SB-516, SB-517,
and W-564
(5) For P-Nos. 51, 52, and 53, SB-337
(6) For P-No% 51, 52, and 53, SW361
and SB-862 added

Volume 48 of the Interpretations to Section IX of the ASME Boiler and PressureVessel Code
follows the last page of the Edition to Section IX.