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MODERN SCHOOL | For SNARE DRUM WaA GUIDE BOOK For The ARTIST PERCUSSIONIST Covering all of the instruments of the percussion family. FOREWORD -Y general purpose in writing this MODERN SCHOOL FOR SNARE DRUM was to give + summing-up of the teaching experiences of ‘hot only eayselé but also the many professionals with whom I have worked for many years. The statement which serves as the Preface to Past One will explain the position I have taken pedagogically ‘The GUIDE BOOK FOR THE ARTIST PERCUSSIONIST was ulti mately added to the method because of a clearly established aeed on the patt of teacher, student and professional percussionist. Particularly in the smaller towns and in the schools, a mass of snare drummers are produced (and correctly so) but no direction has ever been offered for theit integration into the percussion section of the orchestra or band. With the specifications given in the Guide Book, it will be possible to get 2 visual concept of the more unusual instruments; specifications are given for preferred sizes and types; cleae instructions are given for performance techniques and representative cacerpts from famous works are given as sepertoice, The percussion scores offered at the end of the volume will give groups an opportunity to develop ‘an ensemble feeling such as is common in the other sections of the orchestra or band. For the professional percussionist o the student approsching the feld, the repertoite given for each instrament will permit preparation at home for many difficult situations which may tise in the concert hall I would wish to give a token of my gratitude to the many publishers who wete kind enough to allow me the use of excerpts from their copyrighted compositions. In addition, I would like to mention the help offered by Ralph Satz of Chappell & Co, and William Kraft in the organization of this volume, Morris Goldenberg MODERN SCHOOL FOR SNARE DRUM Combined with a GUIDE BOOK FOR THE ARTIST PERCUSSIONIST By MORRIS GOLDENBERG Contents Pace, PART I STUDY MATERIALS 3 PART II GUIDE BOOK FOR THE ARTIST PERCUSSIONIST 6 1. Background Materials 168 2. The Snare Drum : : EEE Pee Eee Ee eee nm 3. Field Drum/Parade Drum... : : FEE ee ee eee 4. Tenor Drum/Caisse Roalante i 7, 5. Tabor/Tarnbour de Provence/Tambourin (Provencal) : : 87 6. Tomtom - 8 7. Bass Drum : : 90 8. Scotch (type) Bass Drum... ee eee Ee - 2 9. Cymbals 92 10, Antique Cymbals/Finger Cymbals 93 11, Tambourine/Tambour de + Barge. ft che 9 12, Triangle eee bs 109 13. Gong/Tam-tem ee eoe erate ete eee eee eter 14. Wood Block Pee eCeee eee eee eee fo 16 Baan (co EC eaeoe Rea esecetaenereetenectetotecte sce ciest cit U7 16 Anvil REESE Ee Eee eRe eee eee Hee us 17. Aato (Taxi) Horn/Claxoa EE eee eee Eee eee et et - 8 18. Temple (Chinese) Blocks . us 19, Ratchet/Raganella , us 20. Sandpaper 9 Ww Sie 19 24, Slapstick /Whip . 19 %. Sleighbells. : 49 24, Rute/Twigs/Switches /Wire Brushes. 9 25. Thunder Sheet/Thander Drum . 26, Wind Machine... 27. Steel Plate/Bell Plate. . 28, Horses Hooves 29. Bird Whistles _ 30. String Drum/Lioa't Roar | | | |