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Experiment music

By Rohan, Axel, Michelle, and Samantha

Question: How does different music affect 1st graders types of drawings?

Rationale: To see if different types of music affects the student’s drawings (If they become more violent,

Our Hypothesis: I think that the hip-hop will make the students draw faster, making the drawing less

What we know from our research:

Classical music usually makes people think happy thoughts, while rock sometimes creates intense

People draw nature scenes while listening to jazz or classical.

People color their drawings less for jazz

People draw lighter lines while listening to jazz.

People tend to draw jagged lines while listening to rock.

People listening to jazz or classical put in more detail.

People tend to draw bigger sketches while listening to jazz or rock.

Drawings done while listening to rock stand out more than drawings drawn while listening to classical or


Different genres of music change your mood

Depending on your mood, kids draw different pictures

Kids like to express themselves


When people listen to classical and rock music, they tend to include words more.

People used warmer colors when listening to classic and jazz music.

People used words in rock music

Sites we used for research:


1. Music Player
2. 1st grade students.
3. Paper and Coloring Materials

Steps of our experiment:

1. Gather 1st grade students

2. Turn on music
3. Have students draw for 5 minutes
4. See what they draw

Our Results:

Hip-hop pop jazz classical

messier Fireworks and stuff like Musical instruments Nature scenes
Squiggly lines Smiling faces Smiling faces Smiling faces
intense People eating stuff More peacful More animals


Looking at our results, our original hypothesis was hip-hop would be less neat. It was actually correct. It
included lots of random lines. We think this happened because the music was fast, and the fast tempo
made them draw fast. Another interesting that that happened was that some of the classical drawings
were sad. I do not have an explanation for this. In conclusion, it turns out that hip hop encourages people
to draw squiggly lines and jazz encourages people to draw trumpets and saxophones. If I were to do this
again, two things I would change would be use a different type of music, like rock, and test on people
other than 1st graders.