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When Hou Prey Von a Nar In HBO's fictitious documentary film Leaving Neverland, James Safechuck presents five pieces of jewelry, which he claims he received from Michael Jackson as rewards for sexual acts. However, much controversy has arisen regarding this jewelry. Safechuck says that they would go into jewlery stores and pretend they were shopping for someone else “like a female,” with the implication that this was common occurance. One piece of jewelry he speaks extensively about is a ring, which he describes as “like a Rolex,” which he claims is from a “mock wedding” ceremony that supposedly took place in Jackson’s bedroom. Shortly after this allegdly took place, Safechuck says they “honeymooned” in Paris. This trip would have taken place within the last five days of June 1988. AN Let's look at the timeframe in chronological order and put the following into consideration: a May 2nd - May 6th, Jackson was outside of the state of California, performing on the U.S. leg of the Bad tour. 2. May 7th-May 8th, he was in the Virgin Islands with Don Barden, where they discussed opening a casino. 3 From May 1gst- September 12th, remained out of the country touring Europe. : This would give their “mock wedding” a 10 day window, including travel dates. (May gth - May 18th 1988) . Between June 4th-June 7th, Safechuck was seen with Jackson in the Netherlands. This was the first public sighting of Safechuck with Jackson while on tour.