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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Region VII, Central Visayas
Bayawan City, Negros Oriental
Second Periodical Test in
English -10
Name: ________________ Section: ___________

DIRECTIONS: Read each item carefully and follow directions as indicated. Write the letter of the
most appropriate answer on your answer sheet.

Identify what is asked in the following statements.

1. There must have been times when you jump into conclusions without knowing the cause
of your ______ with others.
A. misunderstandings C. relationship
B. common ground D. fault
2. In most relationships that have problems, there’s fault on ________.
A. both sides C. one who is most angry
B. one who has the greatest pride D. both who understand the situation
3. In order for relationships with problems to work there must have _______.
A. Some common ground that is shared C. some conditions to follow
B. Some agreements D. some more conflict
4. According to the singer John Lennon, ’Common Ground’ is a good place to _______.
A. start B. forget C. call D. prove
5. Family is the smallest unit of the society and it is everything. Yet there’s no such thing as
a ________.
A. perfect family C. complete family
B. not perfect family D. well-off family
6. Family harmony provides a sense of belonging and a feeling of ________.
A. security B. confidence C. insecurity D. necessity
7. Each child deserves an equal amount of _______.
A. parental love and acceptance C. discipline
B. security in the future D. allowance
8. If one parent acts as disciplinarian, the other typically becomes the ________.
A. consoler B. adviser C. savior D. tolerant
9. Conflicts among in-laws usually occur when ________.
A. relatives interferes in family’s decision and lifestyle
B. relatives don’t interferes in family’s decision and lifestyle
C. mother in-laws don’t like the husband/wife of their children
D. husband/wife respects their in-laws
10. The major source of conflict among families is _______.
A. area of finances C. discipline among children
B. rivalry among siblings D. respect among elders
11. Most of the time minor conflicts and disagreements among teenagers can result in
A. violence C. conflict among parents
B. bigger conflicts D. friendship
12. To avoid conflict, one must not _______.
A. gossip with others C. make friends with others
B. talk to others D. take a glance with others
13. The following are examples of conflict situations except ______.
A. smiling B. fighting C. cyber bullying D. misunderstanding
14. Eternal sorrow is found in _______.
A. hell B. heaven C. purgatory D. rainbow
15. ______ is necessary in resolving conflict.
A. hope B. anger C. understanding D. pride
16. Aggressive driving is ________.
A. careless driving C. over-taking left and right
B. driving without license D. careful driving
17. The following are the effects of careless driving except _______.
A. minimizes traffic problems C. causes fatalities
B. increases number of accident cases D. causes injuries
18. Argumentative essay attempts to be highly ________.
A. persuasive and logical C. persuasive
B. impressive and illogical D. logical
19. Argumentative essay should written ________.
A. objectively and logically C. creatively
B. analytically D. persuasively
20. Argumentative essay has the following characteristic except _______.
A. entertains and plays readers mind
B. presents and explains the issue or case
C. gives reasons and supports these reasons to prove its point
D. refutes(proves wrong) opposing arguments
21. In writing argumentative essay, one must consider the types of questions that lead to
his/her opinion except _______.
A. yes/no questions C. questions of facts
B. questions of value D. questions of policy
22. The following affects the meaning of a sentence except _______.
A. etymology B. intonation C. juncture D. stress
23. News must be based on what is ________.
A. fact B. opinion C. famous D. interesting
24. The following must be the characteristic of a news story except ______.
A. concluded B. clear C. audible D. understandable
25. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone; we find it with other _______.
A. people C. friends
B. members of the family D. siblings
26. “We must be connected to people, our actions runs as causes and they come back to us
as ________.”
A. effects B. causes C. connections D. reasons
27. The persona in the song “IMAGINE” is a _______.
A. dreamer B. painter C. dramatist D. singer
28. Decameron is a story that presents an issue. Decameron means _____.
A. ten-day B. lover of song C. little flame D. full of vigor
29. “We, as human beings will never survive unless we recognize and celebrate our ______.
A. differences and similarities C. talents and skills
B. strengths and weakness D. beauty and intelligence
30. The following are the steps to follow in effective speech delivery except ______.
A. moving eyes and focused them to only one person
B. incorporate gestures and facial expressions
C. use your voice effectively
D. use visual aids
31. “Animals have emotions and personalities.” How would you show politeness even
though you disagree with the statement?
A. “I respect you for that, but I do not agree with you.”
B. “You’re wrong!”
C. “You talk non sense.”
D. ‘That is outrageous!”
32. “Do not compare yourself to others for there will always be lesser and greater persons
than you are.”- Desiderata
Take a stand and affirm with statement _______.
A. “That’s absolutely correct!” C. “Ofcourse not!”
B. “I respect you for that, but…” D. “Uh-huh”
33. Which of the following sentences expresses regret?
A. Had I studied hard, I would have finished my course.
B. Study hard or else you would not finish your course.
C. I should study hard so I would finish my course.
D. You could have studied hard so had finished your course.
34. Which of the following choices uses a correct modifier?
A. When driving, we saw a fatal crash.
B. A fatal crash was seen when driving.
C. When driving a fatal crash, we saw it.
D. A fatal crash, when driving, was seen.

Read and understand each of the passages and answer the questions that follow.
There is a difference between males and females when it comes to sensuous reactions. A
male is a sexually stimulated mainly by what he sees. This is the reason why males love to look
at beautiful girls-in picture or persons. Women on the other hand are stimulated by touch. Thus,
a poster of a male model will not have effect as would a female model to a man. Let’s just say
that men, biologically speaking, have wider imaginations than their female counterpart.
35. Which of the human senses sexually stimulates females most?
A. Touch B. Hearing C. Sight D. Smell
36. Which of the following ideas was not expressed in the selection?
A. Females don’t have sensous reactions.
B. Males and females differ in their sensous reactions.
C. Males have wilder imaginations than females.
D. Males and females are attracted to each other.
37. Which body organ does a male’s sexual stimulation usually start?
A. Eyes B. Hand C. Nose D. Ears
38. How do readers normally find this selection?
A. surprising B. boring C. frightening D. relaxing
39. Most women are sexually stimulated by a man’s ________.
A. hug B. looks C. praises D. skills
The chairs were all occupied, and four men sat waiting, silent and looking bored, as
men always do when awaiting their turn. I sat down on an old sofa and read the framed
advertisements on dyeing the hair. There was also different hair styles scattered on the
walls of the crowded room. Then, I read the numbers on the private shaving cups and
brand names of lotions and hair creams. It was a man’s world.

40. The place that is described in the passage is ________.

A. A salon for men B. a foyer C. A drawing room D. a hotel lobby
41. How many were waiting for their turn?
A. 5 B. 3 C. 4 D. 6
42. Bored is synonymous to _________.
A. tired B. relaxed C. interested D. frightened
43. The paragraph was written from a _______ point of view.
A. first person C. third person
B. second person D. all of the above
44. Who is talking in the passage?
A. a customer B. the four men C. the owner D. does not say
45. If a person sleeps for only six hours, how many sleep cycles has he completed?
A. 4 B. 5 C. 3 D. 2
46. Sleep is not capable of restoring ________.
A. virility B. vitality C. vigor D. strength
47. Which is not a common knowledge about sleep?
A. Our eyes are moving while we are asleep.
B. We need seven to eight hours of sleep each night.
C. Sleeping is good for our health.
D. Sleep restores our total well-being.
48. Which of the following statements is true about sleep?
A. There’s no substitute for sleep.
B. You may not sleep as long as you take vitamins.
C. Nutritious food can be a good replacement for sleep.
D. Exercise can replace well for sleep.