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Aerial Photography Camera Systems
Major Components (common to aerostat and mast)

» 3-Axis mechanical camera gimbal; Pan 360°, Tilt +/- 120°, Roll +/- 30°
Benefits include; ability to fully control camera movement and instant trigger from the ground. Fast pan and
tilt speed with continuous pan.

» Complete wireless operation; 2.4ghz radio for gimbal,

1.3ghz video transmitter/receiver
A major convenience for mast systems, a necessity for aerostat
systems. Looks more professional and saves time with no cables
wrapping around the mast.

» Ground control station with 7" LCD monitor

See exactly what the camera sees. Frame the shot on the monitor
and trigger the camera. It’s that simple.

» No laptop required on site

Self-contained ground control station, everything is supplied for field

» Professional grade, not a self-assemble kit

Many systems on the market are amateur inspired and built. Aerial
Products laser-cuts the mounts in-house, we use custom circuit
boards for; camera control, speed controllers for the pan axis, voltage
regulator for tilt axis and for complete 12vdc operation of all


Video -
Small Point & Mid-sized
Camera Type Mid-sized DSLR Large DSLR consumer
Shoot Camera

Cameras Pentax A40 Canon T1i/500d Nikon D90/300 Nikon D3 Sony HC9
supported Canon SD990 Canon G10 Canon 50d/5dMII Canon 1ds Canon VXI

Kingfisher model K6.5U K7.5U K8U K9U-K10U K8U-K11U

Camera controls Pan/tilt/zoom Pan/tilt/roll/zoom Pan/tilt/roll/zoom Pan/tilt/roll/zoom Pan/tilt/roll/zoom

Camera system
2.5lbs/1.1kg 5lbs./2.3kg 5.5lbs/2.5kg 6.5lbs./3kg Up to 6kg

In-house Professional
Most popular for Commercial Sporting event
Typical uses construction photography -
real estate photography video
shots magazines
Low operating Full-frame Large lenses and
Very small Low noise, low
Benefits costs, great sensor cameras full frame
aerostat required cost, reliable
quality photos are supported cameras

Price $4,200 $4,600 $5,000 $6,100 -$8,000 $9,000

Note: Net lift values and Kingfisher sizes are based on near sea level launch altitude. If you will be operating above 4,000 feet above sea level
we will up-size your aerostat at no additional cost. Also, net lift at 70 degrees f ambient and using 99% pure Helium (industrial grade).
Aerial Photography from an Aerostat/Balloon
Benefits of a balloon camera system

» Fly from 50 feet to 1000 feet

The most desirable images can be achieved between 50
and 250 feet, with the added benefit of reaching 1000 feet
with the aerostat. Passenger aircraft have to remain 1000
feet AGL, and RC aircraft are grounded over populated
areas. Your balloon camera system can go where the
others can't.

» Deploy equipment in strong winds

The aerostat's shape gives it stability in strong winds,
coupled with the 800 pound tether line, you are tethered to
the ground and in control. Add a manual or electric winch
to achieve even greater control for launch and recovery.

» Operate with only one person

With the wireless ground station, you capture the picture
exactly as it appears on your ground station monitor.
Aerostats are easier to fly than a remote controlled
helicopter or airplane. Try flying an RC helicopter and pictured: custom design for a privately-held alternative fuels
controlling the camera at the same time! research company. System is used twice per day.

» Requires minimal investment to be up and running

For less than $10,000 you could be running an aerial photo business that can rapidly start paying off your
initial investment. Depending on your business model and market area, you can enhance your system with
winches and trailers.

» Costs less to operate than other methods

Balloon systems are significantly less expensive to operate than leasing airplanes and helicopters for aerial
photography. Helicopter pilots don't like to hover but your aerostat can remain on the job for the duration.

» Requires minimal maintenance

There is nothing mechanical required for maintaining the aerostat's flight. You inflate the balloon with helium
then launch and recover. With RC aircraft, there are motors, rotors, fuel and oil which all require more care.

» Get the shot no other method can obtain

Oblique aerial views can be difficult to obtain. The standard choices are satellite views or shots from aircraft
which are less than ideal. The aerostat's position and angle relative to the subject provides a unique
perspective that your customers are willing to pay for.

» Accommodates various payload weights

A balloon system can be scaled to your payload requirements whether you are using a small point-and-
shoot or a large digital SLR.

There are many uses for balloon photography, to name a few:

» Real Estate –developments, neighborhoods, estate homes, horse farms, ranches, shopping centers,
progress views of construction projects, pre-construction floor views, land tract surveys

» State, county, municipal road and other development projects

» Environmental cleanup projects, archeological sites, photogrammetry projects
» Roofing companies for roof top analysis (thermal) and post-construction photos
Aerial Photography Camera Systems -AEROSTAT
System Includes

Camera gimbal; Pan, Tilt, Roll, Zoom, Wireless video downlink, wireless control

Ground control station; Wireless with integrated LCD monitor

Kingfisher aerostat with aluminum triangle mount

300 feet (76 meters); 800 pound (360kg) break strength SPECTRA

2-sets NiMH batteries, auto-charger (120/220VAC)

One-year Warranty

Optional Equipment

Additional tether line; 800 pound (360kg) break strength SPECTRA: $.52 cents per foot

Electric winch; 12vdc on cart (12v battery required, not supplied): $1,500

Kingfisher TM

For Aerial Photography
Designed for military aerial surveillance, adapted for aerial photography.
The Kingfisher aerostat can operate in difficult conditions ranging from high-winds to high-altitudes. The
Kingfisher’s ability to fly in extreme conditions allows you to get the shot in up to 30+ mph winds. A blimp
of approximately the same size does not fly well in over 12-15mph of wind.
The Kingfisher leverages wind velocity into line tension. As wind speed increases, the amount of pull on
the tether line also increases. The tension in the main tether provides incredible stability to the payload.
The Kingfisher wing which has two functions:

» Orients the balloon into the relative wind

» Creates static tension on the keel line, which increases lift and stability
The Kingfisher shape for aerial photography is the high-capacity model in single-ply construction. For
more extreme conditions a 2-ply standard capacity model is optional.
Pricing of the aerial photography system includes digital printing of a logo on your Kingfisher aerostat.
Colors include: White, Red, Clear (frost)
Transporting your Kingfisher inflated:
» Modified
and sides
boat trailer with canvas bottom, top

» Pick up truck cargo bed using PVC style frame

Center top ring » Specially built trailer available from our partners
in Jacksonville, Florida.

» Aerostat can be put in the trailer side-ways

Load webbing

"D" ring
Video -
Camera Small Point Mid-sized Mid-sized Large
& Shoot Camera DSLR DSLR
Forward lines
Wing line

Forward lines
K6.5U K7.5U K8U K9U K11U
Keel line

Keel stability lines dimensions 6.5'x5.5' 7.7'x6.7' 8'x7' 9'x7.6' 11'x9'
Mount triangle Triangle nose

Payload Tether line


Pneumatic Masts
Photography, Surveillance, Communications
Benefits of pneumatic masts
» Less maintenance than cable masts
» Weigh less than cable masts so they are more portable
» Manufactured in the USA; spare parts & support provided locally
» Machined aluminum tubes maintain pressure longer
» Able to deploy in minutes
» Compressor or foot pump operation

Mid-sized Mid-sized Video -

Camera Type Large DSLR
Camera DSLR consumer
Cameras Canon T2i/550d Nikon D90/300 Nikon D3 Sony HC9
supported Canon G11 Canon 50d/5dMII Canon 1ds Canon VXI

Camera controls Pan/tilt/roll/zoom Pan/tilt/roll/zoom Pan/tilt/roll/zoom Pan/tilt/roll/zoom

Camera system
7lbs./3kg 8lbs/3.6kg 10lbs./4.5kg 13lbs./6kg

Most popular for Commercial Professional Sporting event

Typical uses
real estate photography photography video

Price $11,000 $11,500 $12,000 $14,000

Aerial Photography Camera Systems -MAST
System Includes

Camera gimbal; Pan, Tilt, Roll, Zoom, Wireless video downlink

Ground control station; Wireless with integrated LCD monitor

58ft. / 17 meter Pneumatic Mast with manual pump

Articulating receiver hitch mount (fits 2" receiver)

2-sets lithium polymer batteries, auto-charger (120/220VAC)

One-year Warranty

Optional Equipment

Portable mast mount: $1,600

Electric compressor: $450

Mast trailer: $3,800

Aerial Products is the Original Equipment Manufacturer of aerostats, launcher systems and camera
pan/tilt/roll/zoom units. With expertise in the technical integration of cameras, wired and wireless
networking and video processing equipment, Aerial Products is the single source for aerostat
photography and imaging.
Clients include
Government: US Army, US Air Force, US Navy, US Marine Corps, National Renewable Energy Lab,
NASA KSC, EPA, DHS, Bureau of Land Management, Dept. of Agriculture, Los Alamos, NIST,
several state and municipal agencies, various Middle Eastern ITAR approved government military
and research organizations.
Universities: Univ. of Central Florida, Univ. of Delaware, Univ of Zagreb, USC
Commercial: Over 30 Top 500 companies, hundreds of aerial photographer entrepreneurs

813B Flightline Blvd. Suite 25 Deland, FL 32724 USA: 800.973.9110 World: 727.388.8360 Fax: 727.388.8361