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Check List for your CSE Application

Certified by a Generated/provided
Documents needed public notary during online
(or equivalent) application process
Application form x
“Addition to Application” form x
Application fee 70€ (if applicable) x
Degree certificate i.e. BSc degree
or x
most recent transcript (if not yet graduated)
Transcript of records x
Letter of motivation (1-2 pages)

German language certificate x

English language certificate x

CV / resume
2 passport sized biometrical photographs (put
name & application number on backside)
Copy of your passport (international students only)
Fit4TU Certificate
Declaration of Truthfulness x

Declaration of Admission x

Please note:

- Refrain from putting your documents in folders, etc.

- Only single sheets of paper, not stapled unless notarised
- Add only documents or certificates relevant to your application
- Your documents for your application should be submitted in the order as stated on the above
(check list)
Form: „Addition to Application“

Master Programme Computational Sciences in Engineering (CSE)

Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany

1. Education - Undergraduate Studies

Name of University Year of Enrolment (expected)
Graduation Date

Duration of Undergraduate Programme (in years) Degree (BSc, BE, Diploma, etc.)
3 4 5 other:__________________
Direction of Undergraduate Study

Computer Science

Civil Engineering

Electrical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering

Other: _________________________________

2. Language Skills
English (completed degree in English i.e. High School/Bachelor-DAAD Sprachzeugnis-TOEFL-IELTS):

German (completed degree in German i.e. High School/Bachelor-DSH-TestDaF)

Other Language: Level:

Other Language: Level:

You must provide at least one language certificate upon application.

Note if you have not fulfilled your German language requirements: the current admissions regulations
state that you have to pass the DSH-1 or equivalent latest at the end of your 3rd semester or your
studies will be discontinued. There are no exceptions.

3. Intended Direction of Study in CSE Programme

Civil Engineering Computer Science Electrical Engineering

Mathematics Mechanical Engineering

4. Motivation Letter (To be included on a separate sheet of paper)

• 1-2 pages, line-spacing: 1,15, font size: 11-12
• Please specify why you want to study CSE and what qualifies you. Let us know what interests/knowledge
enables you to successfully complete the programme. Please specify with particular focus on engineering,
mathematics and computational sciences.

______________________ _______________________
Date, place Signature

Statements of Declaration
for the Application to the CSE Master’s Programme

Please note that you may only participate in the application process to the CSE master’s
programme if you sign these two statements of declaration.


Statement of Declaration that Information and Statements Included are

Complete and Truthful

I am aware that it is in contravention of the regulations to make any declarations

falsely or negligently, and that such behaviour may lead to exclusion from the
admission procedure, or - should such behaviour be ascertained at a later date -
to the revocation of my admission and/or enrolment.

I am aware that incomplete applications, applications that do not have the proper
form, and applications that reach the university after the deadline specified shall
not be considered for admission. Please note that the university does not return
any documents submitted.

Date & Signature

Statement of Declaration about a Definite or Preliminary Admission

I hereby certify that I do not have a preliminary or definite admission to a

master’s programme in Computational Sciences in Engineering or a related
master’s programme, full or part time, in either Germany or the European

Date & Signature
Technische Universität Braunschweig · International Office
Bültenweg 74/75 · 38106 Braunschweig · Germany

Your application at TU Braunschweig

Dear applicants,
We are glad that you are interested to study at Technische Universität Braunschweig. Like many other universities
in Germany, TU Braunschweig demands an application fee for the evaluation of foreign(!) degree certificates.

Non-German degree certificates (no matter where you currently live): 70€

German degree certificate (no matter where you currently live): 0€

How to pay the application fee?
The application fee must be transferred to the (German) TU Braunschweig bank account:

Recipient: TU Braunschweig
IBAN: DE79250500000001999200
Name of Bank: Nord/LB
Reason for payment: You have to indicate all 2 elements in the „reason for payment“
1. IA80067734
2. Application number You must state this
(generated through number (IA80067734 +
online application number only) application number) so
that it can be traced
back to your application
at CSE. If you fail to
state it, your application
cannot be processed!

Where and how to provide the proof of payment?
Please send a scanned version of the payment confirmation to the CSE office to We can only
proceed with your application if the confirmation is submitted and the money transferred.