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SEMESTER: First Semester

CORE SUBJECT TITLE: Introduction to the Philosophy of the Human Person

TOPIC / LESSON NAME Freedom of the human person

The learner understands the human person’s freedom


The learner able to shows situations that demonstrate freedom of choice and the consequences of choice

The learners shall be able to;

LEARNING COMPETENCIES o “Realize that “all actions have consequences.”
o Some things are given up while others are obtained in making choices.

SPECIFIC LEARNING OUTCOMES The students will define freedom and essence of freedom.
1. Communication
2. Critical and Creative Thinking
3. Planning, Organizing, Initiative


By the end of the lesson, the learner will have been able to;
1. define Human Acts and Acts of Man;
2. differentiate the Human Acts and Acts of Man;
3. Give situations that can identify the Human Acts or Acts of Man.

Materials Laptop, Projector,

Sources https:/
Procedure Meeting the Learner’s Need Time
A. Introduction 1. Classroom Management (5 minutes)
2. Review of the past lesson
3. State the objective of the lesson

B. Motivation The learners will watch a video clip (An honest taxi driver) that presents the contents of a new The teacher will present a short video (5 minutes)
lesson. clip

C. Instruction/ Interactive discussion - The teacher will ask questions about (20 minutes)
Delivery 1. What message does the movie projects? the video clip.
2. If you were an actor, what choices would you rather take? - The teacher will ask questions that
The Human Acts and Acts of Man will relate to the concept of Human
- If you strive hard and study hard with your will and knowledge, you will be able to Acts and Acts of Man to a day to day
succeed and become a productive citizen. living.

D. Practice - What is the difference between Human Acts and Acts of Man? (10 minutes)
Answer: Human Acts are actions done with “will and knowledge” while Acts of Man are actions
with absence of either “will or knowledge”

E. Enrichment Situational Activity: (10 minutes)

Tell whether the ff. situations are Human Acts or Acts of Man.
1. A college student (pregnancy and Abortion)
2. Terminally ill patients – Euthanasia or Natural death

F. Evaluation List down 3 examples of Human Acts and Acts of Man. (10 minutes)

Total: 60 minutes

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