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Objective/ Purpose Person Involve Activity/ Strategies Indicators

To promote positive  Teacher  Develop and provide  They feel comfortable using
effects of technology in  Students technology in classes technology tools to enrich curriculum
learning process of  Teacher analyze areas of and encourage students use of tools
students needed improvement and  Teachers easily do they work through
create goals improve the the use of technology
technology in classroom

To enhance the  Teacher  Teachers will attend on  Teachers and administrators promotes
utilization of technology  Students campus training where they ethical use of technology tools for
in school  Administrators will learn how to be more communication purposes
creative when it comes to  Students be more active in class
Demonstrate  Students  School objects aware  Students will use technology
understanding in the  teachers training effectively for communication and
effects of technology in collaboration with others
school  Graduate students can easily grab a
job in a good company
To minimize the wrong  Teachers  Students will attend  Students be more creative in using
usage of technology  Students technology training or any technology
 Administrators program that may help  They can develop their teaching
them to enhance their process and control the usage of
computer skills technology
 Teachers will be provided
staff development on how
to use a variety of
technology programs