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No: Discip/ Declaration 2019--/6g Dated: OIL AND GAS DEVELOPMENT COMPANY LIMITED. Declaration of Assets for the year ending 31st December, 2018 PHOTOGRAPH Date of Declaration : (Latest Passport Size) Names To be affixed Designation : Ew Pay Scale/Executive Group: Department: Sass EREEBESEEEEEEEEES Place of Posting: DECLARATION L do hereby solemnly declare that the Assets, immovable and moveable properties described in the Performa overleaf (Appendix 1) duly signed, are held by me and members of my *Family (as defined below), on 31st December, 2018, Signature: _ ‘Definition - Family a) Family: Means spouse and legitimate children, stepchildren, and dependent parents of an employee, residing with and wholly dependent upon him/her. b) Explanation: —_Sons and step ~ sons shall be deemed to be dependent till they attain the age of 18 years and thereafter only if they are declared by the employee to be dependent upon him, and daughters and ‘step ~ daughters shall be deemed to be dependent till they are married. PTO 2 Appendix — 1 Oil & GAS DEVELOPMENT COMPANY LID. RATION. YEAR (St DECEME (Declaration of Assets, Immovable and Moveable Property, that is Bonds, Shares, Certificates, Securities, Insurance Policies, Jewellery, etc, having a total value of Rs.50,000.00 or more.) Province & | ature of ‘How Acquired; | cescten | yy wow | "ost 2 | prin | Miata | tone | S| | imams | "Gr | anche | PORE I! [Rbear| rcs | paras | Me | PER ) ant | nets es af | mens | S20 "reper | Stroy | Hetrcum See wetone 1 L 2 2 Sinature: Designation: Fe Date: ‘Precautions |L__ Failure to file the declaration by the prescribed date, wrong declaration, concealment of facts thereof will be considered as misconduct and liable to alscjolinary ‘action under the policy notification No. AA0107/03 dated 28-12-2015.