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Transparent Progressive Administration (English Version)

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1. Physical & psychological development
2. Filtered drinking water
3. Child education and creativity
4. Proper ways of agriculture
5. Balance in nature and food chain
6. Connecting humanity through cinema
7. Income generation by properly using
the hidden talents of the youth of society
8. Proper care and medical treatment of
birds and animals
9. Substitute of Andul road
10. Importance on study of space science
11. Third gender and same sex related
12. Necessary facilities based on locality
13. Endeavor to achieve all-round
development (English Version)

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Physical & psychological

A goal to initiate ultra-modern and visionary policies on the development

of psychological and physical health of children. A girl child will be a wife
of someone or a mother in future. Hence, it is absolutely essential to be
responsible of taking care by following proper guidelines right from the
stage of pregnancy. This will ensure physical and psychological growth of
both men and women, which will turn our future generations into a more
developed and constructive civilization. (English Version)

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Filtered drinking water

It is extremely essential that the water that we drink is both filtered and
healthy. Filtration process of water alone adds no value. Apart from
monitoring the entire distribution process starting from filtration plants,
proper storage of water at the consumer end (family, home, flat) must
also be kept under observation. Strict surveillance on supply of healthy
drinking water and immediate solution of mistakes on priority basis. (English Version)

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Child Education
Growth of humanity, rich with constructive thoughts through well-
planned methods. Goal to ensure creative psychological growth of every
child from primary or even earlier stages. Special importance on
connecting the subject of educating children, with practical society. The
process of educating children must be delicate, with care and affection. To
establish a goal of making the entire society capable of being creative and
productive. This is possible only when we will be able to educate our
society of the qualities a mother must have. That’s the reason why prime
importance must be given to the first formula (psychological and physical
development). Perhaps, no other substitute is available as of now. (English Version)

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Proper ways
We must ensure financial security of the families of our farmers. Special
importance on agriculture with relentless supply of nutritious food in an
urge to ensure leading of healthy and peaceful lives. Strict control on use
of insecticides/pesticides along with extreme importance on use of
biological fertilizers on agricultural lands. There cannot be any substitute
of this. There must be no doubt in accepting the fact that use of
insecticides/pesticides destroys the balance of nature’s food chain. By
this, I believe that various ailments like skin diseases from water, digestive
problems, eye sight problems and in some cases, even diseases due to
genetic links and mental disorders can be exterminated. (English Version)

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Balance in nature
food chain

The environment keeps on changing to retain its existence. However, we,

as humans and other living beings do not have such capabilities. Hence,
we must ensure social and economic growth without changing the
balance of nature. We have to accept the fact that the birth of life on
earth has been possible due to a perfect set of conditions. We must
ensure to keep that perfect set of conditions intact. We have to move
ahead by maintaining balance of oxygen & carbon dioxide for inhalation
and maintenance of overall balance through special examination of all the
constituents of air. There is no substitute of this as of now. . (English Version)

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Connecting Humanity
through Cinema

We have to provide special importance on connecting society with

cinema. It is time that we change our perception of cinema from just a
reflection of society to a torch-bearer of the future. A perspective of
moving the human society ahead must be embedded in every cinema i.e.,
Entertainment must be embedded with Education. (English Version)

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Income generation
properly using
the hidden talents of the
youth of society

We have to move forward with the aim of ensuring income sources for
the youth of society.
We have to develop our human civilization by creating an appropriate
environment to enable the youth of the society to properly utilize their
intrinsic talents and come up as the future leaders of India so that each
and every youth of our society can work for the upliftment of human
civilization with a satisfied inner soul. It is practically impossible to
generate sources of income for all the youth of our society just by
building a huge number of factories. This is because in this age of
industrialization, an urge for efficient and precise production has called
for automation as a substitute. We have to accept this as a part of a
growing economy. Hence, there no substitute as of now, to utilize inner
talents of individuals. (English Version)

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Proper Care
Medical Treatment
Birds and Animals
We have to provide special attention to the existence of the entire animal
kingdom, be it in the wild or in human settlements. We have to keep
moving ahead with all birds and animals, maintaining balance in the food
chain as well as maintaining psychological synchronization amongst
humans and other living beings, as a result of which the human
civilization will also be in existence.
Providing free and healthy environment to pets or non-pets living in areas
of human settlement, and to wild animals. We have to seriously look into
establishing proper care and medical treatment facilities for birds and
animals in every locality. We must keep in mind that soul is immortal,
which only takes shelter from one body to another. (English Version)

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Andul road

Howrah is one of the oldest cities in India. Hence, we must be responsible

towards maintenance of this city.
Important places in this city as of now are Botanical Garden, B.E. College,
Belur moth, 2nd Hooghly bridge, Howrah bridge, Howrah station etc. We
must move ahead towards the aim of ensuring substitute means of
commuting (Monorail or metrorail) along G.T. road and Andul road in view
of the huge population of this city. (English Version)

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study of
space science
At the moment, we have to provide special importance not only to the
study/practice of science but also, specifically to that of space science.
There cannot be any substitute of this. It is highly recommended that the
same be made mandatory from secondary level. Space science is a very
interesting subject. Any one who gets attracted towards studying it, steps
into the primary stages of his/her mind’s creativity. This process is a novel
blessing to the human society. (English Version)

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Third gender
same sex related
Growth of human society is possible only when every single person has
peace of mind.
Hence, there is no way but to immediately introduce special facilities for
third gender people, who have been harassed since ages.

Establishment of laws for same sex couples to embrace bonding through

marriage. (English Version)

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Necessary facilities
based on locality

Supply and storage of safety instruments/devices etc. in every locality. It’s

quite often that when some fire strikes in a locality, it turns dangerously
harmful before the fire brigade or police arrives at the spot. Hence, it is
essential that people in small pockets of every locality be trained to
handle small fire strikes and it is also necessary to inform the fire brigade
or police, so that the fire brigade can turn the situation under control in
case the local people are unable to do so.
Among the necessary facilities in localities, there must be arrangements
to receive special aid in case of medical illness during times of trouble.
For this, arrangement in localities for training on methods of primary
treatment must be established. (English Version)

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Endeavor to Achieve
All-round Development

To work relentlessly with the goal of making the District as the best in the
State, the State as the best in India and India as the best in the world, and
to ensure the right to life of each and every living being. It is not possible
to explain this topic by printing on some manifesto. Me and you together
form a part of this world. Thus, we have to keep on doing our individual
jobs logically , keeping in mind the welfare of this world. It is our duty to
be of service to others. We must establish a civilization in which
everyone will perform their individual tasks peacefully without creating
any hindrance to others, to achieve growth of our nation.

We must come out of the notion of “Do it because I say so” and move
forward with “Do what should be done” in mind.

Let “Welfare for All “ be the main principle of my manifesto. (English Version)

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