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Class III Summer Vacation Homework (2019-2020)

Dear children

Summer is here and with it come your amazing holidays! But what’s a holiday without
some homework? So we’ve decided to give you a few fun filled activities this summer!

1. You are never alone when you are with books. So read books to discover lots of
new things .Read at least two story books out of the list of books given below –
a) Enid Blyton - Short Stories (Summer holidays story, Famous Five, The secret
b) Roald Dahl’s -short stories (Charlie and the chocolate factory, The Enormous
Crocodile, James and the giant peach)

2. Pick out 20 words you have come across in your story book and find out the word
meanings from the dictionary and make your own dictionary.

3) Cursive Writing Book –Do one page writing daily

4) Do one page cursive writing daily in a separate four lines copy?

5) Wall Magazine project to be done roll number wise on a full chart

Roll No – 1- 10 Singular / Plural Roll No 11- 20 Adjectives

Roll No. 21-30 Pronouns Roll No. 31-40 Genders (Refer Grammar Book)

Q-1 Design a pamphlet highlighting few important safety rules to be followed

: In park (Roll No 1 to 7)
: In house (Roll no 8 to 15) : In school (Roll no 16 to 22)

: In school van/ bus (Roll No 23 to 30) : On road (Roll no 31 till last)

Also include emergency contact numbers such as police control room/ fire department
/Ambulance. You can use Half of A-4 size colored sheet.

Q-2 Make a Family Scrap book. Take an old table calendar. Collect photographs of your
family members. Find out things such as birthday, favorite flower,food,colour, hobby
etc.of each member. Stick a photograph, write what they like, and stick pictures of
things they like.In this way make a family scrap book.

Q-3 Visit an orphanage with your parents. Spend some quality time there, click some
photographs and write few lines about your experience. (On cultured ruled sheet)

Q-4 Make a list of Religious and Harvest festivals of India, along with the month when
do we celebrate them? Write information about any one Religious and Harvest festival
on a ruled sheet.

विषय- ह द
िं ी

गृ कायय A-4 साइज शीट पर करें ।

१ इन मात्राओं को जोड़कर १०- १० शब्द बनाओ-

आ की मात्रा ( ाा) - ऊ की मात्रा (ा)-

इ की मात्रा ( वा) - ए के मात्रा ( ाे) -

ई की मात्रा ( ाी )- ओ की मात्रा ( ाो)-

उ की मात्रा ( ा) - औ की मात्रा -

२. प्रविददन अख़बार में से " ै " और " "ैं के दो- दो िाक्य छााँटकर विखो ।

३. पिंचििंत्र की क ावनयााँ पढ़ो। क ानी का सार ि और अपने वप्रय पात्र के बारे में कछ पिंवायााँ विखो । आप
वचत्र से भी सजा सकिे ैं ।

४. नीचे ददए वचत्र को देख कर अपने शब्दों में एक क ानी विखो –

I. Use matchsticks and make a chart on Roman numerals (1-10) on A-3 size
II. On a chart paper make a FAMILY TRAIN.Ask the birth year of your family
members; make a train using matchboxes as compartments. Colour the match
boxes with bright colours and paste the numbers on it. Also answer the
following questions.
1. Arrange the given numbers in ascending order.
2. Arrange the given numbers in descending order.
3. Write the greatest number.
4. Write the smallest number.
5. Write the expanded form of any one number
6. Write the number name of any one number.
7. Find the sum of all numbers.
8. Round off any one number to nearest tens and hundred.
III. Practice 5 sums of addition and subtraction each of 4- digit number daily
(Make a thin copy for the same)
IV. Learn tables from 2 to12.
V. Revise chapter 1 and 2.


 Make a jungle scene on A3 size sheet using creative material.