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Unit 4 Consolidation

1) Circle the correct words

a- The elephant is bigger/more big tan a dog
b- Bs As is Hotter/more hot tan London.
c- Alice is gooder/better than Sophie.
d- Paris is famouser/more famous than San Salvador de Bahía.
e- Your trouser is more new/ newer than my trainers.
f- Flying is more exciting/ excitinger than Reading.

2) Look at the sentences in Exercise 1. Wirte superlative sentences.

a-The elephant is the biggest.
b-Bs As is_______________________________
c-Alice is________________________________
d-Paris is________________________________
e-Your trouser is__________________________
f-Flying is________________________________

3) Write comparative or superlative sentences.

a-(Superlative) This book/nice
This book is the nicest
b- (Comparative) Sara/funny/Peter

c-(Comparative) Tower Bridge/old


d-(Superlative) Jenny /big/Liza


e- (Superlative) The weather in Russia/bad


f-(Comparative) Crocodiles/dangerous/cats