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Flatbed legal load dimensions

102” wide
102” tall
53’ long
Up to 48.000 lbs (pounds)
Securement of loads:

 Tarp:
o 4ft,
o 6ft,
o 8 ft ,
o smoke tarp,
o nursery tarp,
o bee nets
 Chains
 Binders
 Corner protectors
 Vee boards
 Blankets
 Hummer
 Nails
 Straps
 Coil racks
 PPE : hard hat, glasses, safety vest, boots, long sleeves, long pants
 Dunnage
o 4x4,
o 8x4
 Pipe stakes
Dry Van Trailer

Conestoga trailer

Step Deck Trailer


 TWIC : card of a person for access in port

 CARB : California Air Resources Board
 SCAC Standard Carrier Alpha Code is a privately controlled US code used to identify road
transport companies
 E-Modal gives you access to container info at registered terminals
 PO, PU : pick up number
 FCFS : First Come First Served
 ETA : Estimated Time of Arrival
 RFID: Radio Frequency Identification
 Fein: Federal ID number, Tax Number
 MC : Motor Carrier number
 DOT: Department of Transportation
 Haz : Hazardous materials, hazmat
 S/O; stop over (extra stop)
 10-4 : OK, understood
 TY : thank you
 Tanker endorsement
 OD :Over Dimensional
 BOL : Bill of Landing
 POD : Proof of Delivery
 RC rate confirmation
 ELD : electronic log book
 GPS: global positioning system
 TONU : Truck Order Not Used
- Hi. My name is _______________________. I am with _______________________. How are
you? ( How are you doing today? How’s your day going so far? )

- Let the broker introduce himself

- I am calling on your load from ____________________ going to _________________.

- Wait for the broker to tell you details on the load

Ask about weight, how to secure the load, shipping and receiving hours and money
Write down all details and ask the broker to hold
Check info with the driver and make sure he meets all requirement, he can fit the
load/unloading hours , has enough hours on ELD, can scale the weight
Go back to the broker and ask for more money! Always negotiate! Put him on hold again if you
fell he can add some more money and the ask to meet somewhere in the middle

Never quote a broker for the sake of negotiating!

You only quote for the load you will have to do if
they approve your rate .
-Ok. Let’s have a deal (Let’s do it./My driver agreed on this rate./ We are good to go/ You have
my truck, etc )

Make sure you give the broker the accurate info about the company
Make sure he has the right email address to send you the RC
Make sure you grab his info, just in case you need any info or you don’t get the RC within the
next half an hour.

Tip: keep calling until broker picks up the phone. Insistence helps most of the times

Extra tip: be confident! They can feel that in your voice. Confidence increases the chance to
get more money
Never be afraid to ask for more money. It’s just business.

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