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Upon perusal of the records of the case, CICL _________ had indeed
committed several infractions on his Diversion Program, as evidenced by
the Incident Reports dated January 8, 2019 from the _________ Youth
Center signed ____________________ Youth Center of ________ and by
the Progress Report for the period November 7, 2018 to January 8, 2019
from the same office. Although CICL _________ submitted within the given
period his written explanation as to why he has committed several
violations, the Court finds his explanation unsatisfactory to merit the
continuation of his Diversion Program.

ACCORDINGLY, on the basis of the reports submitted by the

_________ Youth Center regarding the infractions committed by the named
CICL, and considering that he is already of legal age, and is now detained
at the BJMP ____________, hence, the court has no other option but to
order REVOCATION of the said Diversion Program for CICL
___________, effective immediately. As a consequence thereof, in the
interest of justice, ___________________’ case will be tried and heard by
the Court as that of an ordinary accused.

Let a copy of this Order be furnished all parties concerned.


Presiding Judge