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Tree Plantation Project

1) Name of Project:- Tree Plantation Project
2) Duration Of the Project-1 year
3) Timeline to start the project- July 2014 to June 2015
4) Scope of the Project:-
The mainstay of rural economy is agriculture and allied occupations, about 85 % of the rural
population are engaged in agriculture and agricultural labour. Traditional agriculture is
characterized by low level of inputs and poor management practices. These conditions further
deteriorate due to uncertain rains and lack of irrigation facilities. The proposed Tree plantation
Project aims at helping the tribals establish mix tree plantation to provide long term sustainable
income & keeping of environment balance in Dadarkopara village of Jawhar Block ,Thane

5) Need for the Project: Socio Economic scenario in tribal areas like Thane
district is heavily dependent on natural resources and agriculture. While farming is one of the
main sources of self-employment, most of the small farmers and landless are also dependent on
agriculture labour opportunities, livestock and forest resources for generating employment. There
has been indiscriminate felling of trees and denudation of forest resources. This forced most of
them to migrate in search of wages. Presently, most of the small farmers, agriculture labours and
the tribals are victims of poverty, illiteracy and exploitation Therefore the sustainable livelihood
programme for rural communities needs to focus on up-gradation of available natural resources,
as well as focus on active participation of the rural families particularly women for their own
status enhancement.
6) Geography of the Proposed Project

Village/Villages –,Shivajinagar,Khiraripada,Pathardi Village

Block/Tehsil: Jawhar
District: Thane State: Maharashtra

7) Beneficiaries: number of beneficiaries :- 10 Tribal Farmer (owning Waste land)

Programme participants are selected from among the villages giving priority to the tribal
population in the operational area. The selection is based on the minimum qualifying criteria
combined with other factors such as identification of the poorest of the poor, their aptitude, their
resource base and the scope for opportunities provided by the project. The minimum qualifying
criteria used as below:
 The participant shall be selected generally from the families having land, less than or equal to 5
acres. Family is defined as a unit consisting of husband, wife and dependant children.
However, the families having land above 5 acres are also included in the programme

on satisfying either of the following two conditions:

 The land is owned by a joint family and the share of each member of the participating family is
less than 5 acres, and the family is below subsistence level or
The participation of such a family shall be socially beneficial to the programme implementation, provided
however, the participant shall be entitled to the programme support limited to financing the planting
material. The justification of including such families shall be documented and be verifiable. The total
number of families being promoted under this provision shall be limited to 1% of the total number of
families being promoted

8) Project Details:
Sr. Activity Desired Indicators to Assessment Feedbacks/Reports to be
Criteria ** shared
No. Outcome measure

1 Raising Nursery 2000 sapling Each Tree sapling Maintain Yes

of fruit trees Nursery will be will be grew up to 3 records of
raised to 5 ft sapling growth

2 Pits digging 2000 pits will Each farmer will List of farmers Yes
dug in farmers dug 2000 pits (size will be created
own land of each pits 1X1 as per
ft.).Each pits will performance
filled up with soil
and manure.

3 Distribution of 2000 plant Each farmer will List of farmers Yes

Tree Sapling sapling will be be planted 2000 will be created
distributed mix tree sapling as per
among 10 performance

4 After Care of 2000 tree 2000 tree will be Maintain Yes

Tree sapling will be grow without any records of
fenced and obstacle Tree growth
protected fro chart
grazing of
the grass
around the tree

9) Impact on implementation of this project on a

longer run.
The Tree plantation programme is called the WADI The socio-economic rehabilitation of poor
rural families has become possible through development of wastelands into productive assets by
plantation of fruit trees.

The WADI programme is based on farming - system approach that includes Horticultures & Frest
tree on small plots separately.

The programme is planned with the family as a unit. The intensive utilization of land and water
resources helps to generate self- employment opportunities throughout the year. The components
are need based and tailor made to ensure that the family will be rehabilitated by the end of the
gestation period of Three years. At the end of this period, the horticulture plantations become
productive and the income from these and inclusion of agriculture helps the rural family to rise
above the poverty line on a sustainable basis.

After the family joins the programme they do not feel the need to migrate to the nearby towns as
self employment is available at village level throughout the year. In addition, there are intangible
benefits in the form of family welfare, improved nutrition and health.

Each participant family takes up intensive land development and plantation work on one acre (0.4
ha) of wasteland or marginal land, to convert this into a productive (WADI).

The species to be planted are chosen according to their suitability to the project area, their income
generation potential and the preferences of the participating family. The saplings are provided
critical watering during summer months in the first few years to enable their proper
10) Details of Plant Species per farmer
Name of the species with Distance Total Trees

Acacia 2X 2 Mt 1000

Cashew 3X 3Mt. 500

Jamun 3 X 3Mt 100

Amala 3 X 3Mt. 100

Karanj 3 X 3Mt. 300

11) Project Cost Break-up:

Sr. Head of Expense Unit Rate Quantity Amount

No. (Rs)

1 Purchase of Sapling 1 Rs.50 20000 1000000.00

2 Pits Digging 1 Rs.5 20000 100000.00

3. Maintenance (Providing Manure & 1 Rs.5 20000 100000.00

fencing Material)

4 Personnel ( Supervisor) 1 Rs.5000 12 Month 60000.00

5 Personnel ( Filed Worker) 2 Rs.3000 12 Month 72000.00

5. Travelling 3 Rs.500 12 Month 18000.00

TOTAL 1350000.00

12) Key challenges in this project? Nursery setup should be start

in time otherwise the plant wouldn’t get sufficient length during plantation
13) Risks in this project If monsoon will not arrive in time then the
plantation activity will be postponed

14) Past Experience:

1) Project Name Tree Plantation Campaign
Project scope 5000 Tree
Program Area 5 Village of Jawhar Block
Project size Rs. 250000.00
Project Outcome 25 Farmer Planted 5000 Tree in their waste land
Project funded by Indians for Colletive Action,Sanfransisco,USA
Describe the project in not more than 200 words

The NARAD has been established 50 Balawadi Centre in Jawhar block under the ASHA Project in the
project period of five year (1999-2003). It provide pre education to children with supplementary
nutrition.2000 children were enrolled to 1 st standard

2) Project Name Parle Tree Plantation Project

Project scope 2000 Tree
Program Area 5 Village of Jawhar Block
Project size Rs. 56000.00
Project Outcome 50 Farmer Planted 2000Tree in their waste land
Project funded by Parle Products, Mumbai
( through

3) Project Name ICICI Pru Life Tree Plantation

Project scope 6000 Tree
Program Area 5 Village of Jawhar Block
Project size Rs. 90000.00
Project Outcome 10 Farmer Planted 6000 Tree in their waste land
Project funded by ICICI Prudential life Insurance,Mumbai
( through

4) Project Name MTV Woodland Ecolution

Project scope 10000 Tree
Program Area 10Village of Jawhar Block
Project size Rs. 156000.00
Project Outcome 25 Farmer Planted 10000 Tree in their waste land
Project funded by MTV,Mumbai. ( through

5) Project Name Vodafone Tree Plantation

Project scope 26700 Tree
Program Area 5Village of Jawhar Block
Project size Rs. 1521900.00 ( 3 Year Follow-up)
Project Outcome 11 Farmer Planted 26700 Tree in their waste land
Project funded by VODAFONE India ( through