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Activity#6 and Graded Recitation#6
“The Paradigm of the Philippine Government and It’s Local Government”
Points Rubrics: A5=200/200 Q5=200/200
Act6=100/100, GR6=100/100 Passing score 70%=140/200
Deadlines (Choose according to schedule of class):
TUES & THURS: November 22, 2018 (Thursday)
FRIDAY: November 23, 2018 (Friday)

NOTE: This Assignment Can be Done by ff: Individuals, partnership, triad

or by groups of 6 (maximum) members each! Just make sure your names
are all indicated on the paper when you submit!(and they have to be

1. STRUCTURAL FRAMEWORK: Draw and Explain a Structural Framework

or a Paradigm Model (must be your own model don’t copy other
people’s work!!!) of the Three Branches of the Philippine Government.
From it’s National Government Branch to the Local Government Unit. The
paradigm should include the ff: (100 points) Each sub-question is worth 25
points! (May use HO3 and HO4 as reference but supplement references
with research!!!)

a. in a presidential system of government is the principle of

separation of powers wherein legislation belongs to Congress,
execution to the Executive, and settlement of legal controversies to
the Judiciary.they all must have equal power for they are the 3
pillars of our government and if any of these branches start to make
move that would results to them gaining more power over the other
then the other branches have the right to exercise its
constitutionally-mandated role and exert pressure by providing
oversight in order to maintain the balance among co-equals.

b.the structural frame work of each branch as seen on the diagram

is the legislative branch has the congress and under it the
senate and in the executive branch would be the president
and then the vice president and the cabinet of officials and
as for the judicial it is the supreme court and under that would
be all the other courts in the philippines.
c. the inter relationship of the local government and the national
government is the local government are spread out through
the nation such as manila or las pinas and they are in
charge of that area so they can focus on it and they report to
the national government it is similar to the
relationships of kings and earls the king owns the land but the
earls manage it since the kings land is to big.
d. The Legislative branch is authorized to make laws, alter, and
repeal them through the power vested in the Philippine Congress.
This institution is divided into the Senate and the House of
Representatives.the Executive branch carries out laws. It is
composed of the President and the Vice President who are elected
by direct popular vote and serve a term of six years. The
Constitution grants the President authority to appoint his Cabinet.
These departments form a large portion of the country’s
bureaucracy.the Judicial branch evaluates laws. It holds the power
to settle controversies involving rights that are legally demandable
and enforceable. This branch determines whether or not there has
been a grave abuse of discretion amounting to lack or excess of
jurisdiction on the part and instrumentality of the government. It is
made up of a Supreme Court and lower courts. and each of them
are equal for these are the three pillars that build our government
and if one has more power than the other there will be chaos.

2. ESSAY: Explain in your own words the Importance of the Executive

Succession to the stability of the Philippine Government and it’s
Administrative Machina. (50points)
The executive branch is headed by the president who functions as the
head of the state and head of the government so it's only natural that the
executive success is important to gain the stability of the Philippine
Government and its administrative machina. there is this saying that if a
king cannot lead then how can he expect his subordinates to follow, this
applies to this question, if a leader or a president cannot manage properly
his people and cannot gain success in such areas then how can he expect
that the government will be stable. This is why I think Executive success is
important to the stability of the government.
3. RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS: Explain the importance of becoming a Pro-
Active Citizen in contributing to the Sustainable Development of the
Philippine State and The contributions of the Mass Media, and utilization
of Public Opinions in the critique and improvement of Government’s Public
Service and Administrative Actions. Use Current events and other
researches to exemplify your answer (50points)

It is important to be a proactive Citizen for the reason being that we are

our countries future and we must care, we must vote, most people dont
even use their right to vote or takes it lightly even those educated because
they dont care, but this is a big issue because we choose the people who
govern our country so whether we choose a competent or incompetent,
corrupt or not corrupt government is entirely up to us or rather the people
who vote but the problem is many of us are not proactive and remain
dormant or neutral and there is a saying where doing nothing is worse
than doing anything at all