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DAY: 18
DATE: 27/05/2019
Taking print and renewal of motor policies and one new
policies of motor.
Calculation agent commission for Jan and Feb. 2019 for the
package policies i.e. for the motor third party and own damage
policies. It was more than 900 policies.
DAY: 19
DATE: 28/05/2019
Observing about the medical policies – it covers all the
medical expenses, and family cover, and the policy can be taken for
even one month.
Taking print and renewal of motor policies.
DAY: 20
DATE: 29/05/2019
Taking print and renewal of policies.
Preparation of agent’s commission for Dec 2018 and Mar
2019 and merging four months amount and calculating the total of
all the agents and transferring the same to the accounts incharge
for neft transfer to the agents.
DAY: 21
DATE: 30/05/2019
Taking print and renewal of motor policies.
After half a day, taking a print of 64vb reports and filing for
the claim settlement.
Preparation of claim notes and taking print.
Processing the claim settlement procedures. Steps are of
clicking on the process flow and typing the claim no and entering
into the process and clicking on claim details and filling up the
repairer details and typing the amount of repair cost and
replacement cost and saves. And clicking on intermediary
appointment and typing the details of surveyor and typing the
professional charges, conveyance and photo charges and save. And
clicking process and settlement and typing all the details of
damages, cause of loss and address of which loss occur and
calculating the amount of loss by typing the amount on labour
charges and calculating 50% depreciation and nil depreciation and
salvages and save and also final submit. And clicking payment for
expense and typing bank details of surveyor and update. And
clicking payment for loss and typing bank details of insured and
DAY: 22
DAY: 31/05/2019
Preparation of new policy proposal and filling up all the details
of workmen compensation liability.
It is a new policy. Procedure starts with creating customer id
for the corporate company as same as from motor. Filling up all the
details of policy period, appointing an agent, next step is clicking on
the employee credentials and filling up all the details of employees
and each with their sum insured and save. And clicking on risk
cover grids and calculating the discount percentages and final

The evaluation certificate will be provided with the envelope on
Friday itself. In addition they are providing the completion
certificate. And they advised to collect it on Monday.