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Teacher Francaise Agnes T. Mascarina Learning Area Applied Economics
Teaching Dates and Time June 10-14, 2019 Quarter/Semester 1ST QUARTER/ FIRST SEMESTER
Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4


The learners demonstrate an understanding of The learners demonstrate an The learners demonstrate an The learners demonstrate an
economics as an applied science and its uti;ity in understanding of the law of supply understanding of the law of supply understanding of the law of
addressing the economic problems of the country and demand, and factors affecting and demand, and factors affecting supply and demand, and factors
A. Content Standards the economic situation the economic situation affecting the economic situation

The learners shall be able to analyze and propose The learners shall be able to conduct The learners shall be able to The learners shall be able to
solution/s to the economic problems using the a survey of current economic conduct a survey of current conduct a survey of current
B. Performance Standards principles of applied economics situations within the vicinity economic situations within the economic situations within the
vicinity vicinity

3. Explain how applied economics can be used 1. explain the law of supply and 1. explain the law of supply and 2. discuss and explain factors
to solve problems ABM_AE12-Ia-d-3 demand and how equilibrium demand and how equilibrium affecting demand and supply
price and quantity are determined price and quantity are determined
C. Learning Competencies / Objectives
. Write the LC code for each ABM_AE12-Ie-h-4 ABM_AE12-Ie-h-5

Philippine SocioEconomic development in the 21st Basic Principles of Demand and Basic Principles of Demand and Demand and Supply in Relation
II. CONTENT Century Supply to the Prices of Basic


A. References

. 1. Teacher's Guide pages

. 2. Learner's Materials pages

Applied Economics for Senior High School Applied Economics for Senior Applied Economics for Senior Applied Economics for
. 3. Textbook pages ( Roman D. Leano Jr. 2016) High School ( Roman D. Leano High School ( Roman D. Senior High School ( Roman
Jr. 2016) Leano Jr. 2016) D. Leano Jr. 2016)

. 4. Additional Materials from Learning

. Resources (LR)


Review yesterday lesson ( Basic Economic Review yesterday lesson ( Socio Review yesterday's lesson Review yesterday's activity
Problem, Production Possibility Frontier, Economic Development of the ( Basic Principles of Supply
Opportunity Cost ) Philippines ) and Demand)
A. Reviewing previous lesson or presenting
the new lesson

Start the lesson by asking the students insights Start the class with motivation Group presentation Start the class by asking
regarding about the definition of question
a. agenda The teacher will present pictures
b. sustainable related to the topic like market, The teacher will present " How much do
development goods and commodities the rubrics for the Presentation you spent in a day? "
B. Establishing a purpose for the lesson
Teacher will ask the and ask the students to group
students " What can you say themselves accordingly
about the pictures? How
important they are in our
everyday lives? "
Ask the students about their view in the Processing questions: What Guide questions: Ask the students about their
SocioEconomic Development of the comes to your mind when you view in Demand and Supply
Philippines hear the word market? Supply Identify goods which in Relation to the Prices of
and demand? is used to be in demand but Basic Commodities
Say. A market is whose sales declined in the
an interaction between buyers past year. What happned to the
C. Presenting examples instances of the and sellers of trading or prices of these goods. What
. new lesson exchange could be the reasons why
demand for these goods fell?

Provide lecture on the Provide lecture on the Basic The students will be given time Interactive-Class discussion
Principles of Demand and to plan and discussed within
A. Supply themselves
Socio-economic Development Program of the A. Market
D. Discussing new concepts and Philippines Equilibrium
practicing . new skills #1 B. The Philippine B.
Agenda 21 Determination of Market
C. Application od Demad
C. Meaning of Sustainable and Supply in Realtion to
Development Housing Shortage
In depth analysis of the discussed lesson by
D. Seven Give sample computations and In depth analysis of the
presenting examples
Dimensions of Development situations in relation to the topic discussed lessons by
presenting examples

E. Discussing new concepts and

practicing . new skills #2
Essay. In your opinion what do you mean by Oral Class Discussion The students will present their Teacher will ask. " What
sustainable population? Explain by citing work difference would it make if
examples Teacher will ask " What do your parents did not save?
you think will happen if we don't What consumption have you
have any idea about the Basic sacrificed in terms of
F. Developing mastery Principles of Law of Supply and consumption in order to save
. (Leads to Formative Assesment Demand?" on your weekly allowance?

Ask. If you were the President of the Ask. As a student, how can you Teacher will ask : Teacher will ask. How
Philippines, how are you going to reduce enlighten a person in spending important is saving in the
poverty in the country? his money wisely in relation to " How do you feel Demand and Supply in
G. Finding practically applications of the basic principles of law of about the activity? What do Relation to the Prices of
. concepts and skills in daily supply and demand you realized?" Basic Commodities

Ask. Why do we need to be aware in the Socio Ask. Why do we need to be The teacher will synthesize the The teacher will synthesize
Economic Development of the Philippines? aware of the Basic Principles of presentation the students answers
H. Making generalizations and Law of Supply and Demand
abstractions . about the lesson
1. These are PA 21 visions except: Evaluate the table below using Indicate the effects of the given
a. Poverty reduction the Basic Principle of Supply and statements on the demand and
b. Social Demand supply of a good based on the
Equity following outcomes. Write the
phrase of your choice on the
c. Peace and solidarity
space provided
d. Ecological A. Shift to the right
soundness B. Shift to the
2. These are dimensions of left C.
development, which is not? No change
a. 1.
Empowerment and National Development Well-received market
b. Economic Development innovation of a new cellphone
c. Social
Development 2.Decrease in the price of
good x
d. Ecological development
3. Anticipated
increase in general price level of
I. Evaluating Learning 3. Agenda 21 is an action paln of the basic commodities
a. Philippine Government 4.
b. United Nations Government increase worker's
c. Local Government 5. Increase in death
d. All of the above rates due to calamities
4.It is a
development that meets the needs of the
present without compromising the ability of
future generations to meet their own needs
a. Social

b. Cultural

c. Sustainable Development

Economic Development

5. This
kind of economy makes use of antiquated
equipment and tools

Traditional Economy

b. Planned Economy
Cut out a news item that is related to any
economic issue. Analyze if this is related to
Agenda 21

J. Additional activities for application or

. remediation



A. No. of learners who earned 80% on

the . formative assesment

B. No. of learners who require additional

. activities for remediation

C. Did the remedial lessons work? No. of

. learners who have caught up with
the . Lessons

D. No. of learners who continue to

require . remedials
E. Which of my teaching strategies
worked . well? Why did these work?

F. What difficulties did I encounter

which . my principal or supervisor
can help me . solve?

G. What innovation or localized

materials . did I use/discover which
I wish to share . to other teachers