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H. Saber
Spring 2019

Mini Project- Modifying and Analyzing the Super Grain Case Study
Due Date for submitting Phase-I work: April 30, 2019)
(Due Date for submitting the final report: May 30, 2019)
(Date for Oral Group / individual presentations: June 13, 2019)

I- Consider the extension of the Super Grain Case study in section 3.4 and modify it to include at
least the coverage of the following issues:

(1) The discrepancies between the exposures per a single TV ad and the total
number of children & parents reached per a single TV ad,
(2) The corrections of the unnecessary charges in relation to the planning
budget per ad,
(3) The attainment of at least the 17 million exposures that were originally
achieved using a minimum cost, and
(4) The relaxation of the strict constraint related to the coupons budget and
its effect on the achievement of the targets listed in the case.

II- Submit a report analyzing the super grain case input and output results along with all the assumptions
and modifications you did to the original model in section 3.4 using your own words.

III- Solve your group’s modified “Super Grain” model and prepare a managerial report that includes
a description of your proposed new optimal solution.

IV- Apply the various appropriate parametric (sensitivity) analysis concepts you learnt in this course that could be
used to provide a managerial report for your modified Super Grain Case Study. Your report must include complete
input and output analysis along with your own recommendations to the Super Grain Company. Your report must
include (1) An introduction to the Case original case with highlights to your proposed modifications to the existing
model, (2) A summary of the modified model along with a full description of the optimal solution, (3) A full-
fledged sensitivity analysis that covers possible variations in the objective function coefficients, right hand sides
(RHS) of the constraints, and other input parameters

V- Provide a managerial report highlighting a brief summary of the modified case along with clear recommendations
based on the results obtained from the analysis.

VI- Your final report should include the following sections

 Introduction (summary) to the original Mixed Super Grain case using your own words
 List of all the assumptions and/or modifications that you are introducing to the case with proper
 Summary of the modified model including full definitions of the variables, objective functions and
constraints in both text and algebraic formats.
 Comments on the solver output for your modified Super Grain model
 Full sensitivity / parametric analysis to the modified super grain model
 Conclusions and Recommendations based on the obtained results from the above analysis