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Key principles to K+M ​(Known & Moving)

Digital offers a completely different visibility to how people are connected (to our us/our
properties), how they are growing and who is helping them grow.

Every number has a name, every name has a story, and every story matters to God.

Principle 1: People are on a journey, we get to join God’s work in their life
- Your personal journey to Christ involved many touchpoints with many people.
- Even in a traditional model, people go through a (long) process where they connect with
different people, resources, opportunities (pathways) to come to where they are.
- Digital gives us visibility into many of the touchpoints
- both offline and online in a person’s journey
- the people (plural) connected with a person on their journey
- Some of the people may never be connected (at all!) to our field ministries, but would be
on a journey through our digital properties.

Principle 2: The focus in the Known and Moving Model is on the ​user​ and their next best
- We want to share the gospel, but our research indicates that the people we are starting
from a starting point that is much further back. Making a “gospel presentation” might not
be the most helpful step for the person in process. Sharing the gospel is important, but
sometimes asking a question and developing a relationship is just as important or more
important. (See journey grid, research based).
- This next best step might be with a variety of people, not just one specific person,
- Doni: ​Our tendency is - everything needs to be done with me​. It’s ‘my’ disciple.
Remember the principle: Paul planted, Apollos watered, God caused the growth
(1 Cor 3:6)
- The focus is on seeing spiritual growth over time.
- in ​LMI the focus is on the activities that the agent of the organization does​, in K&M
the focus is on ​the activities of the user ​that is ​journeying with the organization.
Principle 3:

1. Clarity on measurement and CMDs.

● approaching measurement in DS is different
● using PowerBI in the area, integration of GMA and iShare

What is your definition of CMD in digital

Informed by activities (objective) not subjective experience

Digital allows us to to see ​many ​of the touchpoints​.

1. People are on a journey.

Your journey involved multiple touch points.

Issues / Challenges:

Our set-up of GMA and the related expectations that come with is forcing the issue. It’s causing
us to ‘own’ our disciples.

- the focus in on the organization staff/person - because they are required to report their
- the focus is on the organization, not the 10x discipleship thinking. Our volunteers will never be
motivated to ‘report’, but they are motivated to use apps/tools that add value to them.
(e.g. Beach’s story: the Pastor who used GodTools who lead 23 people to Christ. That Pastor is
not going to report into the GMA.)


Is GMA really part of the ‘old’ wineskins?

-need to cautious how we use ‘old’ Better to position contrast K+M with the current
How do we (officially) get ​Known + Moving framework​into the LWI?
This now becomes a norm to refer to K+M as a legit form of measurement that we care about.

Is the ‘Guide’ in K+M framework the closest equivalent to the ‘CMDs’ that we are looking for?

What is our KPI

Russ: How many people are we helping grow spiritually?