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Asterisk® Interoperability Partnership

AMTELCO XDS is a Digium® Asterisk® Interoperability Partner. Digium has certified the
AMTELCO XDS 8-port E&M board for use with Asterisk telephony software.

The AMTELCO XDS H.100 PCI Loop Start, Station, T1/E1, and E&M
boards support the open source Asterisk interface.

All XDS boards are intelligent, each having its own processor
which is responsible for all the details of signaling detection and
timing. This allows for a truly distributed architecture while placing a nominal burden on
the host PC. All firmware for the main processor and the DSPs is stored in Flash memory,
allowing for easy upgrades of the firmware, eliminating time-consuming and error prone
downloading at boot time, and providing high density and excellent reliability.

If you are building an Asterisk application and need high density port configurations, or
support for existing radio transmitter interfaces (E&M), then the new Asterisk interface
from AMTELCO XDS is your solution!
Asterisk is a trademark of Digium, Inc.


The AMTELCO XDS E&M boards feature software
configurable ports which include 2 or 4-wire Type I
or Type V signaling circuits, radio control circuits, and
2 or 4-wire audio circuits.

Applications include interfacing to trunked radios and specific E&M lines in a CO or PBX.

Available in H.100 PCI (8-Port), H.110 CompactPCI (16-Port), and soon PCI Express formats.


The AMTELCO XDS VoIP Board is designed to be a cost-effective solution for
developers. The VoIP board is a TDM to VoIP Ethernet gateway, and allows
from 96 to 600 concurrent VoIP sessions.

The board will encode/decode, packetize and route data between the
H.100 ports and an Ethernet port.

Support for RTP (real time transport protocol) and RTCP (real time
transport control protocol) and a subset of SIP are included.

Available in the H.100 PCI format.

The AMTELCO XDS T1/E1 Boards provide either 4 or 8 T1/E1/J1 or Primary Rate ISDN
interfaces, and support Q.SIG features for interfacing to PBXs.

The board includes 256 full-duplex voice record/playback channels, supports 256
ports of call analysis, and provides two analog inputs for music-on-hold.

The XDS T1/E1 board includes status LEDs for each span which provide red,
yellow, and blue alarm indications. Also included is a selectable
75 ohm/120 ohm E1 interface, or a 100 ohm T1 interface.

An ARINC satellite communications protocol is also supported.

Available in PCI Express and H.100 PCI formats.

AMTELCO XDS Analog Line Interface Boards

XDS Station Boards – (pictured at left)
The XDS Station Port Boards function as
an interface to analog telephones, and are
ideal for applications where many ports are

The boards can be programmed to different national standards on a port-by-port basis,

and can ring telephones via a power supply/ring generator.

Available in H.100 PCI (24-Port), H.110 CompactPCI (32-Port), and soon PCI Express formats.

XDS Loop Start Boards – (pictured at right)

AMTELCO XDS Loop Start Boards connect to loop lines
from the telephone company. Port timing and impedance
characteristics can be set to adapt to different national

Available in H.100 PCI (12 or 24-Port), H.110 CompactPCI

(16 or 32-Port), and soon PCI Express formats.

AMTELCO XDS Conference Boards
High density and high quality AMTELCO XDS Conference Boards are ideal for
large conference applications, and include a bidirectional analog port for
functions such as music-on-hold and conference monitoring.

These boards are also available with “Voice Distortion” for applications
where voice identification is an issue.

Available in the H.100 PCI (256 ports of conferencing) and the

H.110 CompactPCI (512 ports of conferencing) formats.
(The Voice Distortion feature provides 128 ports in H.100 PCI format,
and 256 ports in H.110 CompactPCI format.)


In 1976, with the FCC certification program, AMTELCO was formed to provide
modern, computer-based messaging equipment to the telephone answering
service industry.

The first XDS boards were sold in 1980, and are now used by developers around
the world. Today, AMTELCO markets a wide variety of innovative XDS boards in
H.100 PCI and H.110 CompactPCI formats. As new technologies emerge, AMTELCO
XDS will design new products that allow developers to take advantage of the latest

Mission Statement
AMTELCO’s XDS group is dedicated to providing developers around the world with
high-density products that are easy to use, easy to implement, highly reliable, and
feature full service and support.

AMTELCO XDS Software Drivers

Software drivers are available for most common operating systems, including
Microsoft® Windows®, 2000/XP/NT, Linux, UnixWare, Solaris, Gentoo Linux 2006.0
(kernel 2.6), and Fedora Core 3 (kernel 2.6) operating systems. An Asterisk® channel
driver is also available.

AMTELCO software driver packages are distributed free of charge to XDS customers,
with open source code for the driver and all supporting applications.

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