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(LET Major in English and Literature C.

God Sees the truth but Waits

Supplementary Reviewer, also includes D. Father and Sons 19. “Joy Luck Club” was written by_____.
Philippine Literature) A. Jane Austen
10. Who is considered the goddess of B. Amy Tan
1. F. Scott Fritzgerald’s story that is about a Philippine poetry? C. Toni Marrison
boy who was born old and gets younger A. Ophelia Alcantara Dimalanta D. Oscar Wilde
everyday is titled_______. B. Teresa Subido
A. The curious Case of Benjamin Button C. Aida Rivera Ford 20. Which of the following was written by
B. The Great Gatsby D. Angela Manalang Gloria Virginia Wolf?
C. The Innocent Boy A. Tale of Two Cities
D. Growing Young 11. Dante Aligherie’s Divine Comedy, B. Mrs. Dalloway
originally titled Comedia, is a trilogy. Which C. Sons and Lovers
2. In Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, which tale among the three is most widely read? D. House of the Spirits
talks about three friends who killed each other A. Purgatory
for the chest filled with treasures? B. Inferno
A. Pardoner’s tale C. Paradise
B. Knight’s tale D. Heaven
C. Merchant’s tale
D. The Nun Priest’s tale 12. The reality TV show Big Brother is based
on the novel by George Orwell titled____. ANSWERS
3. Rabindranath Tagore’s poem “Innermost A. Big Brother 1 A
One” is taken from the collection of devotional B. 1984 2 A
songs titled_____. C. Brother 3 A
A. Gitanjali D. Brother and Sons 4 A
B. Shakuntala 5 A
C. Ramayana 13. The film “Gone with the Wind” is about the 6 A
D. Mahbharata American___. 7 A
A. Revolution 8 A
4. Loreto Paras Sulit’s short story that B. Civil War
9 A
revolves around theme that beauty can be very C. Cold War
10 A
dangerous is titled___. D. War of the Roses
A. The Harvest 11 B
B. The Beautiful Stanger 12 B
C. Desire 13 B
D. Beautiful Liar 14 B
14. The novel “Pride and Prejudice” was 15 B
5. Paz Marquez Benitez wrote a story about written by_____. 16 B
a love triangle amongst Alfredo, Esperanza and A. Charlotte Bronte 17 B
Julia. What is the title of this masterpiece? B. Jane Austen 18 B
A. Dead Stars C. Anne Bradsheet 19 B
B. Wedding Dance D. Edith Wharton 20 B
C. Desire
D. Tatsulok 15. Who wrote the short story “A Rose for
6. The film “Tatarin” is based on the short A. Emil Dickinson
story by Nick Joaquin titled____. B. William Faulkner
A. Summer Solstice C. Virginia Wolf
B. May Day Eve D. Mary Shelley
C. Three Generations
D. Woman with Two Navels 16. “I don’t care what they think! I’ll show them
what flying is!” The lines are from what best
7. In Paz Latorena’s story “Desire”, the main selling novella?
character has sexy body but a _______. A. A Christmas Carol
A. Homely face B. Jonathan Livingston Seagull
B. Twisted mind C. Pride and Prejudice
C. Scaly skin D. Gone with the Wind
D. Low I.Q.
17. The pen name of Mary Ann Evans
8. Who is considered to be the father of is_______.
essay? A. Emily Watts
A. Michel de Montaigne B. George Eliot
B. Francis Bacon C. Jane Seymour
C. William Shakespeare D. Anne Bradsheet
D. George Eliot
18. Who wrote the novel “War of the Worlds”?
9. Which work of Leo Tolstoy is about the A. John Steinbeck
Napoleonic invasion in Russia? B. H.G. Wells
A. War and Peace C. William Golding
B. Anna Karenina D. George Orwell