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Division of Oriental Mindoro

Bongabong Technical and Vocational High School
Poblacion, Bongabong, Oriental Mindoro

Pupil’s Performance Assessment in Music for Grades 1-10

Category: 3rd Periodic Test
District/School: BONGABONG TECHNICAL AND VOCATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL Date of Test Administration: January 10-11, 2019

Grade Level No. of No. of Learners Who Achieved the Given Mastery Levels
Learners COMPETENCY Mastered Closely Moving Average Low Very Low Absolutely INTERVENTIONS CONDUCTED FINDINGS
(100- Approximating Towards Mastery Mastery (14-5%) No Mastery
96%) Mastery Mastery (65-35%) (34-15%) (4-0%)
(95-66%) (85-66%)
7 42  Determine the key
message conveyed in 80%
the text read
 Use one’s schema to Enhancement/Remediation
better understand a 84% during ICL (every Friday) time
and Enhancement period
 Identify the basic
(every Wednesday afternoon)
elements of a literary 87%
 Use past tense 89%
 Identify active and 85%
passive voice
8 44  Identify the notable Enhancement/Remediation
literary genres 78.96% during ICL (every Friday) time
contributed by and Enhancement period
Southeast Asian (every Wednesday afternoon).
 Explain how the
elements specific to a 77.40%
genre contribute to
the theme of a
particular literary
Performance feedback,
 Determine the stand
Opportunities to Drill, and
of the speaker on a
given issue presented 82.69% Progress Monitoring
in the text listened to

 Use appropriate 82.57%

persuasive devices
 Compose an 83.36%
informative essay and
headline story
9 51  Analyze Literature 80%
 Compose form of 78%
Literary Writing Enhancement/Remediation
 Determine mood, during ICL (every Friday) time.
tone, techniques and 86% Enrichment and Re-teaching.
purpose of the author
 Express appreciation 89%
for sensory images
 Use verbals 89%

Prepared by: Noted:

STEPHANIE D. BALMEDINA _________________________________

School Coordinator EPS/PSDS In-charge of the District