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1. There are plenty of tomatoes in the fridge. You a. Could b. Might

__________ buy any. c. May d. Must
a. Shouldn’t b. Mustn’t 17. My father ______ carry me on his shoulders when
c. Needn’t d. May not I was a child.
2. I __________ speak Arabic fluently when I was a a. Can b. Would
child and we lived in Morocco. Now, I __________ c. Should d. May
just say a few things in the language. 18. She was driving so fast that she ______ stop in
a. May, might b. Could, can time.
c. Would, will d. Can, could a. Can’t b. Needn’t
3. Take an umbrella. It __________ rain later. c. Couldn’t d. Shouldn’t
a. Will b. Should 19. That lady ______ be Jenny. She is fatter.
c. May d. Might a. May b. Mustn’t
4. Drivers __________ stop when the traffic lights are c. Should d. Can’t
red. 20. ______ you get well soon!
a. Should b. Might a. Can b. Will
c. Must d. Will c. May d. Would
5. How ______ you have left the bathroom in such a 21. The rain has stopped so you ______ put on your
mess? raincoat.
a. Couldn’t b. Might a. Needn’t b. Can’t
c. Could d. Will c. Shouldn’t d. Should
6. Mat ______ be lazy but he is certainly not stupid. 22. Why did you push her? She ______ have fallen and
a. Needn’t b. Mustn’t hurt her.
c. Should d. May a. Can b. Could
c. Shall d. Should
7. I ______ speak Swedish, Dutch and Japanese.
a. Can b. May 23. We ______ share a room but he has moved out now.
c. Should d. Shouldn’t a. Will b. Shall
c. Used to d. May
8. I think we are lost. The man ______ have given us
the wrong directions 24. If people ______ live forever the world ______ be
a. Might b. Should overcrowded.
c. Would d. Will a. May, must b. Will, would
c. Must, should d. Could, would
9. You ______ be serious about swimming outdoors
25. I've lost one of my gloves. I ______ it somewhere.
in winter.
a. Must drop b. Must have dropped
a. Would b. Can’t
c. Must be dropping
c. Could d. Might
d. Must have been dropping
10. Plants ______ have sunlight in order to make food. 26. Mrs. Tay ______ leave for Bangkok tomorrow for a
a. Can b. May business meeting.
c. Must d. Will a. Must b. Will
11. Since our bags are identical you ______ have taken c. Had to d. Use to
mine by mistake. 27. I ______ take a holiday after working tirelessly on
a. Can b. Will this project.
c. Shall d. Could a. Have to b. Need to
12. Parents ______ take care of their children. c. Will d. Must
a. May b. Ought to 28. You ______ have made a list of all your
c. Mustn’t d. Shouldn’t requirements. Then, you would not have
13. ______ you excuse me for a moment? forgotten anything.
a. Would b. Should a. Can b. Could
c. Must d. Needn’t c. Might d. Ought to
29. The students ______ finish the test on time
14. She ______ stay up late if she takes a nap now.
a. Mustn’t b. Shouldn’t despite the short time they were given.
c. Can d. Used to a. Could b. Might
c. Were able to d. Had better
15. The rules say that you ______ bring along your 30. I didn't bring my umbrella, but I ______ borrow
identity card to the examination hall. one.
a. Will b. Used to a. Could b. Was able to
c. Would d. Need to c. Were able to d. Had better

16. He ______ take care of himself before he fell ill.