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The Little Match Girl

1.It was the last evening of the year.
2.At a toy shop, there was a boy with his parents.
3.“Mommy!Daddy!Look!I want all the trains!”
4.“Just one ,dear. OK?”
5.“Yes,mommy.I want that red one”
6.A pool little girl looked at them.
7.“They look happy.”
8.She had no mother.
9.She had no father.
10.The litter girl was selling matches.
11.“Matches! Matches! Please buy some matches.”
12.“I don't need any!”
13.“Move aside!”
14.“Matches! Matches! Please buy some matches.”
15.No one listened to her.
16.No one looked at her.
17.She was getting colder and colder.
18.Suddenly a coach passed by.
19.The girl fell down.
20.“Ouch! Ah! Oh! My shoes slipped off.”
21.“I'll take then.”
22.“Oh,no!They are mine. Please give them back!”
23.A boy picked up her shoes and ran away.
24.“I'm too cold and lonely.”
25.The little girl sat down and drew up her little feet.
26.She looked into the window.
27.“They are having dinner together. I miss my family. Oh, it's so cold. Ah! I will strike this match.
It will give me a warm light.”
28.The little girl struck a match.
29.She saw a room in the light.
30.There was a big stove.
31.“Wow,it's a stove! Ah, it's warm!”
32.But the light soon went out.
33.The stove also disappeared.
34.“Oh,no!Stay here! Stay with me!”
35.The match girl struck another match.
36.There was delicious food on the table.
37.“I’m very hungry.It looks so delicious.”
38.But the light soon went out. The food disappeared, too.
39.“Oh,no!Stay here! Stay with me!”
40.She struck another match.
41.Now she saw a Christmas tree.
42.It was very tall and beautiful.
43.“Wow,a Christmas tree! Look at the candles and balls. How beautiful! A lot of gift boxes! Can I
open a box?”
44.But the Christmas tree soon disappeared, too.
45.The match girl looked at the sky. She saw a star falling.
46.“A star is falling. Maybe someone is dying.”
47.“When a star falls, a soul is going up to God.”
48.“Grandmother,I miss you so much.”
49.She struck another match.
50.It became bright again. The match girl saw her grandmother.
51.“Grandmother!But I know you will soon disappear! Please don't go!”
52.“Don't worry dear. We will be together forever.”
53“Take me with you!”
54.The next morning, people found the match girl.
55.She was frozen to death on the street.
56.“Oh,poor little girl!”
57.“Look at the matches around her! She wanted to warm herself.”
58.“But she looks happy!”
59.No one imagined that she had met her grandmother.

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
1.Once upon a time,there lived two brothers.
2.They were the rich but greedy Cassim,and the poor but good Ali Baba.
3.One day,Ali Baba was cutting wood in the forest.
4.He heard a group of men coming toward him.
5.He hid himself behind a tree .
6.“They must be thieves.How many are there ?1,2,3,4,5,...37,38,39,40!Forty men in all!”
7.“Open ,sesame!”A door in the rock magically opened.
8.The men all went inside,and the door closed.
9.After a while,the door opened again.The robbers all came out .
10.“Close,sesame!” Then all the men rode away.
11.“What is behind that door?I must see it.Open ,sesame!”
12.The door opened ,and Ali Baba entered the cave.
13.It was full of all kinds of treasure .Ali Baba couldn’t believe his eyes!
14.“Oh,dear! I can’t believe it ! Look at the gold coins and jewels!I am rich now.”
15.Ali Baba loaded his three mules with bags.
16.He then went straight home.
17.Soon Cassim also went to the cave.He took as much treasure as he could.
18.“Now,time to go home,Open,wheat!Open,barley!What was that?Aha!Open,sesame!”
19.When the door opened,There were the robbers.
20.“How dare you take my treasure?”
21.The captain punished Cassim.
22.The captain was angry.He wanted know who took his treasure.
23.“Go find out who became suddenly rich!”
25.“And leave a mark on the gate of the house.”
27.Early in the morning,a girl noticed the mark.
28.She was Ali Baba’s servant,Morgiana.
29.“Oh?What is this mark?Hm...It’s strange.”
30.So she made the same mark on all the gates.
31.That night,the thieves could not locate Ali Baba’ house.
32.The captain found Ali Baba’s house again.
33.He disguised himself as an oil merchant and went to Ali Baba’s house.
34.“Can I stay at your house?Just for one night.”
35.“Yes,you can.come in.”
36.Good Ali Baba arranged a room for him to stay in.
37.One of the thieves hiding in the jar asked,”Should we wait more,captain?”
38.“Huh?What was that?”Morgiana looked into the jar.
39.“He must be one of the thieves.”
40.She poured hot oil into the jar.The captain went back to his cave.
41.The captain disguised himself as a silk merchant and visited Ali Baba’house.
42.“Let me dance for the guests.”
43.“Look at this man!”He is the captain of the thieves!”
44.“You saved my life,Morgiana.”
45.Thanks to morgiana,Ali Baba was able to survive.
46.Then,he shared the treasure with the poor and lived happily,ever after.

the Elves and the Shoemaker
1,Once upon a time, there lived a shoemaker and his wife.
2,The shoemaker worked very hard, but he did not sell many shoes.
3,''We have no food, we have no money.''
4,''All we have is enough leather to make one pair of shoes.''
5,That night, before he went to bed.
6,The shoemaker cut out the leather and left it on his table.
7,''Tomorrow,I will get up early, I'll make my last pair of shoes.''
8,Then he went to bed hungry.
9,The next morning the shoemaker was surprised
10,When he saw what was on the table.
11,A beautiful pair of shoes.
12,What happened?
13,They are beautiful! when did you make them?
14,''No,I didn't make those shoes''.
15,A pretty lady came into the shop.
16,“What beautiful shoes! Can I buy them?''
18,''How much are them? ”“actually...''
19,''The lady was very rich, she paid him well
20,With the money the shoemaker's wife bought food.
21,And the shoemaker bought more leather .
22,That night, before he went to bed.
23,The shoe maker cut the leather for two pair of shoes.
24,''Tomorrow I'll get up early.
25,I'll make two pairs of shoes.''
26,Then he went to bed.
27,Then next morning ,when they woke up, there were two pairs of shoes on the table!
28,''They are wonderful! When did you make them?''
29,No,I didn't make those shoes.''
30,Soon customers came into the shop.
31,''I want those shoes!''
32,''Oh, what lovely shoes! How much are they?''
33,They each paid him well.
34,This situation went on over and over again.
35,The shoemaker became very rich.
36,The shoemaker said to his wife.
37,''We must find out who makes the shoes.''
38,Right.Tonight let's sit up and watch who it is.''
39,''That's a good idea!''
40,That night, the shoemaker and her wife did not go to bed.
41,They hid behind a curtain and waited.
42,At midnight, two little elves jumped through the window.
43,They climbed onto the table and began to work.
44,''Our needles fly back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.''
45,''Our hammers beat rap a tap-tap, rap a tap-tap, tap, tap ,tap.''
46,That night, the elves made ten pairs of shoes for the shoemaker.
47,When they finished, they skipped and danced over to the window and vanished into the night.
48,The shoemaker said to his wife,
49,The elves have helped us. How can we help them?''
50,''It's cold outside and their clothes are ragged.
51,I would like to make some clothes for them.''
52,''Okay,Then I'll make them some shoes.''
53,When the shoes and the clothes were ready.
54,the shoemaker and his wife left them on the table.
55,Then,they again hid behind the curtain.
56,At midnight, the little elves jump through the window.
57,The elves found the shoes and clothes.
58,''Wow!Look at the nice clothes!''
59,''Look at the beautiful shoes!''
60,The elves clapped their hands with joy.
61,Put on their clothes and skipped out of the window.
62,The shoemaker and his wife never saw the elves again.
63,But after that night, everything went very well and they lived happily ever after.

Beauty and the Beast
1, Once upon a time ,there lived a merchant who had three daughters
2,The youngest daughter was most beautiful.
3,Everyone called her Beauty.
4,One day, the merchant was going to the market.
5,''What do you want as a present?''
6,''Please,buy me a new dress.''
7.''Please,buy me a pearl necklace.''
8,''I would like a rose.''
9,The merchant had finished his business.
10,On his way back home, there was a sudden storm.
11,''Oh,no!what a horrible storm!I can't see.''
12,Then, he suddenly noticed a bright light, shining in the middle of the woods.
13,It was a palace.
14,''Hello!Is anybody home?''
15,He shouted, but nobody came to greet him.
16,He went inside.
17,On a table in the main hall, a dinner was ready.
18,''Oh,I'm so hungry.''
19,He sat down at the table and ate the food.
20,''I'm so tired.tired...''
21,he soon fell asleep.
22,The next morning, he saw a beautiful garden and went out.
23,''A beautiful rose!''
24,He bent down to pick the rose.
25,Instantly,sprang a horrible beast.
26,''Ungrateful man! I gave you shelter.But you ruined my garden!''
27,''Forgive me!The rose was for my daughter, Beauty.''
28,Then, bring your daughter, Beauty.''
29,Beauty came to the palace to save her father.
30,In return for her life, the Beast released Beauty's father.
31,The Beast was good to Beauty and took care of her.
32,''You are so kind.'' ''Thank you.''I like you.''
33,Beauty and the Beast became good friends.
34,One day ,the Beast presented Beauty with a magic mirror.
35,''It's a present from the Beast.
36,Look!There's a letter!''
37,Dear Beauty, this is a magic mirror.
38,Look into it when you want to see your family.''
39,When Beauty peeped into it, she could see her family, far away.
40,Beauty stared at the mirror everyday.
41,One day, she found her father was sick.
42,My father is very ill. please ,can I go and visit him?''
43,''If you go, you will not come back.''
44,I swear! I swear! I will come back in a week!''
45,''If you do not return in a week, I may die!''
46,''Beauty,my love, I feel better now.''。''That's wonderful!''
47,Relieved to see Beauty again, her father felt much better.Beauty was happy.
48,However,she did not notice that seven days had gone by.
49,''Oh !I must go back to the Beast.''
50,When Beauty returned, she found the Beast in the rose garden.''Beast,I'm back!''
51,''You're too late, I'm dying.''
52,''No!Please don't die. I love you .''
53,Then something magical happened.
54,The Beast turned into a handsome young man.''What happened to you?''
55,''The terrible spell was broken because your love for me. Thank you.''
56,Beauty and the Beast had a wonderful wedding.
57,And they lived happily ever after.

The boy who cried wolf
1. Once upon a time ,there lived a young shepherd boy.
2. The shepherd boy felt so bored with his life.
3. “It’s no fun.I have to stay up here all by myself. isn’t there anything fun to do ?”
4. He tried to come up with something exciting.
5. Finally,he had a good idea.
6. “Yes! I have an idea!It will be lots of fun!”
7. He went around the hill and cried out loud
8. “Wolf! Wolf! A big hungry wolf!Help me !Please,come and help me!”
9. “Ba,ba,ba,ba......”
10. “Wolf?”
“Oh,no!” “Hurry up!”
“Let’s go up and help the shepherd boy.”
11. Everyone rushed up to the hill.
12. A cook came up with a frying pan.
“Is everything alright with the sheep?”
13. An old lady came up with a broomstick.
“Oh,did you get hurt?”
14. A farmer came up with a pitchfork.
“Freeze! You bad wolf!”
15. An old man came up with a stick.
“You are not hurt,are you?”
16. The villagers were worried about the shepherd boy and the sheep.
17. Everyone looked around , but there was no wolf.
18.“Where is the wolf?”
“Ha ha ha,what wolf?” “You cried,’wolf’!”
19. “You were all fooled. Ha Ha!There is no wolf.It was just a game. Hahahaha!”
20. “Oh, I was scared.”
“I ran so fast. I can’t even breathe.”
“Don’t ever lie again,boy!”
“Don’t do that again.”
21. The villagers went back to town.
22. The next day,The shepherd boy was bored again.
23. “It’s was lots of fun yesterday, but it’s no fun today.Lots of people came up here yesterday,
but no one here today.Why not have some more fun?”
So ,he decided to call the people again.
24. He went around the hill and cried out loud.
25. “Wolf!Wolf! A big hungry wolf!Help me! Please,come and help me!”
26. “Wolf?”
“Oh,no!” “He tricked us yesterday.”
“It must be true,this time.
27. Hurry up!Let’s go up and help the shepherd boy.”
28. Everyone rushed up to the hill again.
29. The village people looked around but there was no wolf.
30. “Where is the wolf?’
31. “Hahaha,what wolf? You were all fooled again.There is no wolf. It was just a game.”
32. “You ,bad boy!”
“You fooled me again!”
33. The villagers were very angry and went back to town.
34. A little later,a wolf really appeared.
35. “Huh!Wolf!Wolf!A big hungry wolf!
Help me !Please ,come and help me!”
36. “Ba,ba,ba,ba......”
The boy cried out, “Help me,please ! A real wolf!”
37. The villagers didn’t believe the boy this time.
38. “Is he telling a lie again?”
“He fooled us twice.”
“It can’t be true.”
“We won’t go.”
“Not this time.”
39. Nobody wanted to go and help the boy.
40. The shepherd boy was afraid and the wolf was happy.
41. “That’s good.Nobody is coming.I’ll catch them all.”
42. “The wolf is killing all the sheep.And nobody is coming.
43. Why did I play the game?”
44. He regretted what he had done.But,it was no use.Because it was too late.

Midas touch
1. Once there lived a king named Midas.
2. He had more gold than any other king in the world.
3. “Ha ha ha ha! I love gold. Gold is more important than anything. Oh ,gold! Oh,gold!”
4. One day ,a drunken stranger was sleeping under a tree in his kingdom.
5. A servant found him and took him to king Midas.
6. “Where am I? Take me back home.My friend will pay you.”
7. He was Silenus, the friend of the god Dionysus.
8. King Midas treated Silenus very well ,because Dionysus was a very powerful god.
9. Midas brought Silenus back to Dionysus.
10. “Dionysus , here is your friend. He was sleeping under a tree.It was cold out there and I saved
11. “Thank you very much. You’re very kind. You may have one wish.”
12. Midas was a greedy king.
13. “Whatever I touch, I wish it would turn into gold.”
14. “Are you sure ?”
15. “Yes,I am very sure.”
16. And his wish came true.
17. King Midas had a wonderful garden.
18. In the garden ,he wanted to try out his new power.
19. “Is it going to turn into gold?”
20. When Midas touched a tree,it turned into gold.
21. “Oh,dear! The tree turned into gold!”
22. When Midas touched a stone , it turned into gold.
23. “Oh ,dear! The stone turned into gold!”
24. He was very happy.
25. The king soon felt hungry and went down to eat his breakfast.
26. Now, a strange thing happened.
27. When he raised a loaf of bread,it turned into gold.
28. “Oh,no! It turned into gold.I can’t eat gold.”
29. When he raised a glass of water,it turned into gold.
30. “Oh,no! It turned into gold,too.I can’t drink gold.”
31. He couldn’t eat or drink.
32. King Midas began to regret his wish.
33. Just then ,his daughter came in.
34. “Are you okay, father?”
35. She was the dearest of all to King Midas.
36. “Oh ,my dear,don’t worry. I love you.”
37. He hugged his daughter.
38. At once the girl was turned into gold.
39. “Oh,no! My daughter turned into gold!”
40. King Midas was very shocked and sad.
41. King Midas visited Dionysus again.
42. “Please take back my wish! Give me back my daughter. My daughter is more important than
43. “Are you sure?”
44. “Yes, I am very sure.”
45. Dionysus granted his wish again.
46. “Go to the spring in your garden and fill a pitcher with water. Then,sprinkle those things
which you have touched.”
47. King Midas took the pitcher and rushed to the spring.
48. He washed his hands in the spring and his hands turned back to normal.
49. “Now it’s time to turn back my daughter.”
50. He ran to the palace with the pitcher.
51. King Midas first sprinkled the head of his dear little daughter.
52. And she turned back to his precious daughter.
53. “Oh,my precious daughter. You’re back.”
54. “Yes,I’m back.”
55. She gave him a hug.
56. King Midas learned a great lesson.
57. “I no longer think gold is the greatest thing in the world.”
The Flying Trunk
1. It was Saturday.
2. The king and the queen came to tea with their daughter.
3."This young man is messenger of the gods." "Oh, Really?"
4."And he is very good at storytelling."
5."Will you tell us a story?" "Oh, certainly."
6. So the merchant's son started his story.
7. This story happened in the kitchen.
8. There was once a box of matches between a tinder box and old iron kettle.
9. And the matches told the story of their youth.
10. “We used to be on the green branches.”
11. "Every morning, we had diamond tea, which was the dew."
12."And the whole day long, we had sunshine."
13."And the little birds used to sing for us."
14."We were very happy."
15. Everybody in the room listened up and waited for what was going on.
16."Then, the woodcutter came, and our family was split up."
17."Yes, we were so sad."
18."At last, we became a box of matches."
19."Now,we have to make light in the kitchen."
20."Now we are in the kitchen. But once we were very grand."
21.Then,the kettle said "I'm the grandest. Because the maid washes me everyday."
22."No,I'm the grandest."
23."The box of matches and the iron kettle began arguing."
24.Suddenly the door opened and the maid came in.
25.Everyone was quiet. There was not a sound.
26.The maid took the matches and lit the fire with them.
27.Matches said, "Look! How beautiful we are!"
28."But they soon burned out. That was the end of the matches."
29.The merchant's son was done with his story.
30.And the king clapped his hands.
31."Oh! What an interesting story!"
32."Yes,It was amazing!" "Thanks a lot."
33.The king and the queen were happy.
34.They decided to allow him to marry the princess.
35."You shall marry our daughter."
36.You shall marry our daughter on Monday.
37.They treated the young man as one of the family.
38.The wedding was arranged.
39.And the night before the whole town was decorated with lights.
40.Cookies and cakes were given out to the people.
41.The boys in the street shouted, "Hurrah!" and whistled.
42."Now I must also give them a treat."
43."The merchant's son bought firecrackers, and rockets, and fireworks."
44.And he loaded his trunk with them and flew over the town.
45.Pop! went the crackers. And swoosh! went the rockets.
46.Some people jumped so high that their slippers flopped over their ears.
47."Wow!The princess' groom is a real god!"
48.The merchant's son came down the woods.
49."I want to hear what they say." So he went to the town.
50."How was the groom of the princess?"
51.“He was a god himself!His eyes shone like stars.”
52."He was in the fireworks!"
53.Oh, what wonderful stories they told!
54.The merchant's son was very, very happy.
55.He went back to the woods to rest in his trunk.
56.But guess what! The trunk was burned!
57."Oh,my!My trunk is burned!"
58.A spark from the fireworks had set it on fire.
59.Now the trunk was in ashes.
60."What can I do, now?"
61.He couldn't fly any more. He had no way to reach his bride.
62.She waited for him on the roof, all day long.
63.Perhaps she is waiting there still.

The Three Golden Goats
1. Once a fairy was riding a coach pulled by three golden goats.
2. Suddenly her goats ran away into a field.
3. "Oh, no! My golden goats! Come back to me!"
4. Luckily three brothers caught them.
5. "What amazing goats!"
6. "I'm sure the owner will want them back."
7. The fairy came to the three brothers.
8. She was glad to see her goats.
9. "Oh, my golden goats! You are safe!"
10. "Should we give them back to you?"
11."To thank you for catching them, you may keep the goats.
12. But you should be careful. They might run away again.
13. If they come to me again, you must tell me which one is yours.
14. It will be hard."
15. After saying that, the fairy disappeared.
16. The three brothers couldn't believe their luck.
17. "Wow! We can get rich! We can sell the goats golden fleece."
18. "But we must be careful with the goats."
19. "Yes! We must make sure to keep the goats here."
20. So the eldest brother branded his goat with tar behind the left ear.
21. The second brother branded his goat with tar between the horns.
22. The youngest one branded his goat with tar under the chin.
23. Of course they didn't forget the fairy's warning.
24. They tried to keep the goats safe.
25. "I will tie a rope around the neck of my goat."
26. "I will tie a rope around the neck of my goat, too.
27. And I will hold the end of the rope all night."
28. But the youngest brother watched his goat himself.
29. As they expected, bundles of Golden Fleece sold at a high price.
30. Soon the three brothers became rich.
31. They dressed in fine clothes and built palaces.
32. "You look wonderful!"
33. "You look wonderful, too."
34. The youngest brother built himself a palace, too.
35. Still, he cared for the goat himself.
36. He loved leading his goat with him, petting and talking to him.
37. And when he whistled…
38. The goat followed him like a dog.
39. He rode on the goat's back and they took trips together.
40. One morning, the eldest brother found his goat gone.
41. "Oh, my! My goat ran away!"
42. The second brother found his goat gone, too.
43. "Oh, no! My goat ran away!"
44. The youngest brother found his goat gone, too.
45. "Oh, my goodness! My goat ran away!"
46. "My goat must be with the other goats."
47. "I will go and check the fairy’s."
48. "Where is my goat? I'm so worried."
49. So the three brothers went to the fairy.
50. The fairy's castle was in the woods on a hilltop.
51. "Ah, welcome. I thought you would be here soon.
52. Your goats came to me a while ago.
53. You're welcome to get your goat, if you can tell your goats apart from the others.
54. You can take them with you."
55. "Can we look at the stalls?"
56. "Of course!"
57. The three brothers went to the stalls to look at the goats.
58. Each goat was in a stall with walls and floors of marble.
59. And they went from stall to stall.
60. They looked at each golden goat in turn.
61. "Where is my goat?
62. No goat has a mark behind the left ear!"
63. "Where is my goat? No goat has a mark between the horns!"
64. "Where is my goat? No goat has a mark under the chin!"
65. "All the goats bathed in my crystal clear stream.
66. So all of the marks are washed away!"
67. "None of the goats recognized you. So I want all of you to leave my palace."
68. "Oh, my goat! My golden goat!
69. How can you forget me? We had such a nice time together."
70. He cried sadly. Then, he began to whistle.
71. Suddenly, one of the goats stepped out of his stall.
72. And ran into the youngest brother's arms.
73. "Oh, my goat! My golden goat!"
74. He cried in delight.
75. And so the third brother and his goat met again.
76. They returned to the village and lived happily ever after.

The Happy Prince
1. Once upon a time, there was a statue of a Happy Prince.
2. The statue was covered with gold. The eyes were sapphire.
3. And there was a big ruby in the Happy Prince's sword.
4."Look at the sapphire and the ruby! The statue looks so beautiful."
5. One day, a little swallow was flying south.
6. "I'll rest here."
7. The swallow sat on the feet of the Happy Prince.
8. Suddenly, big drops of water fell on the head of the swallow.
9. "E~~K! I'm wet. It's not raining.
10. Where is the water coming from?"
11. "I'm sorry. My tears got you wet."
12. "Why are you crying?"
13. "When I was a human, I was always happy in my palace.
14. So people called me the Happy Prince."
15."But after I died, people set me up here.
16. Now, I can see all the poor people of the city.
17. I'm so sad to see them. Little swallow!
18. Please, do me a favor."
19. "What is it?"
20. "There is a poor woman.
21. Her child is crying for an orange, but she has no money.
22. Please, take the ruby in my sword, and give it to her."
23."An Orange~~! Mom, I want to eat an orange."
24. "I'm sorry. I have no money."
25. "This is for you. The Happy Prince gives this ruby."
26. "Huh? Oh my goodness! It's a ruby.
27. I can buy some oranges now."
28. "Happy Prince, I gave your ruby to the woman.
29. Good bye! I have to go. Winter is coming."
30."Little swallow! Please, do me one more favor.
31. There is a poor young man. He is a writer, but his room is so cold.
32. He can't write any more. My eyes are sapphires.
33. Please, give him one of my eyes."
34. "But you'll have only one eye." "I don't care."
35."Happy Prince, I gave your eye to him. He is happy now."
36."Thank you, swallow! Please, do me another favor."
37."No, I can't. It's already winter. I have to go."
38."Please, there is a match-selling girl. All of her matches fell in the gutter.
39. She has nothing to sell. Please, give her my eye."
40. Now, the Happy Prince had no eyes. But he wanted to give more.
41. "Swallow! Please, do me a favor. My boby is covered with gold.
42. Please, give away my gold to the poor people in the city."
43."Okay. I will."
44. A cold winter came. The Happy Prince had no gold or jewelry.
45. He didn't look beautiful any more. But the swallow and Prince were happy.
46. "Oh, it's really cold. I'm sorry, swallow. Why don't you fly south?"
47. "I won't. I am happy to be with you. I will stay here forever."
48. "Thank you!"
49. In the end, the swallow froze to death.
50. Soon, the people saw the statue of the Happy Prince.
51. "Look at the statue! It's not beautiful at all.
52. Let's tear it down."
53. People broke the statue down, and threw away the statue and the swallow.
54. That night, angels came down from heaven.
55. "Happy Prince and swallow! You made God so happy.
56. Follow me. You will be in heaven forever."

The Wise King
1 .Once upon a time, there lived a King.
2. He was smart and wise. One day, a rich man came to the King.
3 "Last night, a thief broke into my house, and he took all of my money.
4. Please, catch him and return my money."
5. "Don't worry! The police will catch the thief."
6 .The police caught four suspects. One of them was the thief.
7. "Here are the four suspects. Take a look at their faces!
8. Who stole your money?"
9. "I don't know. The thief wore a mask. I didn't see his face."
10 The king asked questions to the suspects.
11. "Did you steal his money?" "No, I didn't."
12."Did you steal his money?" "No, I didn't."
13. All of them said no.
14. One of them was lying, but the king couldn't figure out who it was.
15. Finally, the king thought of an idea.
16. "A ha. I have a magic bell. Hey, bring the magic bell here."
17."What is the magic bell?"
18. The magic bell will tell us who the thief is."
19. "Really? I can't believe it."
20. "This magic bell has mysterious powers.
21. If an innocent man touches the bell, it is silent.
22. But if a thief touches the bell, it rings."
23. "Oh, really? That sounds strange."
24. The people couldn't believe the king's words,
25. But they had to follow the king's orders.
26. "There is a magic bell behind the cloth.
27. Put your hands through the cloth and touch the bell."
28. The first suspect came forward He was really scared.
29. "Touch the bell!" "Okay! I will."
30. "See? I touched the bell. But it's not ringing.
31. I am not the thief. A~~ha ha ha ha~~!"
32. "Okay! Who's next? Go and touch the bell!"
33. The three suspects put their hands through the cloth one by one.
34. But the bell didn't ring. Finally, the last suspect came forward.
35. When the last suspect touched the bell, the bell didn't ring, either.
36. "Oh, no! The magic bell didn't ring at all.
37. None of them are the thief."
38. Everyone was disappointed that the bell couldn't find thief.
39. At that moment, the king gave the four suspects another order.
40. "Put forward your arms and show me your palms."
41. "Show my palms?"
42. "Why does he want to see our palms?"
43. "Be quiet and do as he told us."
44. The four suspects showed the king their palms.
45. Three of them had black palms. One of them had clean palms.
46. "Your palms are clean. You are the thief."
47. "Oh, no! How did you know?"
48. "The bell is covered with black ink.
49. You didn't touch the bell, did you?"
50. "No, I didn't."
51. "That's because you were scared to ring the bell.
52. The others touched the bell because they knew the bell wasn't going to ring."
53. "Please, forgive me. Please, forgive me!"
54. "Take him to the jail!"
55. "Wow! What a wise king! Our king is really wise."
56. All the people were surprised at the wise king's judgement,
57. and the wise king ruled the country for the rest of his life.

Jack and the Beanstalk
1 Once upon a time, a long time ago, there lived a mother and her son, Jack.
2 One day Jack's mother realized that they needed to sell their cow for money to buy food.
3 So, she sent Jack and their cow off to the market.
4 On his way, Jack came across an old man who told him he had magic beans for sale.
5 Jack asked the man, “What makes your beans magical?"
6 The old man told him that if he planted the seeds they would bring him great fortune.
7 So, Jack, although Jack knew he was to sell the cow for money, he instead traded the cow for
the magical beans and made his way back home.
8 When he returned, he told his mother about the old man and the magical beans.
9 Jack's mother was not happy.
10She did not believe that silly beans could bring anyone great fortune.
11Jack felt bad because his mother was unhappy, but he still believed the beans would grow him
the money they needed.
12That night Jack planted the beans behind their house and went to bed.
13The next morning when he and his mother awoke, they looked out their window to see the
tallest stalk that ever was!
14They looked up and up and the big stalk was growing into the sky!
15"I wonder where it goes? "Jack asked his mother. "I think I will climb up and see."
16Jack's mother wished him not to go but Jack was certain there was something wonderful at the
17So, he began to climb.
18He climbed up and up until he reached the sky!
19At the top of the stalk Jack came to a wonderful land full of beautiful gardens and lush forest.
20As he looked ahead through the gardens and woods, Jack saw a magical castle.
21Just as he was making his way towards the magnificent palace, a small fairy appeared.
22The fairy approached him and said, “Welcome Jack to your new home!"
23"My new home?" asked Jack.
24"Why yes, this castle has been here for you since you were a little boy. There's just one
problem." explained the fairy.
25"What's that? ”asked Jack.
26"There's an Ogre who took over the castle and he believes that it is his to keep.
27You will have to convince him that it belongs to you in order to have the great fortune you
28Jack thanked the fairy for her help and made his way to the castle.
29When he arrived the giant Ogre's wife greeted him.
30Jack kindly asked her if he might come in and see the great Ogre.
31She was pleased to let him in. impressed by his politeness.
32Jack spied the giant through a crack in the living room door, and what he saw amazed him!
33The Ogre had a hen that laid golden eggs, bags and bags of beautiful coins, and a harp that
made sweet songs when he told it to play.
34Jack knew that it would not be easy to persuade the giant Ogre to leave this great fortune, so
he had to think of a plan.
35Jack tiptoed into the large room and as he entered the Ogre said, "Fe Fi Fo Fum, who is it that
has come?"
36"It is I, Jack the king of this castle!"
37"King?" sniffed the giant Ogre."
38"Yes,"shouted Jack" And I am here to claim my great fortune!"
39"Well,"the Ogre exclaimed" you will not claim this fortune without a fight from me!"
40"I do not plan to fight from you Ogre "said Jack.
41"I plan to help you."
42"How can a small boy help a great giant like me?"
43"I will let you have all the food and fortune you desire without any work in retune as long as
you let me and my mother reclaim what is ours."
44"Life without work sounds like a dream!" said the Ogre. "It's a deal!"
45So, Jack went back down the beanstalk to find his mother.
46When he told her of the fortune he had found and the castle that was theirs, she cried for joy.
47For the rest of theirs days, Jack and his mother lived happily ever after in their castle in the sky
with the greatest fortune of all!

Three Little Pigs
1. There were three little pigs and they went to seek their fortune.
2. The first pig built his straw house.
3. Soon a wolf knocked on the door and said," Little pig, little pig, let me come in."
4. The pig knew better, and said, "No, no by the hair of my chinny chin chin."
5. The Wolf answered," Then I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house in."
6. So he huffed and he puffed and he blew the house in, and chased the little pig far away.
7. The second pig built a new stick home.
8. Along came the wolf, hungrier now, who said," Little pig, little pig, let me come in."
9. The second little pig said, "No, no by the hair of my chinny chin chin."
10."Then I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house in."
11. So he huffed and he puffed and he blew down the stick house, and chased the pig far far
12. The third little pig built a strong brick house.
13. So the wolf visited her and said, "Little pig, little pig, let me come in."
14. But the wise pig said," No, no, by the hair of my chinny chin chin."
15. So the wolf huffed, and he puffed, and puffed and huffed, and huffed and puffed, but he could
not blow the house in.
16. So the wolf decided to climb up the chimney.
17. Down the chimney came the wolf, only to find the pig seated at a table with a full meal for
18. The pig shared the food with his new friend the wolf, and showed him how to enjoy many
other delicious foods.
19. The smart little pig went on to live a very happy and peaceful life, with her two best friends,
who had returned and built their own brick houses beside hers.

1. There is an old man named Geppetto.
2. He has no son and is alone.
3. One day, he makes a puppet from wood.
4. Then surprisingly, the puppet starts moving.
5. "Your name is Pinocchio."
6. "You will be my good son."
7. And you must go to school.
8. Will you promise me?
9. Yes, I will. I will be a good boy and go to school.
10. On the way to school, Pinocchio hears someone call out.
11. "The funniest puppet show! Hurry up!The show will be starting soon. "
12. At that moment, Pinocchio forgets his promise to Geppetto.
13. Pinocchio exchanges his book for a ticket and runs to the puppet show.
14. During the show, the puppets call Pinocchio.
15. "Pinocchio, come here! Come with us!"
16. Pinocchio jumps on the stage.
17. It makes the owner angry.
18. "You ruined my show!"
19. The angry owner takes Pinocchio and locks him in a cage.
20. Pinocchio cries in a cage.
21. "Help me! Help me!"
22. Suddenly, Blue Fairy appears to Pinocchio.
23. "What's wrong with you?"
24. "Why didn't you go to school, Pinocchio?"
25. "The man forced me to come here"
26. Pinocchio's nose grows longer and longer.
27. “Your nose tells me when you lie.
28. But if you became a good boy, you will turn into a real boy.
29. Will you promise with me ?” “Yes, I will.”
30. Then, Pinocchio's nose gets smaller again.
31. The Blue fairy helps Pinocchio go back home.
32. On his way home, he meets a fox and a cat.
33. "I'm going to a Toyland."
34. "Why don't you come with me?"
35. "No, I don't want go. I have to go home. My daddy is waiting for me."
36. But when Pinocchio sees the wonderful wagon, he changes his mind.
37. He jumps on the wagon.
38. Finally, they arrive at Toyland.
39. Pinocchio gets very excited.
40. But he doesn't notice himself changing.
41. He becomes a donkey with a tail and big ears.
42. "Oh, no! Help me! I don't want to be a donkey!"
43. At last, Pinocchio escapes from Toyland.
44. He is searching for his daddy in a small boat.
45. "Daddy, where are you? Is there anyone who has seen my daddy?"
46. But with a big storm Pinocchio sinks deep into the sea.
47. Soon, a big whale swallows him.
48. Pinocchio walks inside the whale.
49. He sees a light and an old man in a ship.
50. "Daddy!" "Oh, my son!"
51. They hug each other.
52. "How can we get out of here?"
53.Suddenly, Pinocchio has a good idea.
54."Let't start a fire and make a smoke.
Then the whale will sneeze us out."
55. When the whale feels the fire and smoke,
he sneezes and lets them out.
56. "A-choo!" Geppetto and Pinocchio can go back home.
57. Pinocchio really regrets his behavior.
58. He really feels sorry to his father, Geppetto.
59. So the Blue Fairy turns Pinocchio into a real boy and they live happily ever after.
Stone soup
1 Once upon a time. there was a man who traveled the world.
2 ."'s so cold. I need a place to warm myself."
3 The man saw a small house. he knocked on the door.
4 An old woman answered the door.
5 "Don't ask for any food. because I have none."
6 "Can I just sit by the fire and warm myself?"
7. "Mm m... all right."
8 His stomach began to growl. He took a stone from his pocket.
9 "Oh, I wish to eat a bowl of stone soup." "Stone soup?"
10. "Last night, I boiled this stone in a pot of hot water. It was delicious."
11. "Delicious? How do you make it?"
12. "I will show you."
13 He poured water into the pot and placed it on the stove.
14 Then he dropped in the stone.
15 "Stone soup! Stone soup! Delicious stone soup!"
16. "Do you have a bit of salt and some pepper?"
17. "Salt and pepper? I might have some salt and pepper left in this cupboard."
18 "Here you are." She brought some salt and pepper to him.
19 "Oh, thank you."
20 The man added the salt and pepper into the bubbling water with the stone.
21 "Stone soup! Stone soup! Delicious stone soup!"
22 The old woman was curious about the soup.
23 "What will it taste like?"
24 Just as she lifted the lid, the man asked,
25 "Do you have an onion and a few carrots to add to the stone soup?"
26 "An onion and a few carrots? I might have some left in this cupboard."
27 "Here you are."
28 She gave him an onion and a few carrots.
29 "Oh, thank you."
30 The man slipped the onion and carrots into the pot of boiling water.
31 with the salt and pepper and one stone.
32 "Stone soup! stone soup! Delicious stone soup!"
33 The old woman was getting hungry now. "I want to check the soup."
34 Just as she lifted the lid, the man asked,
35 "Do you have a few small potatoes to add to the stone soup?"
36 "A few potatoes? I might have a few potatoes left in this cupboard."
37 "Here you are."
38 She brought a few potatoes to him. "Thank you."
39 The man plopped the potatoes into the pot of boiling water
40 with a few carrots, an onion, some salt and pepper, and one stone.
41 "Stone soup! Stone soup! Delicious stone soup!"
42 The old woman was very hungry now.
43 "The soup is almost ready." "Oh, wait!"
44 She brought a small head of cabbage and chopped it into small pieces.
45 She dropped the cabbage into the pot of boiling water
46 with some potatoes, a few carrots, an onion, some salt and pepper and one stone.
47 "The soup is ready. Shall we eat?"
48 "Yes, the soup smells very good."
49 "I am so happy to share my delicious stone soup with you."
50 "Oh, I am happy, too."
51 They sat at the table and ate their delicious stone soup.