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Republic of the Philippines

Division of Laguna
Santa Cruz

Contemporary Philippine Arts from the Regions

I. Identification. Identify the following statement by choosing your answer on the box provided.

1. The expression of ideas and emotions, with the creation of certain

aesthetic qualities, in a two-dimensional visual language.
2. The art of making two-or three-dimensional representative or abstract Architecture
forms, especially by carving stone or wood or casting metal or plaster. Bamboo
3. The art or practice of designing and constructing buildings. Contemporary Arts
4. The art of the present which continuously in process and in flux. GAMABA
5. Refers to material that is easily available, like bamboo. Local
6. Among the various institutional awards and recognition instruments, it Modern Art
bestows the highest form of recognition to Filipino artists for their National Artist
significant contributions in the arts and letters. Painting
7. The awardees in this recognition produce art forms that are woven Palm Leaves
into everyday life and demonstrate how pre-colonial traditions persist Sculpture
through to the present. Waterlily
8-10. Samples of local material in creating art work.

II. Matching Type. Match Column A with Column B that represents the artwork of the artists
awardees. Write only the letter of your answer.

Column A Column B

11. Levi Celerio A. Amada, Itim-Asu, Tales of the Manuvu

12. Alice Reyes B. Ambahan Poetry, Surat Mangyan
13. Honorata “Atang” Dela Rama C. Ang Pasko ay Sumapit, Ang Pipit, Sa Ugoy ng Duyan
14. Fernando Amorsolo D. Asedillo, Ang Probinsyano, Mga Alabok sa Lupa
15. N.V.M Gonzales E. Ay, Ay Kalisud, Kung Iibig Ka, Mutya ng Pasig
16. Fernando Poe Jr. F. Gourd Casque Making
17. Juan Nakpil G. Magsaysay Building, Rizal Theater, Capital Theater
18. Lang Dulay H. Santiago, Tubog sa Ginto, Jaguar
19. Ginaw Bilog I. Tinalak Weaving
20. Teofilo Garcia J. Tinikling in Barrio, Planting Rice, Nude
K. The Winds of April, Seven Hills Away, The Bamboo

III. Essay. (5 points each)

21-25 Compare forms of arts from the different regions in the Philippine. Cite one that best
describes to your ability and explain.

26-30 If you live near communities that make mats or banig, can you tell what materials they
are made of by looking at the colors and textures?

31-35 If you were to change the image or any depiction of Rizal or any other figure in the
monument, what kind of image or character would that be? How are you going to change
the monument and what materilas will you use and how will you put them together?
IV. Create and conceptualize.

36-40 Invent and draw your own art product using appropriate materials. Label it. (5points)


41-50 Create your own contemporary art. Apply artistic skills, techniques and performance
practices in you locality. List down the steps in producing it and explain the details.
(10 points)



“Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness”

- Anni Albers
Republic of the Philippines
Division of Laguna
Santa Cruz

Contemporary Philippine Arts from the Regions

I. Identification

1. Painting
2. Sculpture
3. Architecture
4. Contemporary Arts
5. Local
6. National Artist
8. Bamboo
9. Palm Leaves
10. Waterlily

II. Matching Type

11. C
12. A
13. E
14. J
15. K
16. D
17. G
18. I
19. B
20. F

III. Essay (Self-explanatory)




IV. Create and Conceptualize (Self-Explanatory)



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