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Distributor of Counterfeit Money Arrested

Tukiran, 49, a resident of Jatipuro Village, Trucuk District, Klaten, Central Java, was
arrested for circulating fake money yesterday. In addition to arresting the suspect, the officers
also seized Rp100,000 worth of evidence in the form of counterfeit money worth Rp1.5 million.

The suspect who worked as a carpenter was arrested by Trucuk Sector Police members
and is now being held at the Klaten Police Resort. The arrests were made thanks to public reports
about the circulation of counterfeit money worth Rp100,000 in Kalikebo Village, Trucuk.

Based on information, Tukiran was arrested when buying cigarettes in a shop using 15
pieces of counterfeit money of Rp.100 thousand. To the police, Tukiran claimed to have
circulated fake money three times, namely in Kalikebo, Srago and Jimbung. This was done
because of the urgent need to pay installments on motorcycle loans.