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Bribery talways present' in

speakership race - solon
'i;:i:.1@ffiWffiSf:{ upcoming 18th congress.
"Every time there's an elec-
Voting-buying is par for the tion, all those components -
course in the llouse of Repre- bribery vote-birying, etc. - are
sentatives whenever it's. time ,
always present," he said.
to elect a new sjreaker, claimerl There are around half a
an outgoing congressman who dozen congressmen vying for
declined to be named, to avoid the speaker's post, which will
getting the ire of his House col- be determined by the House
^ leagues. members next month or the day
"Ikaw naman, para kang bago of President Rodrigo Duterte's
, (You're actinglike a nerrltie)," the . fourth State of the Nation Ad-
solon told this reporter a{ter he dress (SONA).
was asked to comment about the But alleged bribe5' among
bribery allegations in connection the laurmakers became
with ttte speakership race for the the iuicv subplot *hen )4

]'ul*uy, pr*rrt'...-
former Spealer and reelected Davao congressman fuither commented.
del Norte,lst district Rep. pantaleon feanwtrlte, reeiec-t-J
Al-varez claimed that p5j0,000 to pt . lone Ai.t i"t ii,p,
X"ril"Jesus CXJ)
mxllon wer€ belngdangled io lhe House Romualdo
said that acceptability still
members in exchange for their votes. plays a major part ln
ttre--sofons, Oeci
_. The figure then ballooned to p? mil_ iioir--uting pio"e""
--" on
"-' ""' sfroufA Ue
lion based on informatiorr shared with
tfre next sp8a-ten
reporters by pampanga 3rd district ,,One
has to be acceptable to the
Rep. Dong Gonzales. Both Alvarez mernbers ofthe trIouse
alioin order for
and Gonzales aie aspiring to become trrem to actuaty vo;;
speaker. ilil];il;;.
"Gooalwi[ is even more cruciat in
If the bribing allegations are true, a situation where all th;6#;;G
then a speaker-hopeful would need contetroers are ciose io
trrt presiaent
deep pockets since there are a total ana the presiOeni6;;;;;;;
of 304 House members in this. l8th .
congress. -yone.,Lnolnr^ido'nl1";
practically aii tfr"'.peutu._*"n_
'Jvala-lqng hiyaan talaga (There's nabes are aitiea wit-fr'-presiAent
no shame it in anyrnore)," the unnamed Driterte.

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