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Biography of Julio Verne

He was born in Nantes, Francia at February 8th of 1828, he was the biggest
of five sons that had the marriage made by Pierre Verne and Sophie Ayote.

In 1847 he began his studies of right and received of lawyer in 1849 reason
because his father let him stay in paris, meanwhile he kept writeing teather.
Although of his father wishes that wanted him to be fully dedicated to his
lawyer career and with the menace to remove his financing, Verne stayed
whitout interest and lost his father’s financing, spent all his savings at books
and past long hours in paris libraries wanting to know everything about
geology, ingeniery and astronomy, knowledge that later he would use to
write his phantastic adventures and predict with exactitude many of the
achievements of the 20th century.

He’d talk about submarines, rockets, helicopters, acconditioned air, directed

missiles and images at movement much before any of those things appeared.

In 1859 published his first novel “5 weeks at balloon” a great success that
made him sign a contract with the editor P.J. Hetzel that granted him 20000
francs each year for the next 20 years, in exchange he would write 2 novels
of a new style each year, some of the biggest success he had where “travel to
the center of the earth” (1864) “From earth to moon” (1865) and “20000
leagues of submarine travel” (1870).

Famous from his fantastic adventures always told with a plausible tone of
scienticism and with an almost prophetic range of achievements.

He was considered as the precursor of the science fiction genre.

He died march 24th of 1905 in Amines.


1.-Where was he born? R: Nantes Francia.

2.-What was the first career he studied? R: Lawyer

3.-What was the name of his first novel? R: 5 weeks at balloon

4.-Who was the editor who signed contract with? R: P.J. Hetzel

5.-How many sons had his fathers includeing him? R: 5

6.-What was the name of the last novel he wrote? R: The invasion of the sea

7.-What kind of literary genre he began? R: Science Fiction

8.-How many francs a year granted him the contract he wrote? R: 20000

9.-Who was against him writeing novels? R: His father

10.-Where and when he died? R: 24th march of 1905 in Amanies

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Biografia de Julio Verne y 10 preguntas

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