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[eyte lawmaker fails to get SC relief over narco-list inclusion

By Rey E. Requejo so-called narco-list before the May did not.see urgency to act on the or their factual and legal bases."
l3 elections. petition of Veloso, who was reelected The lawmaker also sought ar order
A MEMBER of the House of l{owever, the SC has sirrce not acted as lhird distdct representative. "enjoining the respondents from
Represenlatives inoluded in Prebidenr on the petition, despite irolding two It was not clear when rhe magistrates further including rhe name ofpetitionor
Ro_drjgo Duterte's list of narco- en bani sessions aiready a slecial will tackle the case again in rheir in any derogatory list that besmirches
politicians failed get immediate session on May 3 ancl thj resuniption succeeding en banc sessions.
-to his reputation and/or violate his right
relief -from the Supreme Coun in ofregular session on June 4. In his petition, Veloso urged the to life, liberty or security."
his bid to clear his name of alleged
" Th6 court likewise has not issued
invoivement in the illegal drug trade. the writ sought by the Detitioner that
SC to immediately issue the writ of Lastly, Veloso asked the SC to also
habeas data the Palace to imrnediately order the Pbilippine
Leyte Rep. Vicente Vetoio filed would havi re[uired' respondents "disclose to petitioner the person National Police to release to- iir4
a petition for writ of habeas data led by Executive 'secretarv Salvador or persons who included his name his two securily details previously
before_ the higb courr on Aprit 25 Medi;ldea ro answerthe peiition. in the Presid€nt's March 14. list of approved by tbe Commission on
afier the President made public his SC insiders disclosedthe magistrates narco-politicians and to disclose his Elections.

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