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MONDAY June 1o;2019

Lawmaker denies
illegal-drug links
LEYIE Third District Rep. \tcente Arcadia Active Lifestyle Center in
"Ching' Veloso has vehemently Dawo City.
denied allegations that he is con- Those on the narcolist denied
nected with illegal-drug activities, the allegation, among them
after he was allegedly included in Mayor Cipriano Violago Ir. of
President Rodrigo Dute(ds list of San Fafael, Bulacan; Mayor Er-
narcopoliticians. lon Agustin of Camiling, Tarlac;
In a petition for a wlitof habeas Mayor Siegfred Betita of Carles,
daa that Veloso recently filed with Iloilo; former Iloilo City mayor
the Supreme Court, he sought "the led Patrick Mabilog; Mayor
rectification, suppression or de- Roderick Alcala of Lucena Citt
- struction ofthe database, informa- Quezon; Mayor Mamaulan Abi-
tion or files kept by respondents nal Mulok of Maguing, Lanao
which erroneously lists herein. del Sur; Mayor Roberlo Malijao
petitioner as an alleged narco- Luna lr. of Lingig, Surigao del
politician, as read to the media by Sur; Vice Mayor |amal f amal
[President Dutefte] ftom a list... Abinal Pangandamun of Ma-
and/or where it appears that pe- guing, Lanao del Sur; and Rep.
titioner is involved in illegal-drug Iesus Celeste ofthe Fint Disttict
activity in whatever capacity, the of Pangasinan.
truth being that the petitioner is far Meanwhile, Veloso clai-med
ftom being such kind of a person, " that he was a "devout Cathblic"
Impleaded in the petition are w'ho c&ftI never be a protector of
Executive Secetary Salvador Me- drug lords.
dialdea, .Philippine Drug Enforce- ' He said the accusations hurled
ment Agency (PDEA) Director against him were all politically
General Aaron Aquino, Philippine motilated and his name was just
National Police (PNP) chief Oscar hastily inserted in the list.
Albayalde National tntelligence "The malicious, last-rninute
Coordinating Agency Director inclusion of petitioner's name is
General Alex Paul Monteguado evident because the person who
and Department of the lnterior insened his nEme forgot to put
and Local Goveinment Secrctary 'Figure 1'opposite his name," tiis
Eduardo Aflo. petition stated.
Veloso also asked the high court "Worse despite PDEA spokes-
to enjoin "the respondents ftom , man Derdck Caneon's pronounce-
comrhitting and/or continuing to ment to media that all those
commit unla*drl acts that have included in the list were already
violated and threaten to further sued administatively, to date no
violate his right to privacy in life, such suit has been filed against
liberty or security. " petitioner"
On March 14, Duterte an- Because of this, Veloso urged
nounced the names of politicians the Supreme Court to issue a writ
allegeilly involved in illegal-drug of habeas data directing the re-
operations or the narcolist during spondents to disclose to him the
the Joint National Peace ahd Order person or penons who included
Council:Regional Peace Order his name in the Presidefi's March
Council Clusters Meeting, and the 14, 2019 list of narcopoliticians
Armed Forces of the Philippines- 'and to disclose his or their factual
PNP command conference at the and legal bases. JOMARCANLAS

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